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#olpc-paraguay, 2010-12-18

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05:45 meeting * alsroot_away nick cambiado a alsroot
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16:56 bernie [scs]: how much longer is morgan going to stay?
16:57 [scs]: it would be nice if we could get her to help anish with communication
16:57 [scs]: and/or make her review dextrose on olpcnews or something like that
17:06 tch bernie: she left already
17:06 bernie tch: damn
17:07 deme
17:07 tch bernie: found an old + cool anime, "bastard!!"
17:08 bernie: the main char is a badass version of inuyasha
17:10 bernie tch: cool
17:11 tch: the style also looks more... adult!  http://upload.wikimedia.org/wi[…]Fantasy_vol01.jpg
17:15 m_anish bernie, tch you guys are crazy :P
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17:15 m_anish (about anime that is)
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18:12 bernie m_anish: deme
18:16 ("deme", often said between the teeth with an angry voice, means "bad", but it's used in the sense of "you be damned")
18:16 m_anish, tch: http://japanese.about.com/od/s[…]hrases/a/sjp5.htm
18:16 lol
18:17 m_anish: in anime, they never say strong things such as "you're crazy". you'd hear someone say "strange..." looking in another direction.
18:17 m_anish bernie, tch, sorry,, but you guys are crazy :)
18:18 and its upto you guys to make me crazy as well :D
18:18 bernie m_anish: and, "bullshit!" is often expressed as "it's not like that"
18:19 m_anish: spend some time with tch and you will see! but don't let him make you watch gay naruto
18:19 m_anish: watch only genuine anime like Seirei No Moribito and Bokurano.
18:20 m_anish bernie, ok :)
18:21 bernie m_anish: tch and I know enough fake-japanese to do pair programming
18:21 m_anish: oh, you should also study this: http://www.engrish.com/
18:23 m_anish scs says you should feel the satisfaction of so many hits on engrish.com
18:24 tch bernie, m_anish: lol..
18:26 bernie: pftt, naruto rules.<looks away>
18:27 m_anish:  and if you ever offend you master he would say "insolent! i will definitely make you pay "
18:28 m_anish tch, what! i only said you were crazy, bernie was the one going about naruto :P
18:28 tch, i would think that would be more offensive to you ;)
18:29 tch m_anish: "bernie talk non sense"
18:29 lol
18:29 bernie lol
18:30 tch: okashii
18:30 m_anish bernie, is that a japanese swear word ?
18:30 bernie m_anish: it means "strange".
18:31 m_anish lol
18:31 tch m_anish: baka!
18:31 m_anish: not sure what it means, but it is used at "idiot!" or something like that lol
18:32 too bad carlos is not here, he knows a little bit too
18:33 m_anish bernie, tch you know what, i know a lot of hindi swear words
18:33 but you don't get a lot of hindi anime, fortunately :P
18:34 bernie m_anish: [scs] knows some jap too. ask him how to say "disembowel"
18:34 [scs]: you mean... like THIS?
18:34 tch bernie, m_anish: look: http://users.tmok.com/~tumble/amfaqs/101glos.html hahaha
18:35 now that is useful!
18:36 i can recognise some lol..
18:37 m_anish this has become a full fledged anime brawl rotfl...
18:37 tch nani?!
18:37 [scs] bernie: "seppuku" :)
18:37 bernie tch: let's count how many we knew already
18:37 [scs]: lol
18:40 tch bernie: around 40
18:45 but many sounds familiar haha
18:45 guess i have watch to many series lately
18:46 m_anish tch, i don't know how many I _exactly_ know but a good guess would be 0 :-)
18:49 tch m_anish:  naruhodo...
18:50 m_anish: it is funny, because probably me and bernie can even the character voices spelling the words..
18:50 m_anish: each word has an special accent because if frequently being use in the same context
18:51 s/if/it is
18:52 m_anish tch, ok
18:52 tch m_anish: i will copy you some this week haha
18:53 m_anish: then you can properly decide if we are crazy or not ;)
18:53 bernie tch: I only knew 23 out of 100.
18:54 tch: how's "shame"?
18:54 tch bernie: chigau!
18:54 no clue haha
18:56 bernie Haji
18:56 tch sorry i only anime japense :)
18:56 speak
18:57 haha
18:57 subarashii, chi chi mono!
18:57 hhha
18:59 afk, watching the last "bastard!!" episode
18:59 m_anish tch, looking forward to it
18:59 :)
19:03 i gotta restart my box, its become painfully slow, i think the cpu freq daemon just dies randomly and always selects the lowest frequency.
19:05 tch watch out with overheating it,
19:05 today the weather is unstandable
21:20 gangil has left #olpc-paraguay
22:13 tch m_anish: its official now, http://www.abc.com.py/nota/cal[…]para-este-sabado/
22:13 calor means hot ..
22:13 m_anish: see the picture at the article
22:15 m_anish huh, why does it have to get so hot :/
22:22 tch has quit IRC

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