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#olpc-paraguay, 2011-10-07

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20:26 alsroot car|0s: how info about stolen XOs is being sent to school servers?
20:27 car|0s alsroot, is not. you send only the leases for non stolen laptops
20:27 alsroot car|0s: and remove leases (by puppet) if an XO was stolen?
20:28 car|0s alsroot, mothership doesnt generate leases for stolen laptops
20:28 alsroot, inventory keep that record
20:29 alsroot car|0s: ie, if an XO was stolen, whats happening? inventario stops asking mothership generating new leases for these XOs?
20:29 and people can use stolen XO
20:29 ..until next activation
20:29 car|0s alsroot, inventory gives a list of serials and uuids for non stolen laptops to mothership
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