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#olpc-paraguay, 2011-11-29

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19:33 alsroot [scs]: does pyeduca use http://wiki.paraguayeduca.org/[…]so_de_Actividades right now?
19:35 [scs]: btw, I got your email about deployment howto. will it be ok to share this exact copy w/ peru people or it needs to be polished before public announce or so?
19:49 joseprous: hi, do you know if http://wiki.paraguayeduca.org/[…]so_de_Actividades is being used right now?
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19:54 joseprous alsroot: carlos told me that they used it in 1 school
19:54 alsroot: but it is not used right now
19:56 alsroot joseprous: ok, I will work on the real time monitor for gathering stats (that should get more data), but will try to reuse Analisis_de_Uso_de_Actividades code for getting as much as possible stats from the Journal
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