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#olpc-paraguay, 2011-01-07

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Time Nick Message
00:19 m_anish rralcala, pong
00:19 reads backlog
00:51 rralcala, bernie walked me through the process of producing signed builds. The xo machines and the pen drive I was showing you were all signed builds.
00:58 rralcala m_anish: Ok, we?e to see that with Jofre
00:58 m_anish: I've the patch
01:07 m_anish rralcala, kernel hack???
01:07 rralcala the maintainer said that if the justify he would allow us to create a new control id
01:07 m_anish rralcala, wow! you've gone crazy over it :-P :-P , more crazy than i am (that is)
01:08 i guess it is justified
01:08 lots of cams have night modes
01:08 rralcala so after testing with a XO I'll send the complete patch
01:08 m_anish where is this convo taking place?
01:08 rralcala v4l2 + ov7670
01:09 i'm waiting for git clone --quiet git://dev.laptop.org/olpc-2.6 linux-2.6.35 to apply the patch
01:09 because I wrote it for linux-media
01:09 m_anish rralcala, its huge isn't it :-)
01:09 rralcala it is at 15%
01:09 after 2 hours
01:09 m_anish the **worst** part about that is that if for some reason, you lose internet connection, you have to start over, no resuming from the middle!
01:10 rralcala I can't wait to se the camera in night mode
01:10 Yeap
01:10 m_anish maybe, i could d/l it here at the beertarium
01:10 internet';s much faster here
01:11 rralcala m_anish: What about we both do in order to hace a fallback?
01:12 m_anish yep, gimme the url
01:12 rralcala git clone --quiet git://dev.laptop.org/olpc-2.6 linux-2.6.35
01:12 but
01:12 the XO1.0 have 2.6.31
01:12 m_anish oh!, so we should prob. get that?
01:12 or we could checkout that tag?
01:14 rralcala Why don't you get the 2.6.31 and I keep the 2.6.35
01:15 m_anish where's the link to that?
01:16 rralcala, btw, fyi, 2.6.37 was out very recently :)
01:17 rralcala m_anish: Yes, but in http://dev.laptop.org/git/olpc-2.6/ there's only up to 35
01:17 m_anish: I'd like to have 2.6.37 :)
01:19 m_anish: but with no reason at all
01:21 m_anish rralcala, hahaha, it''ll take a while for 2.37 to reach fedora , then olpc :)
01:23 rralcala, i'm starting to think that you are more crazy i thought previously lol :-)
01:24 rralcala, 3% d/l 40KB/s here
01:29 you're at the off?
01:29 obv not, sorry for stupid ques
01:29 rralcala 26% (469952/1742434), 239.32 MiB | 32 KiB/s (At mom's home)
01:30 I'll watch a movie now and wait for  this
01:31 m_anish: Ok, movie starting, see you tomorrow @ office
01:32 rralcala has left #olpc-paraguay
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02:12 meeting * alsroot nick cambiado a alsroot_away
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07:13 meeting * alsroot_away nick cambiado a alsroot
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14:17 tch rralcala: que tal todo por ahi/
14:17 rralcala tch: Bien, cuando volves?
14:17 tch rralcala: y la semana que viene voy a estar con la gente de Ceibal, y y ponele que cerca del 20 estoy de regreso
14:18 rralcala: me encontre con jorge antes de ayer,
14:19 rralcala tch: In order to have a meeting. (Other Thread: Is your 3g share patch in dextrose 2, because Anish is including last features and fixes to the next build)
14:19 tch rralcala: yes, it is included.
14:20 rralcala tch: Great
14:27 tch rralcala: there are also a lot of patch that I sent to the dextrose list in the last 2 months that never got included, would be great if anish could add those too
14:27 s/patch/patches
14:28 for example, changing the mouse pad mode with the keyboard and other tweaks
14:32 m_anish tch, this ? http://patchwork.sugarlabs.org[…]ct/dextrose/list/
14:33 rralcala tch: Mmm, Anish is the February Build Lord, you should convince him ;)
14:34 tch rralcala: guess i can bring extra "dulce de leche" and "alfajores" from uruguay.. ;););)
14:36 m_anish tch lol
14:37 tch m_anish: look for these two topics on your inbox: "globalkey for touchpad device icon" and "NamingAlert being optional"
14:38 m_anish looks
14:41 tch m_anish: btw, i just sent a email to one of the ABRT mantainers with a few questions, so we could consider that the project has virtually started ;) haha
14:42 m_anish tch, good!
14:42 tch m_anish: apparently there are many ways to do automatic reporting
14:43 m_anish: ABRT has plugins support and i am reading if it possible to use it for what we need
14:44 m_anish tch, re: Naming alert being optional, do u have a patch with the small changes i suggested?
14:45 tch, hmm, we probably need something very simple... like popping up a notification and automatically/or asking the user to report the bug (maybe specifying the bug-tracker url via gconf)
14:45 (and assuming it to be trac)
14:45 i vaugely remember an xmlrpc api in trac exists
14:45 tch m_anish: i can't recall if I did...
14:46 m_anish: ABRT can handle many reporting servers, even email. Apparently.
14:46 m_anish tch, okay, i'll make those changes, were nitipicky ones anyway
14:47 tch, nice, what i was referring to is something like http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/XmlRpcPlugin
14:47 quick and easy before the abrt maintainers respond :)
14:47 (or maybe not)
14:49 tch m_anish: it supports bugzilla,
14:54 m_anish tch, and trac? you're referring to the fedora abrt?
14:54 tch m_anish: well, i am browsing the code, can't find any mention to trac
14:56 m_anish tch, i guess we could use abrt and write some code to submit it to trac https://fedorahosted.org/abrt/
14:56 tch, the sugar bug-tracker is trac, the one in py is trac as well
14:58 tch m_anish: only if there ready-to-use lib for that :)
14:59 m_anish: have you tested the XmlRpcPlugin?
14:59 m_anish tch, yeah :/ maybe just start off by sending emails :)
14:59 tch, no
15:00 tch m_anish: i can imagine there will be a lot of necessary tweaks to the ABRT daemon it self before we have to worry about where to send the reports hehe
15:00 m_anish true
15:02 tch m_anish: guess it can become very resource hungry, so we need to study it a little bit, for example just found this: MaxCrashReportsSize = 1000 (megabytes) is the default size for the reports dump..
15:03 if you think of that running on a XO 1.. we will have some troubles X.x
15:03 we need to find to out how to make it lightweight was possible
15:04 s/was/as
15:05 m_anish haha
15:06 maybe disable crash dumps, we looking for more sugar specific bugs
15:06 like catching tracebacks, sending associated logs?
15:06 tch it has 3 main modules, kernelloops, c/c++ crashes and python crashes/exception hanlding, guess we could juse use the last one
15:06 m_anish yep
15:06 tch yeah, we can do that.
15:09 meeting * alsroot nick cambiado a alsroot_away
15:10 * alsroot_away nick cambiado a alsroot
15:17 tch i will keep researching about this
15:17 and see what other considerations to have
15:19 m_anish tch, okay! you can delegate some tasks to mukesh as well. he seems a promising hacker!
15:21 tch m_anish: of course :)
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18:52 meeting * alsroot nick cambiado a alsroot_away
18:52 * alsroot_away nick cambiado a alsroot
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