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#olpc-paraguay, 2011-11-14

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Time Nick Message
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16:18 joseprous <joseprous!~jose@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
16:45 reubencaron [scs]: it's coming along quite nicely. i'd encouarage you to try 11.3 on a 1.75 if you have one
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19:01 PPOZZOLI <PPOZZOLI!~Paraguay@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
19:03 [scs] PPOZZOLI: hello
19:03 joseprous: ya probamos 11.3 en la 1.75?
19:04 reubencaron: as you know we are using dextrose here, so it'll take some adjustment for us to take advantage of the 1.75
19:05 reubencaron [scs]: what are the advantages of dextrose over 11.3?
19:05 joseprous [scs]: no se probo todavia instalar nada en la 1.75 tenemos la que trae instalada
19:06 [scs]: y todavia no hay dextrose para 1.75
19:08 PPOZZOLI hola!!!
19:08 que hay de nuevo
19:14 [scs] reubencaron: yes, the idea is to compare the two, but there are some features that are important to us in dextrose like backup/restore of journal to external device or schoolserver, automatic updater for Sugar environment and activites, and support for protected activities
19:14 reubencaron: not sure if these have been upstreamed yet
19:16 reubencaron [scs]: most of those features have been upstreamed albeit it may not be the same implementation
19:16 you will have to compare
19:16 [scs] PPOZZOLI: qué tal? ya te llegó el calendario para conecpción?
19:16 PPOZZOLI estoy mirando mi correo
19:17 [scs] reubencaron: great! then I'll check and get back to you
19:17 reubencaron [scs]: thanks
19:18 regardless you'll have to build off of the components of 11.3 / 11.3.1
19:18 [scs] joseprous: ya hay una comparación entre 11.3 y dextrose? en estos días hay que decidir qué máquina usar en el 2012 y necesitamos saber si es viable ir con la 1.75
19:19 joseprous: la diferencia de precio es importante
19:21 PPOZZOLI no me llegó ningún calendario
20:18 PPOZZOLI has quit IRC
20:35 joseprous [scs]: por ahora no parece viable pasar a 1.75 todavia
20:45 joseprous has left #olpc-paraguay
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