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#olpc-paraguay, 2011-09-26

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18:58 alsroot car|0s: how school server is being deployed right now? image to write on hdd with boot scripts to setup pootle agent to setup the rest of infra?
18:59 car|0s alsroot, olpc xs0.6.iso
19:00 alsroot, some network basic configuration and installation of puppet
19:00 alsroot car|0s: it is upstream XS or there is .py tweaks?
19:01 car|0s alsroot, upstream
19:01 everything custom for py is done thru puppet
19:02 alsroot, http://redmine.paraguayeduca.org/issues/38 im looking at that tool for monitoring web use
19:04 alsroot, im not sure how to gather that data from several xs into a nice graph
19:06 alsroot car|0s: http://static.k5-storitve.net/[…]plugins/squid.png, see traffic grapth
19:07 http://exchange.munin-monitori[…]ins/squid/details
19:15 car|0s alsroot, nice.. but those are for monitoring the squid server itself. I need to gather which sites are more visited
20:27 tch <tch!~tch@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
20:56 alsroot car|0s: what check_nodes from puppet scripts does?
20:56 tch: ^
20:57 car|0s alsroot, is a script that tells inventario about access point being online
20:57 alsroot, doesnt work very well
20:59 tch car|0s: it does, you just didn't configure it.. and it only works fully with dlink access point, for any other just tells you if its up or down ;)
21:00 car|0s tch, if it works so fine.. would you like to receive the emails about access points?
21:01 tch car|0s: thats another issue lol
21:02 car|0s it would be great in always online, always with power environment. In a deployment doesnt acomplishes its goal
21:02 tch car|0s: you just don't like the notifications, which ara disabled now lol
21:02 car|0s its not that
21:02 tch alsroot: anyway thats it!
21:03 car|0s I need a way to monitor xs that doesnt rely or depend on connectivity
21:10 tch, alsroot http://nagios.sourceforge.net/[…]ore/3/en/toc.html
21:12 http://assets.nagios.com/downl[…]ing_Solutions.pdf
21:12 alsroot car|0s: for me, nagious is too overfeatured if talk is only about having monitoring
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