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#sugar-meeting, 2009-01-29

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Time Nick Message
09:06 gregdek Okey doke.
09:06 rummages for task list in pockets.
09:07 tomeu gregdek: http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]nuary/011224.html
09:07 knows gregdek reads email with a month of delay
09:07 gregdek LOL
09:07 Not quite a month.  :)
09:07 erikos is here of course
09:07 tomeu enough so that stuff has fixed by itself or is no longer relevant :p
09:08 gregdek Right, brilliant, then.
09:08 tomeu morgs wanted to attend, I guess he will appear in a bit
09:08 gregdek Sssssh, tomeu, you'll reveal all of my "managerial secrets".  ;)
09:08 tomeu I have been doing that lately :p
09:08 gregdek Good call.  :)
09:08 All right, then -- I guess the first item is Sugar on a Stick.
09:09 Which seems to be making tremendous strides, from all I've seen.
09:09 Is it stable enough to bring the entire world to start testing it?
09:09 erikos gregdek: yes we miss the latest activities though
09:09 gregdek Is it because they are not bundled as Fedora packages?
09:09 erikos gregdek: i want to send a call to fedora-olpc today
09:10 some are (like imageviewer)
09:10 some have just not been packaged for F11 yet i think
09:10 tomeu erikos: is it still an 800 terabyte download?
09:10 if so, we should provide rsync for the poor souls like me
09:11 gregdek I have a question about the start page for Browse.
09:11 erikos tomeu: 641MB
09:11 mchua speaking of "the entire world testing it," there are some folks in welly here who are doing sugar testing in... *counts* about 30 hours, if there are any requests on things to attack.
09:11 gregdek Is it set to the Activities page by default?
09:11 morgs is back :)
09:11 gregdek mchua: Brilliant!
09:11 tomeu gregdek: I think that that's up to distros
09:12 gregdek: or do you think all sugar distros should point to the same webpage?
09:12 gregdek I do.
09:12 erikos mchua: excellent - they should look for the latest SoaS announcements then
09:12 tomeu btw, can we add an action item to trim down the soas image and to add rsync services?
09:12 gregdek Distros have enough decisions to make, and Sugar is peripheral enough that they won't notice.
09:12 tomeu two, actually
09:12 erikos tomeu: sounds good to me
09:12 mchua ok - erikos, gregdek, can you email test results to testing@lists.laptop.org and cc me after this meeting? I'm going to make another attempt to become unconscious. :)
09:12 gregdek (Yes, we can add that item.)
09:13 tomeu gregdek: will OLPC get angry if our zillion users bring their wiki down?
09:13 gregdek tomeu: I hope so.  :)
09:13 Knocking down the OLPC wiki is a success condition.  ;)
09:13 OK, so a couple of threads here:
09:13 tomeu mchua: sleep well
09:13 gregdek 1. action item to trim down soas.  I can add that, and I know sebastian is already working on it.
09:13 *hug* mchua nite nite!
09:14 goes to add that right now.
09:14 erikos mchua: sleep well and save travel
09:14 tomeu yeah, probably we already have some kickstart recipes for that
09:15 gregdek 2. Get more activities for SoaS, and/or point the browser to the activities page by default.
09:15 Is there any objection to that, btw?
09:15 Pointing the browser to [[Activities]]?
09:16 morgs +1
09:16 tomeu sounds good to me
09:16 erikos gregdek: we might get a new page soon
09:17 tomeu in the last weeks, I have been hearing problems from people that tried to install a .xo and didn't worked
09:17 erikos gregdek: when the activities move to sugar labs
09:17 tomeu because of dependencies on thier base systems
09:17 gregdek Oooo.
09:17 Sigh.
09:17 tomeu erikos: are there any plans on that?
09:17 addons.s.o should help with that
09:17 erikos tomeu: right - don't know maybe we can bring it up at the activityteam meeting tomorrow
09:18 gregdek The question of unmapped dependencies continues to be critical.
09:18 morgs (BTW talking about packaging activities, we should package olpcgames - the pygame wrapper for Sugar.)
09:18 gregdek And always will be in the multi-distro world.
09:18 erikos gregdek: so first item regarding activities - the sucrose ones should all be packaged in fedora and available in soas
09:18 gregdek erikos: does "should" == "are"?
09:18 Or do you not know?
09:19 erikos gregdek: no - that was a 'must' from me ;p
09:19 gregdek: for example: * chat 62 (is version 47 in F11)
09:19 gregdek erikos: Got it.
09:19 OK, so...
09:19 Here's another question.
09:19 tomeu about dependencies, I think we should consider all the dependencies of sucrose activities as dependencies of sugar. so we can clearly say if one activity bundle is compatible with sugar 0.84 or not
09:19 gregdek Are you expecting these to be packaged for F10, F11, or both?
09:19 tomeu: YES.
09:20 morgs tomeu: so sugar depends on libabiword, pygame, etc?
09:20 tomeu morgs: yeah
09:20 erikos gregdek: for F11 - since we do use sugar from F11 as well
09:20 tomeu so we can do the same that firefox does
09:20 or the rest of mozilla apps that have addons
09:20 morgs (ah, pygame's not required for fructose, but for honey)
09:20 gregdek erikos: Very good.
09:21 erikos gregdek: i want to send another note about that to fedora-olpc (since fab for example is still trying to package for example the connect activity)
09:21 gregdek erikos: Yes, please.
09:21 erikos gregdek: his power can be used otherwise
09:21 gregdek: ok
09:21 gregdek erikos: I would also like to blog about it.
09:22 Time to make another call for activity packagers, and the fewer we have to concentrate on, the better.
09:22 erikos yeah about to make a list
09:22 so this is in glucose:
09:22 * read 63 ()
09:22 * chat 62 (is version 47 in F11)
09:22 * terminal 21
09:22 * imageviewer 5
09:22 * jukebox 6
09:22 * turtleart 23
09:22 * browse 103
09:22 * etoys 99
09:22 * write 61
09:22 * calculate 28
09:23 * log 16
09:23 * pippy 25
09:23 gregdek Hell yeah.
09:23 You know what?  Let me send the email.  Take me two minutes.
09:24 Are these all in Sugar's git, btw?
09:24 erikos gregdek: ok - you have a better impact i am sure ;p
09:24 gregdek: pippy and etoys are not (yet)
09:24 gregdek OK.
09:24 erikos gregdek: we have a new maintainer for pippy (yeay) since this week
09:25 gregdek Who?
09:25 erikos gregdek: hope we make progress on this end soon now
09:25 gregdek: bobby (powers)
09:26 gregdek All right.  I will make the call for activities.
09:26 Anything else about SoaS to talk about?
09:26 erikos oh no brian jordan - sorry
09:27 tomeu not from me
09:27 erikos no - i think i am fine - i will make sure to cc the fedora list
09:27 tomeu other than I like "Sugar stick" as a name
09:27 erikos so we can get feedback from them them
09:27 tomeu from than soas
09:27 s/from/more
09:27 erikos tomeu: names always names...
09:27 gregdek Well, I like lollipop.  ;)
09:28 Because then we can call activity developers "The Lollipop Guild".
09:28 tomeu ok, let;s move on ;)
09:28 gregdek Yes.  Let's.  :)
09:28 erikos tomeu: if the product is good you can call it spinach and the kids will use it
09:28 gregdek The Active task list next, yes?
09:28 erikos yup sounds good
09:28 gregdek http://sugarlabs.org/go/Develo[…]TODO#Active_Tasks
09:28 morgs wonders if sugar stick would work on http://www.gumstix.com/ :)
09:29 gregdek * Importing bugs from OLPC trac to Sugar trac.
09:29 Any progress on the import tool?
09:30 erikos nope - maybe tomeu?
09:30 tomeu gregdek: no, I guess need to talk with m_stone about that?
09:30 gregdek: do we have the green light from OLPC?
09:31 erikos tomeu: i think ed gave it in the email
09:31 gregdek: as ressources are little we focused a bit on soas first
09:31 morgs Well, they should at least be reported upstream...
09:31 tomeu ok, I'll ask m_stone if he agrees on giving me access to xml rpc
09:31 gregdek "Hi, folks - I'm generally inclined to agree with Marco here (gregdek's
09:31 option #3, with Fedora covered as well).  I'd like to get cjb's opinion on
09:31 whether there's some flag/field we'd like to set in our trac instance when
09:31 doing the close, so there's a standard way of identifying "bugs that went to
09:31 SL", etc.
09:31 "
09:32 erikos: Agreed.
09:32 tomeu I guess I could add a tag?
09:32 no need for a new field
09:32 gregdek So yes, Ed's take is close the bugs in OLPC, and indicate in the bug that it was moved to SL trac.
09:32 erikos tomeu: tag sounds good to me
09:33 morgs and a comment giving the URL of the new bug in d.s.o?
09:33 gregdek Yep.
09:33 tomeu ok
09:33 gregdek In everyone's copious free time, of course.  :)
09:34 All right, it seems clear what needs to be done, so I guess we can move on.
09:34 erikos agreed
09:34 gregdek * Restructure the development team wiki.
09:35 I don't see marco here, and this is his item.
09:35 Does anyone know if he completed this to his satisfaction?  I suspect not.
09:36 erikos gregdek: don't think so
09:36 gregdek Then we'll move on.
09:37 tomeu yeah
09:37 gregdek A few bugs punted to 0.86... which we should probably just remove from the TODO and annotate as "blocking 0.86" in trac...
09:37 ...oh, that reminds me.
09:37 Do we have a mechanism to say "this bug blocks release"?
09:38 tomeu turns to BugMaster erikos
09:38 erikos we have a severity blocker
09:38 gregdek OK.
09:38 I'll probably ask about this more later.
09:38 erikos and if this combined with the milestone set to a certain release makes it a blocker for the release i would say
09:39 gregdek Right.
09:39 Just important to have a one-click that says "these are the MUSTFIX bugs".  I'm sure we'll nail this down.
09:39 Moving on.
09:39 erikos and the milestone can only be set by the release team
09:40 gregdek: yup - we can filter for that
09:40 gregdek All the other stuff in that TODO is really bug/feature bookkeeping that really belongs in trac.
09:40 erikos so i guess as an action item - the owner moves it to trac?
09:40 gregdek I will make sure those bugs are moved into trac, if they aren't already there, by our next meeting.
09:40 No, I'll take them.
09:41 I need to get a good feel for how trac works, and this is a good exercise.
09:41 Busy work.  Engineers have enough of that.  ;)
09:41 erikos ok sounds good
09:42 gregdek The only thing on the TODO list that leaves is activities.sl.o.
09:42 tomeu: How goes?
09:42 tomeu gregdek: mchua is taking the lead on it
09:43 we have several volunteers, but no coordinated effort I know of
09:43 gregdek Well, then, I guess mchua will sort that out.
09:43 And I'm sure I'll be talking to her about it.  :)
09:43 changes name on TODO list.
09:43 All right.
09:43 So much for the bookkeeping.
09:44 Anything else we should discuss, or should we just all get back to work?
09:44 Oh wait...
09:44 mchua marco == on plane, me == still not sleeping. (productivity, it's kinda addictive.)
09:44 gregdek was there a third item?
09:44 Hey mchua!  :)
09:44 Speak of the devil, and the devil appears.  ;)
09:44 tomeu c) Anything that needs to happen before FOSDEM?
09:44 gregdek While you're here: any comments on activities.sl.o?
09:45 (thanks tomeu)
09:45 erikos yup - i think we should be able to get soas into shape to have something to show at FOSDEM
09:45 mchua yup, they're right here: http://blog.melchua.com/2009/0[…]ctivites-hosting/
09:45 erikos an url to give and say - hey try it out
09:45 tomeu http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]nuary/011223.html
09:46 erikos: yup, an url printed in stickers ;)
09:46 erikos tomeu: that would actually be cool
09:46 tomeu: or a button
09:47 has some fedora stickers he can recompose
09:47 tomeu: anything else that needs to be ready for FOSDEM?
09:47 tomeu hmm
09:48 slides for my talk? :p
09:48 gregdek Does Sugar have a booth?
09:48 erikos as Sugar Labs is poor we have no money to hand out cds and dvds
09:48 tomeu gregdek: we could share one, but nobody volunteered to man it
09:48 gregdek erikos: We should have a station that allows people to put SoaS.
09:48 Let's make sure that you can get SoaS at the Fedora booth.  I will work on this.
09:48 tomeu gregdek: I think we could ask the GNOME people for a meter of their booth, like last year
09:48 erikos gregdek: yeah that would be enough i guess
09:48 gregdek Hey, we can ask lots of folks.
09:49 tomeu gregdek: that would be great
09:49 erikos gregdek: excellent - i would like that
09:49 felt always welcome from Fedora people
09:49 tomeu but this year I cannot be in the booth, have meetings with mandriva, caixa magica, gdium, etc
09:49 mchua can someone near fosdem hit a local print shop? stickers are fast and cheap. http://www.stickergiant.com/cu[…]/onetwocolors.php or similar.
09:50 gregdek God, FOSDEM is gonna be brutal.
09:50 I'm there for, like, four different things.
09:50 Sigh.
09:50 erikos poor greg
09:50 gregdek LOL
09:50 tomeu RH tries to do too many things, they should drop everything and focus on sugar
09:51 gregdek tomeu: Right.  Who needs money?  ;)
09:51 mchua would fly to fosdem and help out if last-minute tickets were available. ;) (...yeah, I know....)
09:51 erikos i am ok to hang out at the booth
09:51 tomeu right! dirty money!
09:51 gregdek mchua: Sticker giant is CHEAP!
09:51 OMG!
09:51 erikos lets make sure we have soas rock by monday
09:52 and then we can print stickers
09:52 tomeu if we decided to get a booth when we get there and succeed, what stuff would we need?
09:52 erikos must have something first he can be proud of
09:52 tomeu stickers, an XO, an eeepc, ...
09:52 morgs thinks it should be Sugar Sticky... :)
09:52 tomeu business cards?
09:52 gregdek Business cards would be great.
09:53 tomeu every new name I hear I like it more than the previous ones
09:53 erikos yeah - we should talk to christian about it
09:53 tomeu yeah, everybody as me those when I'm in a booth
09:53 erikos do we have a logo for them?
09:53 tomeu s/as/ask
09:53 gregdek Ah yes.  Do we have a logo?
09:53 erikos if our marketing head does not know that... ;p
09:53 tomeu we have two logo formats, one of those should work
09:54 erikos tomeu: url?
09:54 tomeu erikos: http://sugarlabs.org/go/Logo
09:55 erikos likes the usage section
09:56 gregdek All right.
09:56 I am going to try to get Sugar stickers printed thru Sticker Giant today.
09:56 They're cheap enough that I'll just do it.
09:56 The question is shipping, but I'll give it a shot.
09:56 erikos gregdek: giving an url on itwould be cool
09:57 gregdek erikos: what url would you like?
09:57 I favor "join.sugarlabs.org".  :)
09:57 Which we could redirect to wherever.
09:57 morgs git.sugarlabs.org! :-P
09:57 gregdek LOL
09:57 Um, no.  ;)
09:57 erikos yeah - the envisioned landing page :/
09:58 gregdek: so i guess sugarlabs.org
09:58 mchua +1 join.sl.o
09:58 erikos gregdek: and help christian get the landing page done
09:59 gregdek Well, it won't be done by FOSDEM.
09:59 thinks.
09:59 All right.
09:59 I'm going to drive the sticker stuff and the landing page.
10:00 erikos gregdek: maybe we can speed things up if we give christian a dead line ;p
10:00 ourselves as well of course
10:00 gregdek Always possible.
10:00 tomeu wasn't he waiting for content from other people?
10:00 erikos tomeu: yeah think so :(
10:02 maybe we should sum up - to make clear what acion items we have
10:02 ?
10:02 tomeu +1
10:04 gregdek Sorry.
10:04 So.
10:04 erikos takes Soas and [poking fedora people (make the situation clear) if greg has not done so yet]
10:04 gregdek 1. Stickers/business cards.  I'm working this out with Mel right now.
10:04 2. Making SoaS more awesomer, including slimming?
10:05 3. Another call for Sugar activities to be packaged, gregdek has the list and will put out the call.
10:06 erikos 4. landing page
10:06 mchua is pushing forth addons.sl.o and Getting Swag To FOSDEM. If testing@lists.laptop.org is emailed in the next 24 hours, will get Welly testers to attack anything you want QA-ified.
10:06 gregdek 4. landing page, right.
10:06 erikos mchua: that would be item 5 since you were late ;p
10:07 mchua roll landing page into my "swag for FOSDEM" item, since the sticker had better point to an URL that works and looks good...
10:07 erikos mchua: awesome - christian schmidt is the designer to talk to
10:07 mchua: and i think we had several calls on iaep for content
10:08 gregdek mchua: I have already, in my mind.
10:09 All right.
10:09 Seems like we have clear marching orders.
10:09 Any other questions/comments?
10:09 mchua erikos: i'm going to look for those iaep calls for content, but url pointers would rock too
10:10 yeah, if you're going to FOSDEM and want business cards, EMAIL ME
10:10 erikos mchua: yeah i just look for it
10:10 gregdek mchua: Make that call on the mailing list too.  :)
10:10 mchua and tell FOSDEM people to email me.
10:10 yep, will mailing list as well, but it never hurts esp. since I'm making a print order in 48 hours.
10:11 erikos mchua: http://sugarlabs.org/go/Market[…]ugar_Labs_website
10:11 mchua "Deadline for final copy: Dec 8"
10:11 chuckles
10:11 oh boy.
10:11 erikos mchua: the email was on slobs - forwaded to you
10:12 is embarrased
10:12 tomeu what can you expect from a slob?
10:12 erikos ;p
10:12 better we get into action now!
10:12 gregdek Let's ROLL!
10:12 erikos rome is not lost yet!
10:12 tomeu :)
10:13 mchua thanks erikos!
10:13 (gregdek: #endmeeting when you're ready)
10:13 gregdek I will endmeeting in 5...
10:13 4...
10:13 3...
10:13 2...
10:13 1...
10:13 1/2...
10:13 #endmeeting

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