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#olpc-paraguay, 2011-06-04

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00:00 car|0s basic web page for diagnostic would be a big plus
00:00 alsroot car|0s: so, most of the problems for already deployed XSs is the isp related issues?
00:00 car|0s yes
00:00 as users.. they see that they are connected to access point and xs
00:01 but beyond from that, is "internet doesnt work"
00:02 alsroot car|0s: "basic web page for diagnostic would be a big plus" you mean monitoring page for you or for people at schools?
00:02 car|0s for people at school
00:02 any user being able to tell if they have connection to isp, etc, etc
00:03 so, they can pick up the phone and make a proper complain to the isp
00:04 is just not work that should be done by tech support from deployment
00:04 alsroot car|0s: actually it might look like a web UI for ADSL modems
00:04 car|0s for me i will deploy munin
00:05 you have to take into account that it would not always be a ADSL connection
00:05 a school should be able to connect using any mean
00:05 like.. emergency 3g modems
00:05 alsroot car|0s: nope, I mean as simple as possible and oriented to unskilled people
00:05 car|0s yes
00:06 the thing here is
00:06 the more laptops and xs you deploy
00:06 doesnt scale in tech support
00:06 for 1 school, no problem
00:06 for a 1000
00:06 how many techs would you need?
00:09 there are other issues with olpc xs model
00:09 alsroot car|0s: so, if I got it right, people at school don't interact w/ XS for maintaining reason (maintaining XS or XO
00:09 car|0s in olpc model, each xs generate leases for xo associated with them
00:09 yes
00:09 you got it right
00:10 for people at schools, xs is a headless box
00:10 getting back to my point> what happens if a kid moves from one school to another
00:10 alsroot car|0s: and would be useful if some of issues they can address to ISP (not to admin)?
00:11 car|0s very much
00:11 in py that issue is being done with inventario + mothership
00:11 alsroot ..and?
00:12 car|0s but in olpc model.. the xo would just get locked
00:12 or you would have to go to your original xs to activate your xo
00:13 inventario associates people with location, and mothership send the leases accordingly
00:13 alsroot car|0s: what about having a XSs that know about all XO in that reagion and can create leases on theirs own (delegated lease)
00:14 car|0s what about stolen laptops?
00:14 you would have to sync that info between all xs
00:14 alsroot car|0s: the list of stolen XO will be updated froom mothership
00:15 but it is the only thing that should be done
00:15 car|0s mothership does send leases from all py to 1 xs
00:15 testserver at pyeduca
00:15 because of hierarchy
00:15 alsroot car|0s: not leases but delegated stuff (ie only once when XOs were deployed)
00:16 after that they will create leases on theirs own
00:16 until they got info that some XOs where stolen
00:16 car|0s mmm
00:16 interesting
00:16 but.. i dont know
00:17 central delegation seems fine to me
00:17 is a single point of failure.. but is manageable
00:18 plus.. there is another service being done by mothership
00:18 yaas
00:18 alsroot car|0s: yaas?
00:18 car|0s is a web page were you can create leases and developers keys
00:18 for tech use
00:19 just another activation system
00:19 yet
00:19 using collector stick from olpc
00:20 you send yaas the laptops.dat file and generate leases for xo
00:20 when you do not have a working xs for the xo, it cames in handy
00:21 or maybe your hd died on you *xs* and you need some time to work on it
00:21 but you dont want the xo to get locked
00:22 you send people a lease.sig file tru email and they put it on a usb stick and activate xo
00:23 source for yaas is at the git site
00:23 alsroot will see
00:24 car|0s is any of this helpful to you?
00:25 getting developers to think like deployments is a big issue
00:25 alsroot car|0s: I guess thats enough for today :) /me needs to setup prosody for jabber.sl.o
00:27 car|0s: btw how ejabberd works in the field?
00:29 car|0s never seen it
00:29 alsroot car|0s: do you track how many resources eats XS
00:35 car|0s alsroot, sorry, my neighbor came by
00:43 http://schoolserver.escuela108[…]yeduca.org/cacti/
00:44 alsroot, but you have to connect from lan on schools or ssh /L
00:55 alsroot car|0s: hmm, it forwards me to cacti/install/
00:56 car|0s alsroot, try on testserver, your keys are there
00:58 alsroot car|0s: you mean from oficina.paraguayeduca.org?
00:59 car|0s yep
00:59 alsroot got the same
00:59 car|0s from localhost?
01:01 alsroot car|0s: the same for http://localhost/cacti on oficina.paraguayeduca.org
01:01 car|0s weird
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