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#olpc-paraguay, 2011-05-25

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14:09 car|0s <car|0s!~carlos@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
15:11 alsroot car|0s: hi, I'm working on school server and have a couple of questions. does XS installations in .py use delegated leases?
15:11 car|0s alsroot, hi!. Not sure what you mean by delegated
15:12 alsroot car|0s: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XS-a[…]#Delegated_leases
15:12 car|0s alsroot, yes, we do
15:13 alsroot, how is your spanish? http://wiki.paraguayeduca.org/[…].php/Hacer_leases
15:13 alsroot will ask google..
15:14 car|0s funny do.. only the title is in spanish..
15:16 alsroot tries to gen key w/ makekey, but it is eating 100% of cpu for 10min and still working
15:16 makekey from bios-crypto
15:19 car|0s: btw whats the ""scripts" directory from ParaguayEduca SVN" on http://wiki.paraguayeduca.org/[…].php/Hacer_leases, I have puppet stuff bernie gave me but can't find "scripts" directory
15:21 car|0s puppetconfigs$ ls
15:21 001-plone.conf      cacti-db.php                         iptables.principal.cache  puppet-plone-sync        pyeduca.repo         snmpd.conf                 xs-backup
15:21 001-pycontent.conf  check_nodes                          lupdater.conf             puppet-xs-activity-sync  pyedu-restore        squidGuard.conf            xs-restore
15:21 002-uploader.conf   config.conf-laptops_registry_status  oruga                     puppet-xs-lease-import   rpmfusion.repo       squid-xs.conf.in           xs-rsyncd
15:21 003-game.conf       create_user                          pafm                      puppet-xs-os-sync        rpms                 stolen_laptop_seeker.conf  xs-rsyncd.conf
15:21 050-ds-backup.conf  cron-sarg                            plone-installer.sh        puppet-xs-squid-reconf   rsyncd-installer.sh  sudoers                    zope.conf
15:21 cacti.conf          htpasswd                             puppet-cacti-db-setup     pyedu-backup             sarg.conf            temp.sarg.patch
15:21 cacti-cron          httpd-xs.conf                        puppetconfigs             pyedu-blocked            site.pp              typescript
15:21 crap.. it looks bad
15:21 wait
15:22 alsroot, http://pastebin.com/42V1SyWf
15:23 alsroot, i think it means the script run by puppet, which manifest is maintained by svn
15:23 alsroot car|0s: ok, I have them, it is what bernie uploaded
15:28 tch <tch!~tch@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
15:48 car|0s alsroot, i do have an issue you can wrap your head around
15:49 alsroot, puppetmaster gets hang up all the time
16:15 alsroot car|0s: what does it log
16:17 car|0s alsroot, thats the problem.. it doesnt log when it crash
16:18 alsroot, only way to tell that it has hang, its that you get "execution expired" from client side each time
16:20 alsroot car|0s: hmm, no ideas then. though if it is exactly crashing, it should be ruby not puppetmaster itself
16:22 car|0s alsroot, maybe..
16:22 tch car|0s, alsroot: could it be something related to the VM? like running out of space?
16:23 car|0s tch, already check.. the vm even received a recent memory upgrade
16:23 tch, S.ficheros          Tama
16:23 /dev/vda1             9,9G  4,2G  5,2G  45% /
16:24 alsroot car|0s: and no suspicious logs in /var/log/messages?
16:24 car|0s alsroot, nope
16:24 tail /var/log/puppet/masterhttp.log -n 100
16:24 running these will only show sucessfull connections
16:25 and no error.log
16:25 alsroot car|0s: you can run puppetmaster in daemon-less mode w/ enabling core dumping and all puppet debug options,.. and wait
16:25 car|0s alsroot, not sure how, can you guide me?
16:26 well.. we can do it on saturday
16:26 moving day + hack fest?
16:29 alsroot car|0s: `ulimit -c unlimited; puppet master --no-daemonize --debug --verbose --color=false | tee log`
16:29 car|0s: fine for me
16:29 car|0s alsroot, right now im checking each xs for leases..
16:31 tch, suburashi! hack fest on saturday.. baka mono
16:33 tch, Watashi-tachi wa totemo tanoshii o motte iru nda
16:34 ??????????????????
16:34 tch car|0s: #@^? ;)
16:35 alsroot car|0s: btw I have XS related questions, then you get free time, could you share your current experience regarding this questions or maybe you have a wish list for XS architecture
16:35 car|0s: http://fpaste.org/Y8Gj/
16:39 car|0s alsroot, ok. In any case, you can pick my brain on saturday.
16:39 alsroot ok
16:46 car|0s alsroot, tch http://tech.slashdot.org/story[…]PC-On-a-USB-Stick
16:53 tch car|0s: ;) now we need to wait until there is a low-cost HDMI capable LCD screen, and lost-cost _everything_ else... (mouse, wireless-card, storage device, keyboard, ...) haha
16:53 car|0s they do have storage, there is a SD slot
16:54 tch car|0s: not to mention low-cost infinite-long AC wires
16:54 car|0s mouse and keyboard are low cost..
16:54 tch haha
16:54 car|0s jajaja
16:55 tch, http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q[…]av6sPvbxFFyFUuYkg
16:55 this one looks nice
16:56 tch car|0s: I bet Pi-guys never stepped on a "developing country"
16:56 hhahah
16:57 pizza delivery combo "Now comes with your favourite OS!"
17:03 car|0s tch, your "flavor" of choice
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19:22 Ignacio_ <Ignacio_!~webchat@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
19:22 Ignacio_ Paraguay educa?
19:23 car|0s <car|0s!~carlos@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
19:23 Ignacio_ Hola!
19:24 Ignacio_ is now known as Ignacio
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