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#olpc-paraguay, 2011-03-23

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Time Nick Message
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14:57 car|0s rralcala, <m_anish> car|0s, /home/manish/dextrose-git/build/output/
14:57 <m_anish> car|0s, untar the img.tar.gz to .img and do " dd if=somename.img of=/dev/sdb "
14:57 <m_anish> car|0s, followed by 'sync' :)
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16:42 tch rralcala: rober, por si acaso vos administras el servidor de mail de pyedu?
16:43 rralcala tch: si, en que te puedo ayudar?
16:44 tch rralcala: estuvimos hablando con anish de como hacer mas accesible el tema de los reportes (desde sugar), y queremos crear una lista de correo privada a donde vayan (tambien) los reportes
16:47 rralcala: lo idea sseria tener una cuenta de correo en pyedu para el agent que va a enviar los reportes y una lista de correo privada
16:49 rralcala: que te parece la idea?
16:49 rralcala Sin problemas
16:50 te parece si vemos esta tarde?
16:50 tch cuando puedas nomas :)
17:29 rralcala Hecho
17:46 m_anish Yowsers! I made a build!!!
17:46 tch, ^^
17:46 :)
17:46 tch m_anish: gratz! lol
18:06 m_anish is now known as m_anish_afk
18:27 car|0s <car|0s!~carlos@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
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19:54 rralcala tch: ahora ya estoy
19:54 tch: con hacer una cuenta y una lista de correos seria suficiente, osea, vos enviarias los correos desde esa cuenta?
20:54 m_anish: ping
20:54 m_anish rralcala, pong
20:55 rralcala m_anish: It worked, but I signed the initrd.img I didn't the rpm procedure
20:55 m_anish: Can you create a 4gb size img when you have time?
20:55 m_anish ok, so we'll have to replace the initrd on eevery card with your initrd
20:56 rralcala m_anish: It should be the same size of the 1.5 disk
20:56 m_anish ok
20:56 i think i gave carlos a 2G one
20:56 ok
20:56 rralcala yes, I tested with that on a 2gb and a 3gb card
20:56 but you dont need to replace on every card, I only replaced it on the image
20:57 The problem is that car|0s can't find 2gb seller locally
20:59 m_anish ok
20:59 i'll make one for 4G
21:00 rralcala Thanks
21:00 car|0s has quit IRC
21:00 m_anish btw, do you happen to have any contacts at the chilean or uruguayan embassies :-)
21:00 rralcala, tch ^
21:00 i'm planning to go to both of them tomorrow
21:01 rralcala m_anish: no
21:02 m_anish rralcala, ok :-))
21:18 tch rralcala: guess we need an account for the agent.. and a private mailing list (to which the account should be subscribed) so others can follow the report without having access to the account
21:18 m_anish: ^^
21:18 rralcala tch: Ok, and a name for the account?
21:18 m_anish tch, we're discussing fb ml?
21:19 tch yup,
21:19 rralcala and the list? sugar-reports?
21:19 tch the account could be called "feedback.sender" or something like that
21:19 lol
21:19 m_anish heh
21:19 tch and the list could be called "feedback" ?
21:20 m_anish fb-broadcast :)
21:20 fb-radio :)
21:20 tch cannot be public, so radio would send the wrong message
21:20 lol
21:20 m_anish and the account fb-tx :))
21:21 haven't you heard of encrypted radio :P
21:21 its some decades old by now :P
21:21 tch whatever works for me ;) I just want to get it running asap
21:24 m_anish tch, rralcala fb-tx and fb-radio it is :P
21:24 tch, we'd need something similar for dx-intl
21:32 rralcala fb-radio would be the list?
21:53 rralcala has quit IRC

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