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#olpc-paraguay, 2011-10-20

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13:03 [scs] saluda
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17:53 [scs] Mr_R: sr!
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18:18 alsroot carlos_: is it possible to update rpms on XOs only within one school?
18:30 carlos_ alsroot, not sure
18:31 alsroot, i dont have source code for the updater. can you ask tch?
18:31 alsroot carlos_: the problem is that olpc's client backup code doesn't preserve backup url got from school server and compose it on client side. but sugar-server uses different backup scheme (more simple)
18:32 carlos_: but all XOs are being updated from the same place on the mothership?
18:33 carlos_ alsroot, that would be using olpc updater. wich we never did
18:33 alsroot, as far as i know we are using dextrose updater
18:33 alsroot carlos_: yes, I mean dextrose yum updater. are all XOs pointed to the same repo on the mothership?
18:34 carlos_ alsroot, the repo isnt in mothership. is im some of the other servers.. is either saga or robbie.. i think is robbie but not sure
18:35 alsroot, you should really ask tch. he wrote it.. i never used it
18:35 think anish did some work on it too
18:35 alsroot carlos_: but the problem is that it is the same repo for all schools anyway...
18:36 carlos_ yes
18:36 alsroot will try to figure out how to fix this issue on school server side
18:36 carlos_ but since each school have bind running
18:36 you can treak the updater to resolve the schoolserver as the repo you need
18:36 and update only 1 school
18:37 alsroot carlos_: yeah, thats definitely the way to go, thanks
18:37 carlos_ alsroot, no problem
18:38 alsroot carlos_: who takes care about yup repos, tch?
18:38 *yum
18:38 carlos_ alsroot, they are frozen at this momment
18:39 alsroot carlos_: never mind, I'll use XO's yum config to fetch the repo and will add my packages
18:40 carlos_ alsroot, ok
18:54 alsroot carlos_: I'm going to prepare an infra for new school server on the mother ship. it will be just one schoolserver user login to via ssh, and several directories to rsync in its home
18:54 jrugel: ^
18:54 [scs] jrugel: ping
18:54 alsroot will ping when I will have it ready to move to the mothership
19:26 [scs] jrugel: le podés crear una cuenta a ace? en e.pye.org?
19:38 jrugel perdon
19:38 volvi
19:38 a quien debo crear una cuenta?
19:46 [scs] jrugel: ace@paraguayeduca.org Aníbal Cabrera
19:46 jrugel ok
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