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#sugar-meeting, 2009-02-17

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Time Nick Message
11:07 SeanDaly Hi who is here today?
11:07 tomeu is here
11:07 mchua is here!
11:08 jt4sugar jt4sugar is here
11:08 mchua nudges gregdek and wonders if caroline is coming back
11:08 SeanDaly I will ask you to bear with me if I disappear temporarily, hotel wifi is iffy on my Alp
11:08 dfarning is here
11:08 mchua thanks for chairing the meeting, SeanDaly.
11:09 gregdek hullos.
11:09 SeanDaly Hi everybody, here's what I propose today: a first part where we discuss last week's 3 priorities, then a more open discussion/brainstorming part, if that sits well with you
11:10 tomeu sounds good to me
11:10 caroline hi
11:10 SeanDaly I apologize I haven't updated the wiki, just opened an account yesterday, I didn't realize I could do that myself :-)
11:11 Hi Caroline
11:12 OK so here are the three priotities I noted last week: Nr1: Make SL press-contactable, Nr2: Elevator pitch for teachers, Nr3: obtain USB sticks
11:12 mchua nods
11:14 SeanDaly I did volunteer for Nr.1 so let me tell me where I am: compiling contact lists (thank yous to David & Walter) and preparing "letterhead" for releases.
11:14 My idea being a release should be both plaintext and a very nice-looking PDF.
11:15 mchua That sounds great. If you need any help overhauling the MarketingTeam wikipages to look nice, let me know and I'd be glad to pitch in.
11:15 SeanDaly Here's a question: could everyone on marketing e-mail to the list the publications they think are important? If a contact doesn't exist for that title, I will develop one.
11:16 For example, Government Computer News (gcn.com)
11:16 dfarning sound good.
11:17 SeanDaly if I understand correctly, Sugar v.0.84 is coming out first week of March? perhaps a good event for first PR mailing?
11:17 mchua SeanDaly: do you want to "#ACTION everyone on marketing e-mail to the list the publications they think are important" that? (only the meeting chair's #actions are noted.)
11:18 SeanDaly #ACTION everyone on marketing to list publications they think are important for press mailings
11:19 dfarning SeanDaly, yes with primary story being we are alive and kicking
11:19 SeanDaly Aside from specific PR copy, I'd like to include a footer with "Generic" elevator pitch. Do we have consensus for that text?
11:20 dfarning: yes, exactly
11:21 Another question, what is the mailing (snailmail, street) address for SugarLabs? Maybe i didn't look enough but I didn't find it on the site :-(
11:22 tomeu tries to remember what a street is
11:22 dfarning either sfc offices or walter's house:(
11:23 mchua Walter's rough elevator pitch for teachers is http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ruary/000279.html.
11:23 SeanDaly Finally, does anyone have an objection if I obtain a dedicated GSM number for press contacts? On my dime (to start with at least)
11:23 tomeu: laughing in Alps
11:23 caroline GSM?
11:24 mchua hey, I'd say do it.
11:24 dfarning googling for gsm too
11:24 SeanDaly caroline: Sorry, "cellphone" it's the world standard outside the USA
11:24 cjl mchua, before tha gets sent to teachers do a better spell check complimented > complemented (for example)
11:24 caroline how about using Grand Central
11:24 then we could actually set it up to forward to different people at different times of day.
11:24 and its free
11:25 dfarning GSM->Global System for Mobile
11:25 SeanDaly cjl: Actually the "generic" elevator pitch and "teacher" pitch i expect would be different...
11:25 caroline hmm but I wonder if it fowradsa outside the US
11:25 SeanDaly What's Grand Central?
11:25 cjl SeanDaly: Both should use correct spelling
11:25 mchua http://www.grandcentral.com/
11:25 dfarning http://www.grandcentral.com/
11:25 caroline Googles entry in the internet phone market
11:26 mchua I'm a +1 for grandcentral; being able to forward it to different numbers is a good idea.
11:26 SeanDaly OK got it on the other computer will check that out
11:27 jt4sugar Generic pitch needs to be something like "Sugar:Where Learning to Learn is Sweet"
11:27 mchua cjl, "proofreading this press release has been left as an exercise for the student" ;)
11:27 SeanDaly I do want to keep the SL PR line independent from my personal lines, for obvious reasons :D
11:27 caroline hmm GC maynot work internationally: http://groups.google.com/group[…]5dd5eac1c3b?pli=1
11:28 dfarning Grand Central look line a good way to put the spof on google rather than sean
11:28 SeanDaly jt4sugar: Yes, as a motto/slogan but by pitch I mean a short paragraph describing Sugarlabs and what it does
11:30 #ACTION SeanDaly to investigate solutions for PR voice line including standard GSM phone or GrandCentral
11:30 Which leads me to point 2 on the agenda: elevator pitch for teachers. I have some questions
11:31 mchua shoot!
11:31 SeanDaly How do we get teacher feedback today? is it ad hoc, or indexed/categorized/stored?
11:32 As a shortcut: Have we already identified any teachers offering five-star feedback?
11:32 mchua as far as I know, ad-hoc.
11:33 SeanDaly I saw somewhere that local support groups are fielding teacher feedback & questions?
11:33 jt4sugar SeanDaly: We have opportunity through Dr. Evangeline Stefanikis-BU but must get funded
11:33 tomeu teachers may enter bug tickets as anyone else, but haven't been doing that much to date
11:34 SeanDaly: I'm trying to organize that, help needed
11:34 http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ruary/004054.html
11:35 jt4sugar SeanDaly: When I'm in Boston next week I will be working on getting it funded
11:35 SeanDaly tomeu: i wish to help. It's my belief that we absolutely need teacher buy-in, and the best ways to do that are 1) make Sugar easy to try & test and 2) make feedback easy to do
11:35 tomeu but we have teachers directly in the global sugarlabs community, that effort is more about reaching teachers that for some reason don't see as practical to join the mailing lists, etc
11:36 SeanDaly tomeu: thanks for link
11:36 jt4sugar Most Teachers in US don't know we exist
11:37 SeanDaly jt4sugar: & probably outside the US too
11:37 jt4sugar Very True
11:37 tomeu also, most teachers using sugar in their classrooms won't know english, those regional contacts are meant to translate, etc
11:38 SeanDaly jt4sugar: we can attack that problem by sending press releases to education-themed publications, for starters
11:38 tomeu maybe we can start with a couple of regions we already know how to work with, then extend it to other regions
11:38 austria and nepal have offered very good feedback to date, for example
11:38 directly from kids using sugar in classrooms
11:39 SeanDaly tomeu: I'd rather get raw feedback, then figure out how to translate it myslef. Unless we are talking hundreds of feedback messages
11:39 jt4sugar SeanDaly: Work with Dr. Stefanikis is to help put in place feedback loop
11:40 SeanDaly #ACTION SeanDaly will make contact with Austria 7 Nepal local groups re: teacher feedback
11:40 #ACTION SeanDaly will contact Dr. Stefanikis to work on feedback loop
11:41 A perhaps silly question, is Christian's beta static site meant to replace the SL site, or as an alternative to explain SL?
11:41 mchua I think it's the latter.
11:42 jt4sugar:
11:42 http://blog.melchua.com/2009/0[…]tion-walkthrough/
11:42 tomeu we'll certainly need a wiki for several reasons
11:43 SeanDaly mchua: OK Mel An idea I would like to run by him is a kind of self-selector often used on websites: SugarLabs for: Learners / Teachers / Partners / ...
11:43 jt4sugar SeanDaly: Dr. Stefanakis has Draft funding proposal I will get to you-Can't go forward without funding because of BU contract
11:43 dfarning SeanDaly, it is more of a consistant land point for our entire web presence.
11:44 jt4sugar mchua: Sweet
11:45 tomeu SeanDaly: about gathering first and translating later, might be a good issue to discuss as a reply to the email I linked above
11:45 SeanDaly dfarning: perhaps we could consider a basic splash page which "orients" visitors, even if just a frontend to the existing site (i wouldn't want to place high priority yet on revamping whole site)
11:45 tomeu: OK I will pick up that thread thanks
11:46 tomeu cool
11:46 SeanDaly As the clock is running along I want to discuss point 3: USB sticks
11:47 I started contacting Pantone about USB stick donations, will follow up
11:47 But i have some questions about that too I'm afraid :-)
11:47 caroline ok
11:49 SeanDaly First of all I'm not really clear on how close we are to a reliable stick that will boot... I see lots of bugs being attacked and lots of upstream/downstream/distribution discussions but... do we have any sort of timeframe for a reliable SoaS?
11:50 caroline My plan is to have it ready to beta test in a class in the Fall
11:50 this spring I think we will use it at conferences and for 1-shot classes on specific appliciations
11:51 SeanDaly caroline: OK I saw in one of jt4sugar's thought maps you have a school project going? Where they have ibooks I believe
11:51 caroline yes, the teachers do.
11:51 that is where we will pilot in the fall.
11:51 the Boston Public Schools gave all the teachers ibooks. but very few computers for students.
11:52 SeanDaly caroline: OK clear
11:52 Perhaps it's in fact too early to make SoaS high-priority for marketing/PR?
11:52 tomeu erikos ^
11:53 caroline well its an interesting story, but we shouldn't be tellng people thy can use it in a class tomorrow.
11:53 but its going to be hard to test if we have no sticks
11:53 erikos please wait with marketing Soas
11:53 caroline hard to committ to firm development deadlines with no resources.
11:53 SeanDaly ahh catch-22
11:53 jt4sugar We can try to get SoaS in hands of College, High School students in Beta to hack and help
11:53 SeanDaly How many sticks do we need to get started?
11:53 tomeu hmm, soas should boot quite well once F11 has been released, right?
11:54 erikos tomeu: yes
11:54 caroline it boots pretty well on F10
11:54 tomeu and by that time, sugar should run quite well on it, right?
11:54 caroline just some activities don;t work and not all hardware works.
11:54 erikos we have two more weeks to fix bugs - at least i can not work on Soas now
11:54 caroline my problem is if we dont have PR I can't get resources, if I can;t get resources I can't make the Fall timeframe.
11:55 SeanDaly Please forgive my ignorance but does Fedora (10 or 11) have to be on the host computer to boot SoaS, or is self-contained on the USB stick image?
11:55 tomeu erikos: is there a lot of work to do in integrating sugar on soas? or the two efforts are largely independent?
11:55 SeanDaly: self-contained
11:55 erikos tomeu: well - it is distraction mostly
11:55 tomeu SeanDaly: fedora will be testing fedora 11 with other desktop (gnome) instead of sugar
11:56 SeanDaly: soas is basically a fedora 11 live image with sugar instead of gnome
11:56 SeanDaly tomeu: thanks for info
11:56 tomeu so the fedora guys will be doing a good deal of the total work
11:56 erikos tomeu: sdziallas will work on soas-2 - whenever this is stable we can start to promote it i think
11:56 sdziallas drops in ;)
11:57 tomeu when is Fedora 11 released?
11:57 caroline Sean, other technology companies PR about products before they are done. Certainly OLPC talked about it before they had a fully wroking in production system right?
11:57 SeanDaly Sorry to insist but... how many sticks do we think we need to do decent beta testing, obtain funding/resources?
11:57 sdziallas tomeu: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki[…]eases/11/Schedule
11:58 SeanDaly caroline: of course... the idea would be to respect an announced timeframe :-)
11:58 caroline I did a spreadsheet on that hang on.
11:58 sdziallas (sorry, it's hard for me to be around for this meeting from the beginning, but I'll try as good as I can)
11:58 caroline http://spreadsheets.google.com[…]VKzfbn5mlXg&hl=en
11:58 tomeu ok, so by 26th May we should have F11 booting quite well on a wide range of hardware
11:58 SeanDaly sdziallas: I understand a transcript will magically appear somewhere (it's a little mysterious because I am an IRC newbie)
11:59 erikos tomeu: i guess we can even start to promote it a bit before that date
11:59 caroline that is awful tight for my summer program
11:59 sdziallas SeanDaly: :) I'll read back, then...
11:59 tomeu and also by end of May, we'll have released some bugfix releases of sugar 0.84, so I think we'll have both a stable base and a stable sugar
11:59 jt4sugar We need PR for funding first-Talk about the possibilities of Sugar-Then come back with Great product
11:59 tomeu so I don't see as too risky saying that we'll have a rocking soas by then
12:00 erikos tomeu: agreed
12:00 tomeu caroline: that's final release, we'll have betas much earlier
12:00 SeanDaly The reason I harp on the stick is that from a marketing standpoint it is an excellent symbol of Sugar's existence independently of the XO
12:00 caroline ok :)
12:01 We are very close to having a product we could take into a computer lab and use for an hour with kids.
12:01 would that be a good press release?
12:01 erikos SeanDaly: absolutely, it is chicken and egg as always - i totally understand the need as well for caroline to get funding
12:01 caroline As for bug reports, take a look at what is still coming in on XOs :) we expect bug and feature requests for years!
12:02 SeanDaly caroline: yes! and what we want to do is film it, edit a 3-minute film ending with an URL, and upload it to YouTube
12:02 tomeu oooh
12:02 caroline ok
12:03 We could do somehting where we just worked with Turtle Art for an hour.
12:03 SeanDaly Let's assume I ask a corporate sponsor to provide 500 sticks... do we accept their branding/co-branding on the sticks?
12:03 caroline bring Walter in to run it.
12:03 Sean, I think yes, but see if you can get them to give us a few $1000s with it for ISB extender cords and suck.
12:03 such
12:03 SeanDaly caroline: an hour should provide enough rushes for a 3-minute final cut ;-)
12:04 caroline USB Extension cords - old computesr have the ports in the back so a cord to extend it out to the front is a big help.
12:04 SeanDaly How do we load 500 USB sticks?
12:04 caroline lots of volunteers :)
12:04 dfarning likes SeanDaly methodical approach, it matches my pedantry.
12:04 caroline someday we will automate but not today.
12:04 SeanDaly caroline: another merchandising idea... SugarLabs branded USB hub ;-)
12:05 caroline yup :)
12:05 tomeu sugarlabs branded laptops :p
12:05 SeanDaly tomeu: :D
12:06 jt4sugar Skins for Laptops "I've just been Sugarized"
12:06 SeanDaly By the way, perhaps by USB stick we might mean an SD card, with a small hub reaching to the back of the PC?
12:06 Or does that add a layer of technical complexity?
12:07 caroline: re automation: I agree, late-night flashing to get the job done before big Sugar factory
12:08 Friends, the hour is up already... perhaps we van continue on the marketing mailing list?
12:08 tomeu SeanDaly: the soas software should run quite well on the sd cards
12:08 caroline thank you good meeting!
12:08 I have to run
12:08 sdziallas tomeu, SeanDaly: yep, don't see any issues here...
12:08 tomeu SeanDaly: I think the issue is that a usb stick is easier to carry and not lose it
12:08 SeanDaly I don't have an ACTION for point 3 but we will work on it thanks
12:09 OK ending meeting thanks all!
12:09 #5,4,3,2,1,...
12:09 #endmeeting

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