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#sugar-meeting, 2009-02-03

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11:04 mchua Welcome to the marketing meeting. Who's here? (Roll call!)
11:05 tomeu, garycmartin, jt4sugar, caroline, others?
11:06 dirak mchua: hello ;)
11:07 mchua rummages up agenda
11:07 howdy dirak!
11:07 Ok, we've got http://sugarlabs.org/go/MarketingTeam/TODO to go through. Any additions?
11:07 dirak is here sporadically ;)
11:07 mchua The focus of today's meeting, as I mentioned in...something like half a dozen emails, is FOSDEM.
11:07 (hi marcopg!)
11:07 marcopg hello!
11:08 caroline hi
11:09 mchua with that in mind, I'd like to quickly move through the non-FOSDEM things on the list so we can spend the bulk of the meeting time talking about events, checking out swag designs, and figuring out where to send what.
11:09 Sooo, looking at http://sugarlabs.org/go/MarketingTeam/TODO
11:09 marcopg (we have an agenda or a backlog in case I missed something?)
11:09 mchua marcopg: http://sugarlabs.org/go/MarketingTeam/TODO
11:09 marcopg thx
11:09 mchua hullo sdziallas!
11:10 marcopg hi sdziallas
11:10 sdziallas hullos :)
11:10 mchua Item: IRC guide for newbies, currently not taken. Anybody interested in taking this on?
11:10 (This isn't particularly important right now, imo, but just in case.)
11:11 (Leaving that out on the table in case someone wants to jump in and pick it up, but moving on.)
11:11 Item 2: Beginner's guide to blogging Sugar. jt4sugar, that's yours - how's it going?
11:11 jt4sugar mchua: done i will re-email to you don't know where to put it
11:12 mchua jt4sugar: on your blog, I hope. :) that would be great though. Would you mind emailing that to the marketing list instead?
11:12 morning walterbender!
11:13 jt4sugar mchua: will do
11:13 mchua jt4sugar: thanks!
11:13 ok, moving on then....
11:13 Make the "Get Involved" page amazing (gregdek)
11:13 garycmartin Hey, that tickets mine ;-)
11:13 walterbender mchua: good morning and welcome back
11:14 mchua garycmartin: should I list you as the owner instead of gregdek on that task then? ;)
11:14 garycmartin: thank you so much for making it look awesome, btw; it's on all the sugarlabs business cards now.
11:14 (which andriani got this morning in the mail, I've just been told.)
11:14 garycmartin I uploade educator role 10min ago and merged in web dev to dev description.
11:15 mchua garycmartin: what help do you need?
11:15 garycmartin mchua: yea, saw the email this morning about join.sugarlabs.com and got a fright.
11:16 marcopg garycmartin: join is wonderful, thanks!
11:16 mchua garycmartin: don't worry; we've got a few days yet to work on it.
11:16 This one is a high-priority ticket, as it's our landing page for new people from FOSDEM. So let's see if we can help gary out.
11:16 garycmartin marcopg: thanks, just icons realy.
11:16 marcopg garycmartin: very nice looking ones ;)
11:16 mchua Can people take a 5-10 minute look at one team's "Getting Involved" page and make sure it has a (1) good team description and (2) a concrete next step for finding out more?
11:16 walterbender We could put the new landing page in place, but it has incomplete sections.
11:17 mchua walterbender: yeah, that's why I asked bernie to point join.sl.o at GettingInvolved; that at least we can tweak.
11:17 caroline I wonder if we can designate a real human for each of these roles that people could contact
11:17 mchua walterbender: We can get it redirected with 24h's notice (faster, if bernie is online) in case the page magically gets finished before FOSDEM.
11:17 caroline +1
11:18 caroline I'll take educatior
11:18 marcopg happy to be designated as human contact for dev if that helps
11:18 bernie waves
11:18 mchua thanks caroline!
11:18 marcopg: noted, and thank you :)
11:18 caroline lets give Dfarning people person
11:19 bernie caroline +1
11:19 mchua if dfarning accepts, that'd rock. I'll poke him.
11:19 garycmartin caroline: ... and I only just got you an icon in time then ;-)
11:19 caroline thanks gary
11:19 mchua garycmartin: do you want to take designer?
11:19 we need "translator" and "content writer" still... any ideas/takers?
11:20 I could probably take content writer in the absence of someone else, but can't really do translator.
11:20 (being one of those monolingual people.)
11:20 garycmartin mchua: designer, what take him out the back and shoot him? No, can I dodge that one, I'm behing on everythin as is!
11:20 walterbender mchua: you mean you are American!
11:21 mchua garycmartin: Sure thing. I don't want to overload you.
11:21 caroline well its not suprising the translator person isn't here.  who has been coordinating it?
11:21 mchua walterbender: Indeed.
11:21 caroline What would we actually want volunteer designers to do?
11:21 mchua Good question.
11:21 garycmartin mchua: thanks I wanted to get latest Labyrinth posted.
11:21 marcopg mchua: you should take content writer, you are so good at it ;)
11:22 caroline if no one is jumping up and down with tasks for that role should it be up there?
11:22 mchua Ok, so "designer," "content writer," and "translator" are still on the table; I'll take all 3 but try to foist off at least designer/translator to Somebody Else quite quickly.
11:22 caroline: Good point.
11:22 caroline Maybe replace with with a person will a bull horn for "Public Relations"
11:22 mchua Are there any more pressing roles to fill that we *don't* have up on GettingInvolved?
11:23 (like caroline's suggestion for PR?)
11:23 garycmartin caroline: designes is a huge need - Eben seems saturated and we need folks with a good clear eye for UI, icons, mock-up, wiki icons et al.
11:23 caroline ok then lets see if Eben wants to take it.
11:23 jt4sugar We need designers for our Sugar swag line
11:23 mchua We need a better http://sugarlabs.org/go/DesignTeam/TODO list for them to pick up on, in that case.
11:23 bernie Secret Agent Person?
11:24 caroline I think having someone who thinks getting volunteers is worth being up there is a good bar :)
11:24 bernie I candidate for this
11:24 marcopg caroline: not sure if Eben is a good idea
11:24 caroline: he is very busy now and might be better to let him focus on actual work
11:24 caroline: and find someone from the community to do facilitation
11:24 caroline ok so is Designer or Public Relations a better top level category?
11:25 bernie marcopg: how about that young lady from fudcon?
11:25 who's in contact with her?
11:25 marcopg mchua I think
11:25 mchua (who wha?)
11:25 bernie marcopg: not the programmer, the designer
11:25 marcopg not sure how much bandwidth she has
11:25 garycmartin caroline: Designer. Public Relations is a People Person thing.
11:26 marcopg bernie: yeah the designer
11:26 she was not at fudcon for design stuff though
11:26 mchua In the interests of moving on, I'd like to table this and say, to the mailing list, that "designer" needs a contact person and that "translator" needs someone to step up if it's to stay on that list.
11:26 marcopg mchua: I don't remember her name, you presented her to us
11:26 mchua I'll take "content writer," and any overflow that doesn't fit in the above categories, for the time being.
11:27 marcopg: OH! Tanya! Yes. I'll make sure she's cc'd on the "and we need contact people" email, thanks!
11:27 marcopg yeah Tanya!
11:27 garycmartin Just what contact are we assuming and what would one be expected to do??
11:28 caroline use our magical human powers to gather fuzzy data about what people can and want to do and match them up with tasks and people.
11:28 mchua Hrm, I was thinking "your email address and IRC nick is available, so newbies can tell you "hi I'm new" and you can send a quick "great, welcome!" email
11:28 closes quotes "
11:29 jt4sugar Maybe an interest survey is in order
11:29 mchua you can have a default Welcome Message Template to send out if you like. This is something that requires the ability to copy-paste a welcome message into an email/channel with with 1-2 day response time.
11:29 caroline I think Public Relations is more important right now then Designer, do other people think the opposite or are we just responding to what is in front of us?
11:29 mchua jt4sugar: you're welcome to run one if you like :) more data is always good!
11:29 garycmartin mchua: hmmm, I'm probably too much a grumpy old Englishman for all that hugs and greetings stuff ;-)
11:29 mchua grins
11:29 some people need it, some don't.
11:30 caroline: I'll put that suggestion on the email, so if someone wants to step up and be a PR Contact Person then we can put that in there in lieu of... Translation, probably.
11:30 Ok, any last minute things on GettingInvolved? This is a great conversation, and we also have a bunch more things to get through today
11:31 ...moving on, then - holler if we need to backtrack.
11:31 Item: Create a sponsorship program. walterbender, that's you - progress? is this a priority right now?
11:31 marcopg caroline: but public relations requires some design right? a good static web page etc
11:31 (damn I'm lagging behind, sorry)
11:31 mchua (no worries.)
11:32 caroline marco, yes public relations could include designer, but woudl someen with artistic ability click PR?
11:32 they might. Certianly someone who writes press release won't click designer. they might click content writer but they probably will think thats educational content.
11:33 dirak  the two things designer and PR must be worked side by side, but i agree with caroline that PR is more important right now.
11:33 mchua is anyone stepping up to take any of these tasks on / to find someone to take these tasks on? ;)
11:33 marcopg caroline: my feeling is that someone with artistic ability will not click PR
11:33 mchua (if not, we should shoot the convo to email and move on)
11:34 tomeu how do other similar projects solved this one?
11:34 mchua waiting for walterbender for word on the sponsorship program, but that's not a blocker on immediate events / other marketing stuff / anything major I can think of, so I'm happy to pass on this for the time being.
11:34 tomeu: great question to ask the mailing list. :)
11:34 tomeu which ml?
11:35 mchua tomeu: marketing.
11:35 tomeu do we know enough people to answer that there? ;)
11:35 mchua dunno, but we can ask them to forward the mail to folks who might be interested.
11:35 tomeu ok, will do
11:35 mchua yay, thanks tomeu!
11:36 Item: Finish creation of the elevator pitch (gregdek) - who again, isn't here. We might want to kick this forward; I will check in on status and push it forward in the context of "we need to pick one for our next card/sticker (maybe shirt) iteration," if it seems timely.
11:37 Item: Get everyone's blog aggregated at planet.sugarlabs.org (um... skipping that for now, unless people know of any feeds we should pick up.)
11:37 Item: Business card design.
11:37 So in case you haven't heard, we have cards for FOSDEM and Andriani's got them in her office as we speak.
11:37 Can someone pick them up from her? ( bernie, perhaps? when you arrive? )
11:38 For the record, they look like this: http://sugarlabs.org/go/Image:[…]ss-card-draft.png
11:38 And are meant to be generic; fill in your name at the top.
11:38 If anyone wants a batch more for themselves, I can provide the vistaprint reorder link.
11:39 I think that's all on business cards unless someone has more comments; we can arrange pickup of the FOSDEM ones outside this meeting.
11:39 jt4sugar mchua: do you have link to design
11:40 mchua I will skip Item: Slide deck design for now (but pipe up if you really need slide decks for something, and we'll accelerate that on the priority list.)
11:40 walterbender I finally did get my moo cards... they are so cute
11:40 mchua jt4sugar: it's just http://sugarlabs.org/go/Image:[…]ss-card-draft.png for now, and walterbender has uploaded moo card designs to the wiki somewhere
11:40 jt4sugar: I will send the vistaprint reorder link to the mailing list in case someone else wants to get the same cards.
11:41 (I'm also hoping someone with actual graphics skillz will make a better design.)
11:41 garycmartin (a designer todo)
11:41 mchua Item: Professional Development Intern - caroline, walterbender, updates/help-needed on this?
11:41 garycmartin: indeed! *goes to add it to the list*
11:41 caroline I need to find out how the paper work is going
11:41 next step is in DFarning hands i think
11:42 email sent
11:43 next agenda item
11:43 mchua w00t, caroline is superefficient :)
11:43 Item: FOSDEM swag
11:43 business cards are on their way
11:43 stickers are more problematic; they may not arrive in time for start / may not arrive, as the sticker company has issues with customs
11:43 but I'll work those out
11:43 bernie: are you getting tshirts / do you need anything else?
11:44 I think business cards were the most important thing, and those are settled now
11:44 marcopg (stickers are looking very cool!)
11:44 mchua tomeu: ^^
11:44 caroline goto the local corner store and get cheap lollipops :)
11:44 jt4sugar mchau:cant we get europe company to print
11:44 dfarning caroline, I forwarded in the contact information for SL. Bradly, forwarded the SFC information.  Now it is just a matter of her submitting the info to the work study office.
11:44 mchua jt4sugar: I haven't been able to find a company in Brussels that can do 48 hour turnaround, though this is likely due to my lack of French fluency.
11:44 marcopg caroline: +1 ;)
11:44 tomeu we can lick a lollipop and stick a business card to it before we give it to the interested person
11:45 mchua suggests tape
11:45 tomeu that's a sweet sticker
11:45 marcopg tomeu: pfff :P
11:45 tomeu a slicker
11:45 caroline tomeu - ewww
11:45 sdziallas lollipopos to premote SoaS? ;)
11:46 mchua Ok, I will get someone who's arriving early (perhaps nubae) to get lollipops as alt.swag
11:46 since it looks like stickers won't arrive on time
11:46 any other FOSDEM swag needs / easy solutions?
11:47 jt4sugar: if you can find a Brussels-area company that can print stickers before Friday, that would be *awesome.* I spent several hours looking and couldn't find any options, but again, this is probably because I have trouble navigating French-language websites.
11:47 (Item: Landing/welcome page has already been taken care of with the GettingInvolved item, so that's done)
11:47 Which leaves FOSDEM swag and Upcoming events, which kinda go together
11:48 I forwarded an email from Caryl Bigenho to the list: http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ruary/000273.html
11:48 The short version is that she and/or her son will be at SCaLE (southern california linux expo), CUE (computer using educators), and the National Association of Independents Schools conferences in the next 2 months
11:49 presenting / boothing
11:49 and wanted to know what she could push / what she could do / who else might want to come and help / ideas / etc.
11:49 I've already sent her business card and sticker design links if she wants to print things; this might be a good excuse to get some tshirts printed as well.
11:49 caroline my dream is to have a SoaS in everyone's conferene bag all connected to a conference jabber server
11:50 mchua caroline: would it be possible to have that by early March?
11:50 caroline I think the code will be readay
11:50 we need the $$ or the sticks and someone or $$ to burn the sticks and boot helper CDs
11:50 walterbender if we can fork up $1000, we can make 100 branded USB keys
11:51 caroline we need a Mac boot helper CD
11:51 walterbender (with 2 color printing--perfect for Sugar Labs)
11:51 mchua caroline: how soon would the code be ready to go?
11:51 caroline: we can push it for an event as early as "2 weeks from now"
11:51 walterbender Is that SCALE?
11:51 mchua walterbender: that's SCaLE, yes
11:51 caroline we need more testing to answer that question
11:52 mchua though i think CUE would be a better event to push it for, if we can only pick one.
11:52 caroline but it already works basically
11:52 walterbender With all due respect to Ed, I think we need a more Sugar-centric representation there.
11:52 mchua caroline: ok, do you have testing lined up?
11:52 caroline no
11:52 walterbender I had been trying to recruit someone to no avail.
11:52 caroline I also have no one to help with the Mac work and lots of people have Macs
11:53 mchua walterbender: Caryl and scorche, both longtime OLPC support-gangers and big Sugar enthusiasts, will be there, and Caryl wants to fly the SL banner (haven't talked with scorche yet).
11:53 caroline I agree with Walter, we need more then Ed there if we want to debu SoaS conference edition.
11:53 mchua walterbender: I'd hoped to get out to SCaLE, but I have a $0 travel budget at the moment.
11:53 caroline I think we could do a "Burn your own at he booth strategy" in 2 weeks.
11:53 walterbender me neither, unforunately
11:54 that is the FOSDEM plan as well
11:54 mchua caroline: Ok, do you want me to put you in contact with Caryl for setting up "burn your own at the booth" for these 3 events?
11:54 sdziallas has go to run; sorry folks. I'll be back in an hour.
11:54 mchua (as a minimal SoaS-is-awesome presence, hopefully we'll get actual sticks)
11:54 waves to sdziallas
11:54 sdziallas marcopg: I've got some news regarding SoaS
11:54 caroline sure
11:55 mchua caroline: will do, then
11:55 marcopg sdziallas: awesome, still need to answer your mail btw, crazy days here! will do soon
11:55 sdziallas marcopg: okey dokey ;) no hurry. I got some issues with regard to the backgrounds... but I'll ping you when being back, ok?
11:55 marcopg sdziallas: sure!
11:55 mchua also, does anyone have task requests that the people going to conferences can recruit for?
11:56 sdziallas ttfn :)
11:56 mchua I was going to send the TODO lists for each team out to the FOSDEM folks on thursday or friday or so
11:56 caroline blah stomic flu is winnign time to go afk
11:56 marcopg in general I'd like people to help out with SoaS
11:56 starting from testing it
11:56 mchua caroline: feel better soon!
11:56 marcopg caroline: ouch! feel better!
11:57 mchua marcopg: is there a good todo list for SoaS work (should people just be looking for trac tickets for that component?)
11:57 marcopg mchua: nope, but I can make one
11:57 (tickets are not particularly good as todo list in this case)
11:57 mchua marcopg: that would be awesome. by this thursday if you want it out for FOSDEM, by the 18th if you want it for SCaLE.
11:57 nods
11:58 marcopg mchua: awesome, should be able to have something by thu
11:58 mchua walterbender: is there any writing/other work you'd like to push off on others? I have a brief list from you already - "day in the life of sugar" script, etc.
11:58 and there will undoubtedly be people with grantwriting experience at these conferences
11:58 thanks marcopg!
11:58 walterbender We have a day inthe life in progress... the Sugar graphic novel is making great progress
11:59 but we need a guide to teachers and a guide to parents
11:59 I've started both, but I am buried in other writing
11:59 marcopg walterbender: are those in the wiki?
11:59 mchua walterbender: ok, so you don't need to recruit more people for day in the life / graphic novel, just the guide to teachers/parents?
11:59 caroline <---crawls back to beg the universe for MAc help
11:59 walterbender I think the parent's guide should start by saying that Sugar makes the tired question, "what did you do in school today?" a thing of the past.
12:00 haven't gotten farther on that one...
12:00 marcopg caroline: could try to convince my brother to help out with mac ;)
12:00 walterbender FOr teachers, we need to articulate the value.
12:01 mchua caroline: I will ping more people more aggressively for mac help for you; I know it's important for your deployments.
12:01 walterbender: ok, we should work on the "take things off walter's plate" todo list sometime in the next few days then. :)
12:01 marcopg mchua: is there a description somewhere of what u need exactly?
12:01 gah
12:02 that was to caroline
12:02 mchua marcopg: http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/114, I believe
12:02 Ok, that's a lot of followup to do!
12:02 caroline http://sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_[…]a_Stick_ToDo_List
12:02 mchua Any other marketing-related things? I think that exhausts our todo list
12:02 I'll send out lots of emails later today on all this
12:02 marcopg mchua: thx
12:02 mchua (though if someone beats me to it, I'd be most obliged)
12:03 caroline We need a CD label sticker design for th boot helper CDs
12:03 mchua As part of that, there'll be a call for "do you know interested people local to these upcoming events?" stuff
12:03 marcopg do we have any info about progress on the static web site?
12:03 mchua caroline: ooo, can you add that to http://sugarlabs.org/go/MarketingTeam/TODO, with some notion of timeline-urgency?
12:04 marcopg:  walterbender said "We could put the new landing page in place, but it has incomplete sections."
12:04 I pinged christian for status but didn't get a response; I'll ping again
12:04 marcopg hm perhaps better to not rush and get it up when it's ready
12:04 mchua (though others may be in closer contact with him, I'm guessing)
12:04 marcopg + 1
12:04 marcopg mchua: I can try to ping him
12:04 mchua any other last min thoughts on marketing?
12:05 marcopg: that would be great, thanks!
12:05 marcopg he is usually responsive
12:05 will do now
12:05 mchua sweet.
12:05 any other last thoughts on marketing stuff?
12:05 otherwise, we're done
12:05 marcopg damn can't think of anything
12:05 and you are perfectly on time
12:06 mchua marcopg is just trying to make me run over time :P
12:06 marcopg someone please bring up ideas! :P
12:06 mchua okay... meeting about to close...
12:06 ...cloooooosing....
12:06 3
12:06 2
12:06 1
12:06 marcopg 1 minute off!!! :P
12:06 mchua #endmeeting

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