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#sugar-meeting, 2009-02-05

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Time Nick Message
09:16 gregdek Welcome.
09:16 marcopg who is in charge of the agenda now?
09:16 thought it was gregdek :)
09:16 gregdek It should be.
09:17 In the absence of an email agenda, I will always work the Developer TODO list.
09:17 tomeu erikos used to send a reminder email with some invented agenda items
09:17 gregdek Yeah, I should take that over.
09:17 marcopg invented, heh
09:17 gregdek In fact, I will.
09:17 marcopg cool
09:18 gregdek So noted.
09:18 Now, to the list:
09:18 http://sugarlabs.org/go/Develo[…]TODO#Active_Tasks
09:18 Much cut down, since I moved most of them into Trac, where they belonged.
09:18 1. Bug importer from trac.laptop.org to trac.sugarlabs.org.  tomeu: how's that going?
09:19 marcopg so do we use this list for TODO or trac or both?
09:19 gregdek marcopg: I think we may end up using both.
09:19 tomeu gregdek: need xml-rpc plugins installed in both tracs and access to them
09:19 marcopg ok
09:19 gregdek This TODO for high level, strategic discussions, and Trac for tactical, what-to-fix-next discussions.
09:19 tomeu bernie was looking into that, but...
09:19 marcopg make sense
09:19 gregdek OK.
09:19 thinks.
09:20 So xmlrpc hooks are not installed on either instance currently?
09:20 marcopg olpc one has it I guess
09:20 mstone was using it
09:20 gregdek Sigh.
09:21 tomeu yeah, but need access to it
09:21 gregdek So here's the problem:
09:21 marcopg and we need bernie to set it up for our
09:21 gregdek We may have hundreds of bugs that matter, that we don't see.
09:21 Because they're locked up in olpc trac.
09:21 marcopg we do have ;)
09:21 gregdek Am I right in feeling like this is one of the most important things we need to get done soon?
09:22 marcopg sounds very high priority yeah
09:22 unless we want to pay attention to both tracs -> mess
09:22 gregdek As in, more important than any other infrastructure job, since it directly affects the quality of 0.84?
09:22 No way.  That's insane.
09:23 marcopg yeah can't think of anything higher prio for infra
09:23 tomeu I grepped my irc logs and found this:
09:23 (07:19:32 PM) coderanger_: _bernie: The plugin is installed, I just need to futz with authn to make it work
09:23 gregdek What date was that?
09:23 tomeu I think he talks about the xml-rpc plugin
09:23 gregdek On the sugarlabs side?
09:23 tomeu 02/02/09
09:23 gregdek Monday.
09:23 OK.
09:23 tomeu I'd guess so
09:24 marcopg with enough pinging we should be able to get it installed both sides :)
09:24 tomeu I'm supposing I need to be given a password to access them
09:24 gregdek All right.
09:25 I will chase all parties involved with an axe, starting right now.
09:25 marcopg :)
09:25 gregdek And since nothing more is to be done until we've got xmlrpc working, let's move on.
09:26 2. Identifying bugs to move from trac.laptop.org to trac.sugarlabs.org
09:26 which is assigned to our friendly developers.  :)
09:26 Any progress on this task?  tomeu, marcopg?
09:26 As I recall, we were going to start by just Making A List.  Do we have one?
09:26 tomeu btw, if we don't want to block on xmlrpc, we may be able to do a list of candidates to be moved, and use sql to extract and import them back
09:26 marcopg I was not aware I had it assigned :)
09:27 do we want a lits?
09:27 gregdek Well, the reason for a list was to be able to do the work in parallel while we got import/export moving, and then the hope was to just feed the list to that script.
09:27 tomeu gregdek: I think the idea is that someone would go through the whole list once and move tickets one by one
09:27 oh
09:27 gregdek tomeu: That will take *weeks* if we don't have a script to do it.
09:27 tomeu gregdek: ok, yours looks better to me
09:28 gregdek Why, have you started to do that?
09:28 tomeu nope
09:28 gregdek Because if you HAD started, you would already have given up by now.  ;)
09:28 tomeu well, move with a script, was meant
09:28 marcopg hehe
09:28 tomeu a button embedded in trac would have been great
09:28 marcopg gregdek: I think he means to block until we have a script, instead of making a list
09:28 tomeu but well, that's kind of a dream
09:28 gregdek tomeu: Yes, that would be awesome.
09:29 tomeu there's the issue of messing with live instances of trac
09:29 gregdek Oh, you mean dropping xmlrpc code into a running instance?
09:29 Hm.
09:29 Well, you wanna make an omelette, you gotta break some eggs.
09:30 OK, so no progress on this either, sounds like.
09:30 Although I'm sure it's because folks have been actually fixing hot bugs, which is fair enough.
09:30 tomeu the bigest problem of exporting/importing is that may be harder to get the data structure correct
09:30 gregdek True.
09:30 tomeu as those are probably different versions
09:30 gregdek But we need to figure it out at some point.
09:30 So let me ask this question:
09:30 tomeu or even if they aren't, several talbes may be involved
09:30 gregdek Which is more important:
09:31 a. Devs working known bugs in 0.84?
09:31 b. Devs spending time to find more bugs, some of which may be scary, in the OLPC trac instance?
09:31 looks at the current list of 0.84 blockers.
09:32 tomeu I frankly don't know
09:32 gregdek http://dev.sugarlabs.org/query[…]nt&milestone=0.84
09:32 Well, we have to make a guess.  :)
09:32 tomeu yup
09:32 gregdek It's certainly easier, and more productive in the short term, to kill known bugs.
09:33 Of which there are 43 total, 14 high priority.
09:33 tomeu I know several bugs in our trac instance I want to fix, true
09:33 gregdek How much does Bernie know about Sugar itself?
09:33 Is he able to work Sugar bugs directly at all?  Is he doing that now?
09:33 marcopg he is not coding
09:34 gregdek Because what I'd like to do is put Bernie on the bug import problem, and let the rest of you ignore it completely.
09:34 morgs Sounds good
09:34 marcopg he would probably be able to figure out which should be moved and which not, though
09:34 gregdek Oh.  Right.
09:34 Shit.
09:34 thinks.
09:34 morgs has to go now, only working on ubuntu packaging at the moment, not coding...
09:34 gregdek Thanks morgs.  Good luck with it.  :)
09:35 marcopg see you morgs
09:35 gregdek There's no getting around the fact that those OLPC bugs need to be triaged by experienced developers.
09:35 At least initially.
09:35 marcopg I tend to think bernie should be able to handle 1/2 in our task list, if motivated enough ;)
09:35 gregdek Is my previous assertion correct?
09:36 Do we *need* marcopg/erikos/tomeu to get accurate triage of OLPC trac bugs?
09:36 tomeu gregdek: triaged once they get in the SLs tracker or to know which can be moved to SLs?
09:36 marcopg probably... see it's hard to say without trying...
09:36 gregdek tomeu: To know which should be moved to SL.
09:36 My hope was that a high-level, quick-n-dirty triage could be done in a day to get a list of which bugs we'd even bother moving.
09:37 marcopg my feeling is that someone like bernie with no sugar exp, could do something not too far from accurate
09:37 gregdek nods.
09:37 tomeu yeah, just someone who has been reading tracmail for enough time would have gotten the feeling
09:37 bernie has a good knowledge of the platform already
09:37 marcopg yeah we can do a first level triage and refine
09:37 gregdek Well, I kind of hate to draft bernie for *all* of the bug work without his being here...
09:37 marcopg it should save a lot of our time
09:38 gregdek ...but I'll certainly run it past him.
09:38 marcopg assuming we can convince bernie to do it ;)
09:38 gregdek Maybe I can help with some of the xmlrpc stuff -- I wrote similar tools for bugzilla back in the day.
09:38 marcopg gregdek: make sure he had enough beer ;)
09:38 gregdek I'll certainly have a better shot helping there than in the guts of Sugar.
09:38 OK.
09:38 So I'll hand that task to Bernie too, and try to sweet-talk him.  ;)
09:39 marcopg everyone is scared by sugar guts ;)
09:39 hehe
09:39 gregdek marcopg: At some point we're gonna have to fix that.  :/
09:39 marcopg yeah
09:39 gregdek But I'm thinking during feature freeze is not the time.  :)
09:39 tomeu yeah, I think I'm going to stop worrying about code readability
09:39 if nobody dares to read it
09:39 marcopg right, let's get 0.84 out and get very serious about that for 0.86
09:39 gregdek tomeu: Don't you dare!
09:40 dfarning We need to be careful about over loading bernie, he is all ready doing a lot of back ground to try to keep you guys productive
09:40 gregdek dfarning: Fair enough.
09:40 Which is why I asked, "is accurate bug collection the most critical path right now?"
09:40 Unless we know what else bernie is working on, we have no way of knowing.
09:41 tomeu ok, we need to talk with him
09:41 marcopg yeah
09:41 gregdek It may be that initial bug triage is something we can do in a daylong sprint at FOSDEM.
09:41 I will talk with Bernie.
09:41 adds it to his list.
09:41 marcopg yup a sprint sounds good too
09:41 I'm more worried about 1 then about 2 really
09:41 gregdek Who here is at FOSDEM?
09:41 tomeu yeah
09:41 marcopg one way or another we can get that list
09:42 not at fosdem
09:42 gregdek Wait, which is 1 and which is 2?
09:42 tomeu just me, I tihnk
09:42 http://sugarlabs.org/go/Market[…]vents/FOSDEM_2009
09:42 gregdek 1 is xmlrpc hooks?
09:42 marcopg gregdek: 1 is script, 2 is list
09:42 gregdek Right.
09:42 marcopg yep
09:42 gregdek OK.
09:42 tomeu yeah, the mechanism to psasing them
09:42 gregdek OK.
09:42 I'll send a note.
09:42 Moving on:
09:43 * Trim down SoaS image.
09:44 I see a lot of chatter on the list about the various options here.
09:44 marcopg I didn't know I had that item
09:44 in general
09:44 gregdek Well, it doesn't mean you have to keep it.  :)
09:44 marcopg it seems like sdziallas would be more than capable to handle it
09:44 (right)
09:44 gregdek Yeah.
09:44 cjb morning
09:44 gregdek hey cjb.
09:44 tomeu hi cjb
09:44 marcopg and if we can leverage his work there, we should
09:44 gregdek All right, then.
09:44 marcopg I actually think he made a lot of progress on it already
09:44 gregdek We'll put that on sdz's plate.
09:44 Yeah, I know he has.
09:45 So we'll make him the official owner.
09:45 marcopg we will need to adopt his changes
09:45 gregdek I don't know if he can be in this meeting, since it's during class for him.
09:45 marcopg actually we should probably let him deal with the build system directly
09:45 gregdek I'm sure he'd love to.  :)
09:45 OK, I'll reassign and ping him.
09:45 marcopg gregdek: sounds like something good to talk at fosdem ;)
09:45 tomeu he will be at fosdem, btw
09:45 right
09:45 marcopg both erikos and sdz will be there
09:46 gregdek I know.  I've been trying to get sdz to an event for a year now.  :)
09:46 But this is the first one his parents would let him go to!
09:46 marcopg :)
09:46 gregdek Any objection to moving on?
09:46 marcopg nope, plan sounds good
09:47 gregdek OK.
09:47 Next up:
09:47 * Restructure the DevelopmentTeam wiki
09:47 marcopg: Yours?
09:47 marcopg yeah, still want to do it
09:47 gregdek Anytime soon?
09:47 marcopg maybe after 0.84 though not sure
09:47 the goal was to make core development less scary
09:48 and it might be worth to focus on 0.84 now and on involving new people after it
09:48 not sure, /me open to feedback about that ;)
09:48 gregdek OK.
09:49 So we'll mark that "after 0.84 release" and not ask again for a while.  Sound good?
09:49 marcopg make sense
09:49 tomeu yup
09:49 gregdek OK.
09:49 Next:
09:49 * Adding buddies not tracked in the PS
09:49 With a note:
09:49 "Punted to 0.86, when we kill the PS (wait... we're killing the PS?)"
09:50 So I was going to add this to trac, but found myself totally confused.
09:50 marcopg another post 0.84 one then
09:50 gregdek We're killing the presence server?
09:50 tomeu I think we already have a ticket
09:50 gregdek Find it for me?
09:50 marcopg gregdek: the idea is that we can do presence by just using the normal telepathy services
09:50 gregdek: no need to have a sugar specific one
09:50 gregdek So how do you know which telepathy server you're talking to?
09:51 marcopg not server
09:51 service
09:51 these are local dbus services
09:51 tomeu cannot find it, will add one now
09:51 marcopg telepathy has already dbus services which takes care to communicate with the server
09:51 gregdek Ah, doh.
09:51 OK.
09:52 Well, I'll let you add the ticket, and I'll just kill the item.
09:52 marcopg make sense
09:52 gregdek Next up:
09:52 * Setup activities.sugarlabs.org
09:52 marcopg I guess tomeu has a feeling of the status there
09:52 has not been following
09:52 gregdek tomeu?
09:53 dfarning our upstream patch has grown into a giant hairball of changes
09:54 marcopg eeek
09:54 gregdek dfarning: I was afraid that would happen.
09:54 I worry about mozilla's ability to accommodate patches of that magnitude.
09:54 Or their willingness, frankly.
09:54 tomeu there seems to be progress from time to time?
09:54 gregdek It's one thing to open their code.  It's another to maintain an upstream.
09:55 I'm sure we can get something working -- the question is, will it be a fork?
09:55 tomeu today's update was a bit reassuring
09:55 gregdek And if it is, will we be ok with that?
09:55 Oh... what was today's update?
09:55 marcopg a fork would be scary
09:55 this is going to be a very critical service
09:55 gregdek I tend to agree.  :)
09:55 dfarning I this think it is worth while to try to work with them
09:55 tomeu gregdek: the problem I see is that the people that showed interest working on it still haven't found a way to work together
09:55 marcopg and we need to be sure we can maintain it
09:55 gregdek Well, it's a hard problem.
09:55 marcopg (without the core people spending time on it)
09:56 gregdek For them, it's already a legacy codebase that has *millions* of users.
09:56 tomeu maybe I should get the ball rolling?
09:56 gregdek Which make changes dangerous for them.
09:56 dfarning wil, the upstream maintainer is being very good.
09:56 gregdek Excellent!
09:56 dfarning he just want the patch done right
09:56 marcopg tomeu: get the ball rolling == writing code yourself?
09:56 gregdek So... um... is there a separate project / status / plan / whatever page somewhere?
09:57 Do we have working code?  Do we have patches awaiting approval at moz?
09:57 tomeu marcopg: yeah, with the other people progressively taking responsibility
09:57 marcopg:  I already started, but at that time we were only dfarning and me
09:57 marcopg tomeu: that sounds scary under 0.84 :/
09:57 tomeu marcopg: then we need someone who can start the machine
09:57 marcopg I'd let these people try to find their way while we are getting 0.84 out
09:57 gregdek As important as I think this project is, 0.84 is more important.
09:58 marcopg maybe someone could try to coordinate if they need that (mchua?)
09:58 gregdek Who's even working on it?  Is there a mailing list?
09:58 mchua is listed as "owner" currently.
09:58 tomeu marcopg: already tried that, but mchua don't have much availability now
09:58 gregdek dfarning: You have some of these answers?
09:58 dfarning https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/s[…]bug.cgi?id=377513 is the upstream bug
09:58 gregdek looks.
09:58 marcopg but I'd say to help writing code only if it's not producing something after 0.84
09:58 cjb tomeu: I think she has a lot more now than recently
09:58 tomeu gregdek: I tried having them registered to the ml, not sure I had success
09:58 cjb (she just got back from AU and was sick and is now better, I think)
09:58 gregdek Aw!
09:59 marcopg they might also need technical direction though
09:59 tomeu gregdek: http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ruary/011313.html
09:59 marcopg but I'd give that only post 0.84
09:59 don't think we have bandwidth atm
10:00 gregdek Nice work in that bug.
10:00 So.
10:00 tomeu I think we need someone who knows how work is going to be regarding git, servers, etc. and that leads the work by example
10:00 gregdek Am I right in guessing that patch is a small chunk of the actual work required to stand up our own activities server?
10:00 tomeu so others can see how it goes
10:00 I think people feel quite lost right now
10:00 gregdek: yup
10:01 gregdek Well.
10:01 It's a hard problem, and it's gonna take time.
10:01 It seems like we're making good incremental progress...
10:01 ...and it seems like a few people have a good idea of where we're going in their head...
10:01 ...but I'm not sure that's sufficient.
10:02 marcopg we can wait and see if it is ;)
10:02 gregdek And especially not if we want to recruit help.
10:02 I guess we can.  :)
10:02 marcopg (until 0.84 is out at least)
10:02 gregdek So it's assigned to mchua, for whatever reason.  Maybe we should be asking her if that's right.
10:02 tomeu btw, we are pretty close to get something usable
10:02 gregdek That's good, anyway.
10:02 tomeu I got to upload a bundle and have remora interpret the acitivty.info
10:03 gregdek Nice!
10:03 tomeu but we need a bit more of energy
10:03 gregdek That's where I gave up when I tried.
10:03 OK.
10:03 So.
10:03 Who owns this project?
10:03 marcopg mchua sounds fine to me
10:03 gregdek All right.
10:04 That's all that's on the TODO list.
10:04 dfarning is it worth me dropping every thing else to push this?
10:04 marcopg do we have anything which should be added?
10:04 gregdek dfarning: Um... I don't think so quite yet.
10:04 dfarning at least for a few week
10:04 marcopg dfarning: depends on the things you need to drop :)
10:04 gregdek What marcopg said.  :)
10:04 marcopg I tend to think this is not extremely urgent atm
10:04 gregdek What marcopg said again.  :)
10:04 Although...
10:05 ...it depends on what else is going on.
10:05 marcopg sure
10:05 gregdek dfarning knows *a lot* about this problem space.
10:05 tomeu I'm not fixing critical bugs now, btw
10:05 because we don't have those
10:05 marcopg tomeu: that feels wrong
10:05 tomeu or we don't know of them
10:05 gregdek Heh.
10:05 marcopg we must have them
10:05 gregdek DING DING DING!
10:05 tomeu marcopg: then you need to triage better!
10:05 marcopg so critical path is 1/2 in that table
10:06 and gregdek work on triaging imo
10:06 and getting soas in shape so that people can test
10:06 gregdek All right.
10:06 My call:
10:06 tomeu what worries me and repeat every day, is that we landed new UI changes and have gotten zero feedback on them
10:06 eben has no time to look at it
10:06 gregdek Triaging sounds *critical* to me.
10:06 And activities, not quite so much.
10:06 marcopg and at the end of all of this, tomeu can fix critical bugs ;)
10:06 gregdek: agreed
10:07 tomeu gregdek: triage the ones in dev.l.o or new ones?
10:07 gregdek Now, it seems to be that dfarning has way more domain knowledge in activities.
10:07 marcopg tomeu: both imo
10:07 gregdek tomeu: both!
10:07 marcopg hey sdziallas!
10:07 gregdek sdziallas: Welcome!
10:07 OK.
10:07 So I now believe that triage is THE important problem, and I will spend all my time on it.
10:07 sdziallas hi marcopg & gregdek :)
10:08 marcopg gregdek: awesome ;)
10:08 gregdek Do we have another half hour?
10:08 dfarning I am tring hard to stay out of wade's way so he can grow an organic team, without us old farts getting it the way
10:08 marcopg I have it
10:08 dfarning sit/in/
10:08 gregdek dfarning: Fair enough.  Just be there to point them in the right direction.  :)
10:08 tomeu but the activity team's domain is very big
10:09 much bigger that sugar shell stuff
10:09 gregdek OK.
10:10 I would like to spend the next 1/2hr on Trac.  Agreed?
10:10 marcopg sounds good to me
10:10 tomeu ok, I can do that
10:10 gregdek Here is the URL I'm using.
10:10 dfarning I need to run.  need to pick up kids form school
10:11 gregdek (bye dfarning, thanks)
10:11 tomeu dfarning: see you!
10:11 marcopg see you dfarning
10:11 gregdek http://dev.sugarlabs.org/query[…]nt&milestone=0.84
10:11 This is all bugs marked for 0.84 release, arranged according to priority.
10:12 We have 1 "immediate" and 13 "high".
10:12 So are these all "high"?
10:13 And are they what you guys are currently looking at?
10:13 marcopg 293 is actually fixed in git
10:13 which brings up the question of when bugs should be closed, I guess
10:13 gregdek :)
10:13 Right.
10:14 And without a lot of people hammering nightly builds, it's a hard question.
10:14 tomeu I'm closing once the code I think will fix it gets into git
10:14 gregdek In a larger project, I would scream at tomeu for that approach.
10:14 tomeu and even if we had nightly builds, which one of them should we test?
10:14 gregdek In a small project, however, I think it's exactly right.
10:14 tomeu gregdek: doesn't gnome do that?
10:14 gregdek tomeu: They do.  If I were GNOME Bugmaster, I would spend most of my time angry.  ;)
10:14 tomeu when I don't know what to do, I imagine myself being a gnome dev :p
10:14 marcopg I *think* GNOME does that but I'm not sure
10:15 gregdek GNOME is *not* the stellar example, btw.
10:15 tomeu marcopg: the ones I have opened have been closed once it got into svn
10:15 marcopg gregdek: it's hard to do differently in an upstream project like GNOME
10:15 tomeu what does mozilla?
10:15 marcopg no nightly builds etc
10:15 mozilla does it on check in, I *think*
10:15 but mozilla is not really a good example
10:15 gregdek tomeu: Mozilla has $80m dollars to hire QA people.  ;)
10:15 marcopg their bugzilla is a mess
10:15 gregdek So.
10:16 I think that "close upon fix" is right for a small team under high pressure.
10:16 Anyone disagree?
10:16 marcopg I agree
10:16 tomeu when we were in olpc, we had something more convoluted
10:16 but we were downstream
10:17 marcopg yeah downstream is different
10:17 tomeu (and was a PITA, which translates in less tickets fixed)
10:17 marcopg another possibiity
10:17 is close on release
10:17 though it's more work
10:17 and I'm not sure the advantage is big
10:17 tomeu why don't we revisit this once our team duplicates? :p
10:17 gregdek :)
10:17 Exactly.
10:18 Let's go with "close on checkin" for now and see how we do.
10:18 tomeu or we grow a nice bugsquad
10:18 marcopg yeah
10:18 tomeu so devs just mark it as fixed in git and someone else tests and actually closes
10:18 marcopg closed that ticket ;)
10:18 tomeu nice, no inmediates, I can go play now :p
10:18 gregdek tomeu: you mean that's what happens when we grow a nice bugsquad, yes?  :)
10:19 tomeu yeah, I guess devs just want to mark that ticket as not having their attention any more
10:19 call it closed or fixed on git
10:19 marcopg gregdek: the others looks reasonably high prio, but it's hard to say 1 with the little testing we are getting 2 without looking at the non-high priority ones ;)
10:20 gregdek Well.
10:20 We cannot know all things.
10:20 So.
10:20 If we believe that the 13 remaining bugs are high priority, developers' first task should be to fix them.
10:20 While others work triage.
10:20 When all high bugs are closed, developers can then move to triage as well.
10:21 I will figure out a way to represent triaged bugs -- probably "assigned" should mean "triaged", although I'm not convinced that's the case now.
10:21 tomeu not sure if wouldn't be better to triage first
10:21 marcopg sounds fine... I also think developers should be able to bump priority down once they evaluated the ticket more closely
10:21 gregdek tomeu: With only 13 bugs, perhaps we could split the difference.  One dev fixes, others triage.
10:21 tomeu as the ones marked as high might be lower priority that many other
10:21 marcopg (sometimes it's hard to say until you looked into it)
10:22 tomeu ok, sounds good
10:22 gregdek So.
10:22 Who wants to fix high bugs in 0.84, and who wants to triage?
10:22 tomeu what about all xo and soas specific bugs?
10:22 cannot be dealt downstream?
10:22 marcopg so gregdek triages and we fix? ;)
10:22 gregdek Judgment call.
10:22 marcopg: I'm okay with that, because it'll take you a day to fix those 13 bugs.  :)
10:23 And then you'll join me in triaging anyway.  :)
10:23 tomeu is in fixing mood today
10:23 marcopg hehe
10:23 gregdek So fix bugs, gentlemen.
10:23 Give me another day or two to nail down our triaging process.
10:23 OK?
10:23 marcopg sounds cool
10:24 gregdek In the meantime, I will ask bernie to move the ball on xmlrpc stuff.
10:24 marcopg we have a pretty solid plan, if we can get bernie to work on dlo stuff we should be in good shape
10:24 yup
10:24 gregdek Yep.
10:24 All right.
10:24 Good meeting.
10:24 Any other issues/questions?
10:24 marcopg yup, thanks for running it!
10:24 gregdek My pleasure.
10:24 Adjourning in 5...
10:24 4...
10:24 3...
10:24 2...
10:24 1...
10:25 1/2...
10:25 sdziallas :)
10:25 gregdek #endmeeting

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