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#publiclab, 2013-10-04

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21:42 meeting Meeting started Fri Oct  4 21:42:45 2013 UTC. The chair is btbonval. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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21:44 btbonval #topic PLOTS in Higher Education
21:45 #idea Wiley suggests public laboratory tools available at Libraries
21:46 #info Bronwen future of library is very involved. merger of makerspaces and libraries might be in the long term future?
21:48 #info Wiley is using PL tools in courses (Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute programme). NDVI/NIR camera to track plant growth. Balloon mapping.
21:52 nemo <nemo!~nemo@c-76-119-232-246.hsd1.ma.comcast.net> has joined #publiclab
21:52 nemo hi btbonval
21:53 btbonval Hi dogi. I'm taking notes on a discussion that is ongoing
21:53 nemo :)
21:53 btbonval I think I figured this out. it's kind of dumb that everything requires a #command
21:54 nemo dumb? ... you mean simple?
21:54 btbonval it would be simpler to simply speak in the channel ;)
21:54 nemo #chair nemo
21:54 btbonval oh I didn't chair a meeting, I'm just running it I guess
21:55 <btbonval> #startmeeting
21:55 <meeting> Meeting started Fri Oct  4 21:42:45 2013 UTC. The chair is btbonval. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
21:55 nemo :)
21:56 how is the south?
21:57 btbonval warm <3
21:58 nemo :)
22:00 btbonval #idea Lori : Why is citizen science seen as less valid than academic science?
22:00 #info general response is that the tools and jargon are less suited to the rigors that academic science requires
22:05 #info Wylie REACT Environmental Justice does community based air quality, affiliate on a project-by-project basis
22:06 #info Bronwen has seen some classes (Lori suggests from LaGuardia) go out on the water taking water samples in sewage polluted water ways (Newtown creek?)
22:11 #idea Curriculum development could help interface universities, but it is unclear how best to approach that.
22:11 #idea Wylie suggests hosting workshops for faculty and/or students to demonstrate possible curricula in an expedited way
22:14 #idea Ted suggests going to the National Academy of Sciences to promote ideals
22:14 #idea Bryan suggests interfacing with EC clubs, not just environmental clubs (ends) but also technological clubs (means)
22:17 #info Wylie University IP could get in the way of openness from personal innovation from an academic who signed the ownership rights contract, but arguments must be made to support community engagement without IP getting involved
22:21 #idea Bronwen suggests universities encouraging STEM should equally encourage literature/communication or other forms of expression. being part of a community or club encourages communication intrinsically
22:28 #info Bronwen's students don't have a strong investment in the school, so extracurricular and community activities don't work so well because the students wouldn't engage. the best option is integrating the good stuff right into proper programs
22:30 #info Bronwen finds it useful to know what grants are available, what programs exist and in what different structures they can be introduced and grown
22:33 #idea Bronwen would like PL to contribute to education articles to increase the clout of PL and community outreach in general to make the pitch easier to sell to academics.
22:34 #info Bronwen + Wylie think articles would be good in Chronicle of Higher Ed and Insight into Higher Ed
22:36 #idea Wylie suggests a newsletter devoted PL in the classroom, Bronwen counters that possibly just a subsection of the weekly newsletter would work.
22:37 #info Wylie likes that repeating experiments/projects is a good thing and should be encouraged for validating previous work and teaching repetition validation of science in general
22:38 #idea Wylie likes PL to have education-focused datasets that projects can build upon and refine over time
22:40 #endmeeting
22:40 meeting Meeting ended Fri Oct  4 22:40:03 2013 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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22:40 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/p[…]13-10-04T21:42:45

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