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#sugar-meeting, 2008-12-18

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Time Nick Message
09:11 erikos our agenda is:
09:11 going through the TODO list
09:11 2) 1) developer items for the getting involved page (things/ideas that
09:11 someone that have a bit of free time can help with, should be doable in
09:11 a two weeks time frame)
09:12 3) gitorious (which tags to use, proper naming policies etc)
09:12 4) activities maintainance
09:12 tomeu hi all!
09:12 erikos ROLL CALL please.
09:12 tomeu erikos: you mean #ROLL_CALL?
09:13 unmadindu present please :-D
09:13 cjb hi
09:13 erikos tomeu: aehm no - greg does always say this - thought it was hip :)
09:13 hi unmadindu - cjb - tomeu - thanks for joining in!
09:14 someone else around for the developers meeting?
09:14 ok lets start then
09:14 a) http://sugarlabs.org/go/DevelopmentTeam/TODO
09:15 who did make progress on his todos?
09:15 kushal: hello
09:15 we just started
09:15 kushal oh, ok ")
09:15 erikos tomeu: any news on your items?
09:16 tomeu I pushed something more or less working about file transfer
09:16 now the ball is in eben's side ;)
09:16 erikos tomeu: to see if he likes it?
09:16 eben tomeu: I question "more"....I never really got it to work. :-/
09:17 tomeu well, so he priorises the work left, rather
09:17 eben:  saw it working once ;)
09:17 erikos ok - would be nice to have something for tomorrows release :/
09:17 maybe you can work it out :)
09:17 eben heh, well, the actual transfer I *did* see work once, but everything else pretty much didn't. ;0
09:17 We can chat after the meeting.
09:18 tomeu so it's working!
09:18 erikos #ACTION: eben, tomeu discuss the missing parts of FT
09:18 tomeu: anything else?
09:19 tomeu hmm, I think I had something else
09:19 no, didn't worked in the other items
09:19 I'm working on AMO these days
09:19 erikos yup - that is a great thing
09:20 tomeu: should we track AMO in the todos?
09:20 tomeu erikos: I think it belongs the development team, doesn't it?
09:20 erikos tomeu: yup i would say so
09:20 unmadindu +1 to that
09:21 tomeu not that I want us working on webapps, but...
09:21 I don't think we can really have the bundles in a wiki
09:21 erikos well we track uildbot there as well
09:22 tomeu well, dev tools shouldn't be as time consuming as public facing services
09:22 erikos that is true
09:23 tomeu: so -1 about adding it?
09:23 unmadindu: any news about your items?
09:23 unmadindu read up how GDM does something similar to what we need for item #5. Now we need to get that done in Python ;-)
09:23 erikos unmadindu: cool
09:24 tomeu erikos: no, I think dev tools should be also there
09:24 unmadindu nothing else to report right now
09:24 erikos unmadindu: that is already good ;p
09:24 unmadindu :)
09:24 erikos tomeu: ok i added you and dfarning as owners - provide any info you miss there
09:24 tomeu ok
09:25 erikos made progress on the wired devices
09:25 cjb hey, I just noticed Zach Riggle made a blog post about sugarbot two days ago
09:25 this'd be a pretty perfect time to get a test team interested in it
09:25 erikos and changed the bahavior according to ebens suggestion - will push after the meeting
09:26 bertf forgot to add [RELEASE] when he announced etoys 4.0
09:26 erikos cjb: yup - didn't we said something about it yesterday?
09:26 bertf: that is ok - i noticed it ;p
09:27 bertf erikos: thanks :)
09:27 erikos bertf: oh - did you upload to dev.laptop.org?
09:27 bertf erikos: sure
09:27 cjb erikos: hey, surprising coincidence that he posted a blog post about it for the first time in a long time yesterday
09:27 erikos bertf: that has changed :)
09:27 bertf erikos: I'm behind, as usual
09:27 erikos bertf: i added some info in my tarball request email
09:28 bertf: that is fine ;p
09:28 bertf: we don't make it that easy neither
09:28 cjb: did we have an action item from yesterday?
09:29 cjb dunno
09:29 erikos cjb: does not look like in the minutes - lets discuss after that meeting
09:29 ok anyone else something to say about the TODO?
09:30 the other owners are not here - so i guess not
09:30 ok next item
09:31 2) developer items for the getting involved page
09:31 did someone had ideas here?
09:33 ok how about:
09:33 everyone takes 15 minutes and adds items he can think of to the discussion page of the 'getting involved' one
09:33 tomeu erikos: we have some projects in the gsoc page
09:34 erikos tomeu: we thought more about a 2 weeks max timeframe
09:34 tomeu ok
09:35 though time depends a lot on the experience and hours that the individual can devote
09:35 erikos yeah :/
09:35 tomeu probably we should have assorted sizes
09:35 erikos how about we add at least a link to the gsoc page?
09:36 maybe like: "There are many ways you can contribute..."
09:36 a) bigger size projects
09:37 b) smaller scope ones
09:37 tomeu yeah, perhaps categorizing may help
09:37 erikos ok so maybe we brainstorm on the discussion page
09:38 and then put it in categories
09:38 #ACTION: everyone to take 15min to come up with some getting involved topics
09:39 next one
09:39 gitorious (which tags to use, proper naming policies etc)
09:39 i guess marco had some ideas here :/
09:41 tomeu though I guess 80% is common sense
09:42 erikos ahh now i understand that topic
09:43 i guess someone just hs to take the lead on this
09:43 and present us with some thoughts
09:43 and we say we agree or not
09:44 maybe a volunteer who wants to step up?
09:44 bertf erikos: why is there so few stuff in http://download.sugarlabs.org/sources/sucrose/ ?
09:45 erikos bertf: we did not sync the old tarballs
09:45 bertf but that is the right download location now, yes?
09:45 erikos bertf: so what you see - is what people uploaded for this release only
09:45 yes
09:46 bertf any idea how to handle Etoys vs. etoys?
09:46 erikos ah yeah that is a known issue :/
09:47 maybe we call it etoys-activity?
09:47 bertf erikos: would be a non-issue if glucose and fructose were separate directories
09:48 erikos bertf: that is true - the scripts to upload gets a bit more complex though
09:48 but yeah maybe we should do that
09:48 bertf erikos: just switch based on a capital first letter ;)
09:49 erikos i would be ok to make it glucose and fructose - _bernie ?
09:50 bertf erikos: he said he would not participate in the dev meeting
09:51 erikos bertf: can we do it after this release?
09:51 the seperation
09:51 bertf: i mean - you have a way to upload for the moment or?
09:52 bertf erikos: well if this is the first release from the sugar labs server we could as well do it right, now?
09:52 no legacy to support
09:53 erikos ok i think as we are done with the points here - i can spend some time on it
09:53 bertf I mean i can simply upload Etoys and etoys, don't think too many people use it on Win or Mac yet
09:53 erikos any other topics comments people want to bring up?
09:54 find it funny - sometimes meetings go really easy - sometimes they are really stocking :/
09:57 bertf: ok i have made the directories
09:57 tomeu erikos: perhaps we should do action items and move on?
09:58 erikos tomeu: i made some action items
09:58 tomeu: and i just wanted to close
09:59 i will post the items again in the minutes
09:59 bertf erikos: don't see them on http://download.sugarlabs.org/sources/ - and I do not have an account yet
09:59 erikos thanks everyone for joining in
09:59 bertf: syncing time ;p
09:59 bertf: one sec let me just close here
09:59 #stopmeeting
10:00 #stop-meeting
10:00 always gets it wrong :/
10:01 #stopmeeting
10:01 isn't that the right one?
10:01 bertf #endmeeting
10:01 erikos #endmeeting

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