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#olpc-paraguay, 2010-12-30

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20:28 anishdxpyte-420e rralcala: bernie: [scs] any idea where I could get a laptop motherboard fan in asuncion?
20:29 rralcala anishdxpyte-420e: In Ciudad del Este for Sure, you should check also in downtown stores, do yo have the model?
20:30 bernie anishdxpyte-420e: uh-oh....
20:30 anishdxpyte-420e: scs knows where to go for levono :-)
20:30 anishdxpyte-420e: btw, why are you using the IRC activity?
20:31 anishdxpyte-420e bernie: coz my laptop is all opened up :)
20:31 its dell
20:32 rralcala: sunon GB0507PGV1-A
20:32 rralcala Acer?
20:33 walterbender_ hey anishdxpyte-420e: when you have a moment, I have a v4l2_control question for you...
20:33 anishdxpyte-420e rralcala: dell inspiron
20:34 walterbender_: sure
20:34 rralcala anishdxpyte-420e: Ok, I think that you can find it on downtown stores near Unicentro or in "Asuncion Super Centro"
20:35 anishdxpyte-420e rralcala: ok
20:36 walterbender_ anishdxpyte-420e: I am trying to turn off AGC on the XO. I have tried poking at the AUTOGAIN and GAIN ioctls, but it doesn't seem to make any difference... have you done this in your telescope project?
20:37 anishdxpyte-420e walterbender_: yeah
20:37 walterbender_ anishdxpyte-420e: when I read the defaults, they are 0, which I assume means off?
20:38 anishdxpyte-420e walterbender_: 0 for AUTOGAIN would be off
20:38 satellit_ <satellit_!~satellit@2002:d064:95e7:0:219:d1ff:fe73:14e6> has joined #olpc-paraguay
20:38 anishdxpyte-420e walterbender_: I think the GAIN shouldn,t be 0
20:38 walterbender_ anishdxpyte-420e: so maybe it is already off by default on the XO...
20:38 GAIN prehaps should be 1 by default?
20:39 anishdxpyte-420e walterbender_: GAIN would range b/w 0 and 37 and AUTOGAIN would be either 0 1
20:39 is typing on a xo1 spanish keyboard very slowly
20:40 walterbender_ anishdxpyte-420e: Is 0 - 37 specific to the XO camera?
20:40 anishdxpyte-420e walterbender_: people.sugarlabs.org/anish
20:40 walterbender_: yes
20:40 walterbender_ anishdxpyte-420e: OK. I'll keep poking around until I figure it out...
20:40 anishdxpyte-420e on the above link you can download the latest version ox XoScope , i think it is 32
20:41 it has all the code in a file activity.py
20:41 walterbender_ anishdxpyte-420e: I added a Turtle Art block to let you use the camera as a sensor... but I thought it would be best to turn off AGC
20:41 anishdxpyte-420e walterbender_: also, i think there is a AUTO_HUE control...
20:41 walterbender_ I should prob. turn that off too.
20:42 anishdxpyte-420e walterbender_: on python.org you can download the v4l2 control 0.2 module and go through the file v4l2.py, it lists most possible V4L2 controls
20:42 walterbender_ anishdxpyte-420e: I have that module...
20:42 anishdxpyte-420e walterbender_: ok
20:43 walterbender_ anishdxpyte-420e: I assume there is device-specific documentation on w.l.o ?
20:43 anishdxpyte-420e walterbender_: for the camera? I doubt it has info re the controls
20:46 walterbender_: the xoscope activity has many knobs. some of the controls that aren't there are AUTO_HUE, FLIP
20:46 walterbender_ http://www.ovt.com/download_do[…]ensor&sensorid=74
20:47 anishdxpyte-420e walterbender_: i had tested to check that some controls like sharpness, auto white balance are not controllable
20:48 walterbender_ anishdxpyte-420e: the document at the link I just sent is not very useful :(
20:49 anishdxpyte-420e walterbender_: are you looking to control some specific camera features?
20:50 walterbender_ anishdxpyte-420e: just wanting to know in general what is available to control. I mostly want to get as raw of a feed as possible.
20:53 anishdxpyte-420e walterbender_: ah. the link you sent does not open on my xo, was it the datasheet?
20:54 walterbender_ anishdxpyte-420e: just a glossy, alas... I think there may be a datasheet somewhere on their site
20:54 anishdxpyte-420e walterbender_: so you want to disable all the AUTO controls as a part of your excercise?
20:55 walterbender_: IIRC, sensor name is OV7670, google is your friend :)
20:56 rralcala: thanks i will go thr today
20:59 walterbender_ anishdxpyte-420e: yes... the OLPC wiki tells me it is the OV7670... but I needed to send away for the datasheet, which apparently is proprietary.
21:02 anishdxpyte-420e walterbender_:  http://docs.google.com/viewer?[…]-CArE-hfxz52vHzaw
21:02 walterbender_: does the above link work for you?
21:02 walterbender_ yes... good find
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22:42 meeting * alsroot nick cambiado a alsroot_away
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