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#olpc-paraguay, 2011-11-11

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Time Nick Message
08:40 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
08:40 card.freenode.net [freenode-info] please register your nickname...don't forget to auto-identify! http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup
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11:55 rralcala <rralcala!~rralcala@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
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11:58 joseprous <joseprous!~jose@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
12:02 sebas| <sebas|!~sebas@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
12:04 sebas| bernie: ahoy
12:06 sebas- <sebas-!~sebas@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
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12:18 alsroot <alsroot!~alsroot@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
12:18 alsroot <alsroot!~alsroot@pdpc/supporter/active/antilopa-gnu> has joined #olpc-paraguay
12:27 rralcala <rralcala!~rralcala@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
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12:33 tch <tch!~tch@70.Red-79-147-92.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net> has joined #olpc-paraguay
12:33 rralcala1 <rralcala1!~rralcala@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
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12:57 car|0s <car|0s!~carlos@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
12:57 car|0s bernie, morning, nice to see u
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14:00 car|0s <car|0s!~carlos@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
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15:05 kennym <kennym!~kennym@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
15:05 kennym <kennym!~kennym@unaffiliated/kennym> has joined #olpc-paraguay
15:09 sebas| <sebas|!~sebas@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
15:27 alsroot car|0s: you was talking about new hw, is it also for mothership? I'm going to finish final install image and test it at school next week. Do I need to take care about new mothership?
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15:45 bernie car|0s: hello!
15:51 car|0s bernie, berurnie sama
15:51 alsroot, mothership will remain as a vm, even with new hw
15:52 alsroot, unless you mean re writing mothership?
15:53 alsroot car|0s: actually, I was hoping you will install something new on the mothership, rather that fc9..
15:53 car|0s bernie, im told you offer to help some nights, depending on your time, with sysadmin stuff. Im doing that again.. can i count with you? just small consultation
15:54 alsroot, ok. suggestions? trisquel?
15:56 alsroot car|0s: if ubuntu-server/trisquel will be finally used on school servers, then it might be useful to have the same lts distro
15:56 bernie car|0s: well, i don't really have a lot of free time these days... i can offer advice though
15:56 car|0s: scs mentioned maybe using google apps. i know how to get a free instance for non-profits
15:57 car|0s: we've been using them for local labs for some time
15:58 car|0s bernie, actually, google already say yes to having pyeduca.org at google docs
16:01 bernie car|0s: ah ok, setting it up is very easy... i don't think you'll need much help
16:02 car|0s: i believe in autonomy, but i think google apps is the way to go for small orgs
16:18 joseprous <joseprous!~jose@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
16:50 alsroot [scs]: ping
17:41 [scs] hello alsroot
17:45 car|0s: there is also kaakupe.org to migrate to google apps, perhaps
17:45 alsroot [scs]: hi, how your work of collecting pyeduca exp. going? next wednesday I'm traveling to peru, would be good if I can share this info w/ people there (and w/ myself as well)
17:45 car|0s <[scs]>, as a sub-domain of pyeduca.org
17:47 [scs] alsroot: we are collecting as we speak... coincidentally, I might have something for you on Wednesday!
17:48 alsroot [scs]: thanks, that will be really useful (for me at least)
17:50 [scs] alsroot: we are creating a deployment guide on a wiki, which we will maintain, but it means there is a lot of room for collaboration, with Perú, Uruguay, and hopefully the whole region
17:50 alsroot [scs]: whats the link?
17:50 [scs] alsroot: and who knows, we could then translate to English and make it grow further
17:51 alsroot: I will pass on the link next week
17:52 alsroot: it's in the sandbox at the moment :)
17:52 alsroot ok
18:03 kennym <kennym!~kennym@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
18:03 kennym <kennym!~kennym@unaffiliated/kennym> has joined #olpc-paraguay
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18:06 car|0s <car|0s!~carlos@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
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18:34 kennym <kennym!~kennym@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
18:34 kennym <kennym!~kennym@unaffiliated/kennym> has joined #olpc-paraguay
19:21 [scs] hi reubencaron
19:22 reubencaron: how is Sugar on the 1.75 coming along?
19:27 tch <tch!~tch@70.Red-79-147-92.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net> has joined #olpc-paraguay
19:27 [scs] tch: le Tinchéee
19:29 tch [scs]: le profesourrrr :D
19:29 [scs] que tal!
20:05 rralcala <rralcala!~rralcala@host-2-105.a2.cvc.com.py> has joined #olpc-paraguay
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20:11 rralcala <rralcala!~rralcala@host-2-105.a2.cvc.com.py> has joined #olpc-paraguay
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20:11 [scs] tch: 10 puntos
20:12 tch: cómo te tratan los jamones?
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20:25 kennym <kennym!~kennym@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
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22:51 kennym_ is now known as kennym
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22:51 kennym <kennym!~kennym@unaffiliated/kennym> has joined #olpc-paraguay
22:51 kennym modinfo says "Broadcom's specific AMBA driver" about the bcma kernel module... any ideas what AMBA stands for?
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23:39 kennym <kennym!~kennym@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
23:39 kennym <kennym!~kennym@unaffiliated/kennym> has joined #olpc-paraguay
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