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#olpc-paraguay, 2011-01-08

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11:47 meeting * alsroot_away nick cambiado a alsroot
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12:08 mukesh_dce tch: hi
12:09 tch mukesh_dce: hello :)
12:09 mukesh_dce: did you find useful the information i sent?
12:10 mukesh_dce tch: yes ,i read that
12:12 tch: you said as a first step we should install abrt daemon,and configure it
12:12 tch: i used in it fedora though didn't try to install it on ubuntu
12:13 tch mukesh_dce: if you have fedora it should be already installed,
12:13 mukesh_dce tch: yup ,i am using ubuntu for devel
12:13 tch mukesh_dce: yup, since we use fedora for our builds you don't need to try on another distro
12:14 mukesh_dce tch:will abrt work with ubuntu ?
12:15 tch mukesh_dce: i am not sure atm, but i would not waste time trying to make it work
12:17 mukesh_dce: about the second step, i tried to find the dbus objects/interfaces/methods specifications but could not find it, but.. i found out that ABRT supports plugin, so we could just use those for the automatic reporting
12:18 mukesh_dce: also tried to figure out if it possible to tell ABRT to check for user level applications that are not part of fedora packages, i saw something in the configuration file but did not work.. not sure why, yet.
12:20 so, we need to know: C) Can we make ABRT to listen to sugar crashes/unhandled exceptions? (this is a critical requirement)
12:20 mukesh_dce: ^
12:22 mukesh_dce tch: they say we need to have hooks for handling every type of crashes
12:23 tch: and plugins to produce the crash dump data
12:24 tch: one question , is it possible to deploy the existing abrt daemon on sugar ?
12:25 tch as part of sugar?
12:25 mukesh_dce tch: yes ?
12:27 tch not sure,
12:27 i can think of many reasons of why that could not happen,
12:27 for example, as you mentioned it before, i don't know what is required to work outside of fedora..
12:28 i think we should stick to make it work for fedora first..
12:28 i mean.. for our fedora based builds
12:29 mukesh_dce tch: i am a bit confused about what would be the final application structure would be like ?
12:30 tch: how would we communicate to abrt daemon on sugar..
12:30 tch mukesh_dce: i am too, since i don't fully understand the ABRT architecture yet.. but.. definitely there are many elements from ABRT that we don;t need
12:31 mukesh_dce: the client should communicate to the daemon through Dbus
12:31 mukesh_dce: actually that is what abrt-applet does
12:31 and abrt-gui too
12:33 mukesh_dce: we need to do more research, because maybe we don't even need to implement a client on sugar.. if we can achieve what we need only with the plugins
12:34 mukesh_dce: when have not even decided how much the user should interact with abrt yet..
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12:36 mukesh_dce <mukesh_dce!~chatzilla@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
12:36 tch mukesh_dce: wb
12:36 mukesh_dce tch: sorrt network prob
12:37 tch mukesh_dce: as i said, IF we need a client in sugar.. we would have to communicate to the daemon using Dbus..(that is how it currently works in gnome)
12:38 mukesh_dce: but.. we need to know what are our options and define what exactly we need (depending on level of user interaction with ABRT (it should not be high) )
12:44 mukesh_dce: it is still a little bit unsure to me if we can use ABRT for what we want... all i know now is that ABRT can handle python stuff...
12:45 mukesh_dce tch: if we need minimal functionality can we write a separate daemon for this purpose ?
12:48 m_anish mukesh_dce, -1 for separate daemon if abrt can do the job (it allows us to be scalable)
12:49 mukesh_dce m_anish: existing abrt works for fedora based builds only
12:53 walterbender <walterbender!~chatzilla@146-115-134-246.c3-0.nwt-ubr​1.sbo-nwt.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #olpc-paraguay
12:54 tch mukesh_dce, m_anish: thats why it is important to figure out if ABRT can do what we want and see how many options (in ABRT) we do have.. first.
12:56 mukesh_dce, m_anish: guess we should ask here https://fedorahosted.org/mailm[…]nfo/crash-catcher
12:59 mukesh_dce: think you can write to these guys explaining what we need?
13:00 mukesh_dce tch: sure, just a final recall so that we do not miss anything
13:01 a daemon to catch the crashes on sugar
13:01 and a client that could interact to the daemon
13:01 if we can use abrt for that
13:03 architecture could be deployed on different distros
13:04 tch: m_anish : do i miss anything ?
13:05 m_anish mukesh_dce, looks fine :)
13:05 tch mukesh_dce: yep, lets see what these guys respond..
13:09 mukesh_dce m_anish: tch : my subscription to the ml waits for approval ,will send it once it gets approved
13:10 m_anish m_anish, kk
13:10 mukesh_dce, ok
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