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#olpc-paraguay, 2011-01-04

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00:00 bernie m_anish: ah, you use gmail. then I'll gpg the tarball, to make things easier
00:00 m_anish bernie, i normally use the gmail's web interface, but i can configure evolution,which supports encrypting/decrypting
00:00 bernie, it isn't a big deal, i can configure evolution, i've been lazy
00:00 :)
00:02 bernie m_anish: ok, sent
00:02 m_anish: the email is just signed, not encrypted. I wonder if gmail has a gpg plugin
00:02 m_anish bernie, me configuring
00:02 bernie m_anish: I keep my keys in ~/src/olpc/keys . another good place would be ~/.olpc-keys
00:02 m_anish bernie, okay!
00:03 bernie m_anish: once you have the keys in place, you'll have to modify the ini file of olpc-os-builder to use them
00:03 m_anish bernie, okay
00:03 bernie, it'll take some time for evolution to read all the mail headers, it won't let me do anything till it has done what it wants :)
00:03 bernie I have something like this:
00:04 [signing]
00:04 bios_crypto_path=/home/bernie/​src/olpc/dextrose/bios-crypto
00:04 skey=/home/bernie/src/olpc/keys/pys1
00:04 okey=/home/bernie/src/olpc/keys/pyo1
00:04 wkey=/home/bernie/src/olpc/keys/pyw1
00:04 m_anish bernie, okay
00:04 bernie m_anish: evolution sucks, but I'm afraid there's no better MUA at this time.
00:04 m_anish: today I tried to migrate to mutt and failed.
00:04 m_anish: then I tried notmuch and failed on that one too
00:04 m_anish: although notmuch is very promising
00:05 m_anish bernie, thunderbird?
00:05 bernie m_anish: with tb3 they destroyed usability
00:05 m_anish bernie, there's a mua in seamonkey that [scs] uses :)
00:05 bernie m_anish: I was using thunderbird until then... now I migrated to evolution, which sucked but is improving fast.
00:06 m_anish: it had plenty of imap stability bugs... but now this new backend called imapx seems to be stable and nice
00:06 m_anish bernie, ok
00:07 bernie m_anish: to cut about half of the bugs, I configured the Sent folder locally. because otherwise it often gets "stuck" after sending the email if it can't copy it to the Sent folder
00:07 m_anish: especially in paraguay, it was a pita
00:07 m_anish bernie, i can imagine
00:08 bernie m_anish: are you at the beertarium?
00:08 m_anish: it has decent bandwidth, eh?
00:08 m_anish bernie, yep
00:08 bernie, true!
00:08 :)
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08:44 meeting * alsroot_away ha dejado (*. net *. split)
08:47 * alsroot_away-en se ha unido
09:30 * alsroot_away nick cambiado a alsroot
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14:19 meeting * alsroot nick cambiado a alsroot_away
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19:19 m_anish [scs], you've got mail :)
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