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#olpc-paraguay, 2010-11-23

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03:05 bernie car|0s: hola
03:06 [scs]: hola
03:06 car|0s, [scs]: benedicto asks if he can unlock his sister's laptop so it won't deactivate during 3 months of vacation
03:06 can we generate a longer lease, or a developer key?
08:55 rgs__ bernie: we did that last summer
08:55 [scs]: habria q ver con rralcala para que re-configure el parametro duracion-de-activaciones en inventario.pye.o
08:56 bernie: last Nov i extended lease duration to 3 months
08:56 and then i reduced it to 1 month again when kids retunred to class
11:21 [scs]: http://lists.fedoraproject.org[…]ember/002777.html
11:21 bernie: wooow
11:21 bernie: ^
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12:19 jasg <jasg!~jorge@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
12:49 walterbender_ <walterbender_!~chatzilla@146-115-134-246.c3-0.nwt-ubr​1.sbo-nwt.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #olpc-paraguay
12:58 tch <tch!~tch@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
13:05 rgs__ bernie: your pocket distro:
13:06 http://boot.kernel.org/
13:09 walterbender_: ^
13:09 walterbender_: ubiquitous computing.. 3-5 years away
13:11 bernie: http://httpfs.sourceforge.net/
13:12 walterbender_ rgs__: it will save time at airports: taking your shoes off is the same as taking your computer out of your bag :)
13:12 rgs__ bernie: FUSE is one of those excentricities of the Kernel that you just want to hug and kiss
13:13 walterbender_: indeed! Think of when your grandchild will ask you: "and you had to carry a computer with you?? There wasn't an air Computer???"
13:15 walterbender_ rgs__: "All that user needs is Internet connectivity and ..."
13:16 eco-tourists will travel to places with no Internet...
13:17 rgs__ walterbender_: Pacita is going to be thrilled about this.. because now kids will be able to mess up there OS at home while playing but when they go to School they'll get a fresh copy of Sugar from the network in no time.. ready to do class work
13:17 walterbender_: as long as we get gigabit Wifi in the next 2 years
13:18 [scs] car|0s:  bernie> | car|0s, [scs]: benedicto asks if he can unlock his sister's laptop so it won't deactivate during 3 months of vacation
13:18 walterbender_ rgs__: I was thinking this morning that we need to have a Sugar Lab like the way that Google has Google Lab: a place for end users to explore beta features.
13:19 car|0s [scs], he can just send me his sister's laptop's serial number and I'll create a lease for 3 months
13:19 rgs__ walterbender_: that is a wonderful idea
13:19 [scs]: Gigabit wifi: http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/35[…]-wi-fi-on-the-way
13:19 walterbender_ scs: that is seemingly a policy decision by Educa
13:19 rgs__ [scs]: leiste lo que escribi en el backlog sobre los leases?
13:19 car|0s: ^
13:20 NE <NE!~Paraguay@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
13:20 rgs__ [scs]: en el 2009 yo cambie el tiempo de duracion de leases antes de las vacaciones
13:20 [scs] car|0s: mirá las notas de rgs__ y creá un ticket para mostrarle a rralcala la idea
13:20 rgs__ [scs]: es directo.. un parametro en inventario.pye.o
13:20 car|0s: y despues seria bueno re-generar los leases en mothership y forzar la replicacion con Puppet
13:22 NE K+
13:22 car|0s rgs__, estaba al tanto de eso y de como fue el a
13:22 rgs__, gusto leerte =)
13:23 rgs__ car|0s: idem!
13:23 walterbender_: and we need cryogenics too.. I really like to see what Computing will have to offer on 2100.. don't want to miss it!
13:23 *would like
13:26 walterbender_ rgs__: just don't smoke and you may live to see it
13:27 rgs__ walterbender_: do you know if Sascha is considering features for the next iteration of the Journal?
13:28 walterbender_: the ability to have a network mount (say HTTPFS over FUSE) so kids can drop there stuff on the server would be nice
13:28 walterbender_: just wondering if the timeframe is correct to drop feature requests on sugar-devel
13:28 walterbender_ rgs__: write up the feature request in any case... whether or not it gets queued for 0.92
13:28 rgs__ [scs]: como sigue el tema de salva guardar los Journals de los chicos?
13:28 [scs]: esta contento el equipo de Educacion con la solucion actual?
13:29 walterbender_: ok.. i'll pass my idea by the eyes and ears of those near a real deployment to see if its something really needed
13:29 [scs]: ^
13:29 car|0s: ^
13:30 walterbender_ rgs__: a related feature is backups to google (as opposed to school server) -- perhaps less important to a school deployment than a user in the wild, but I could imaging replacing the school server infrastructure with the cloud (except perhaps for some local caching)
13:31 rgs__ walterbender_: if approached in such a way that pointing to either Google or your School server is trivial that would be great
13:32 walterbender_: and i guess its probably a good idea to have a common API
13:33 walterbender_: (we could even support Amazon's S3 API.. in case Jeff Bezos feels like donating space)
13:34 walterbender_: but i've just said the same thing you said in 2 words (the cloud) :)
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13:49 bernie rgs__: re the fuse http fs... gnome already mounts http urls (with webdav extensions for writing)... and I believe it's done with fuse
13:50 car|0s: I don't know the serial, but the name is Nadia and the school is Tt.e Aquino. Should be easy to find in inventario.
13:52 NE has quit IRC
13:53 car|0s bernie, I've found 3 Nadias from tte aquino
13:55 manusheel_afk is now known as manusheel
14:21 rgs__ car|0s: por numero de cedula
14:22 car|0s rgs__, bernie I already sent the lease to benedicto
14:22 =)
14:43 ferdelgado <ferdelgado!~Paraguay@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
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16:08 bernie carlos__: thanks, you rock
16:09 carlos__ bernie, you water
16:09 bernie, =P
17:39 rralcala <rralcala!~rralcala@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
18:29 [scs] rgs__: creo que sí, aunque el tema sigue siendo el registro, seg'un me dice rralcala
18:31 rgs__ [scs]: :(
18:31 [scs]: hay una solucion tecnica y otra social para ese problema
18:31 [scs] rgs__: hablamos recién de registrar a la hora de la activción
18:32 rgs__ [scs]: q buena idea
18:32 [scs]: y existe codigo para eso?
18:32 [scs]: habria q extender lo que hay tanto del lado cliente como del servidor creo
18:32 [scs] rgs__: nop, es una idea
18:33 rgs__: mparrish y alsroot le están metiendo a las actualizaciones automáticas
18:33 rgs__ [scs]: pero el codigo q hace la activacion esta fuera de Sugar
18:33 [scs] rgs__: ahhhh
18:33 rgs__ [scs]: es mas bajo nivel, mantenido por OLPC
18:34 [scs] rgs__: sonamos entonces
18:34 rgs__ [scs]: con Tincho llegamos a pelear con ese codigo, para lgorar que la XO 1.5 se active
18:34 [scs]: naaah, no es anda del otro mundo
18:34 [scs] rgs__: rralcala: "ya sabemos quién hizo mal el código"
18:34 rgs__ [scs]: entre (), deberian pedir una XO 1.75 para empezar a probar
18:35 [scs]: especialmente la parte de activacion, pq esta tuvimos q probar nosotros pq OLPC estaba con las manos llenas
18:35 [scs] jasg: qué tan grande es el problema de los registros? hay muchos casos sin registro/backup?
18:35 rgs__: buen tip
18:35 rgs__ [scs]: podes saber eso desde un schoolserver /home/idmg/list_registrations
18:36 [scs] rgs__: sí, creo que Jorgito tiene unos reportes fresquitos
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19:28 jasg [scs]: avisame cuando puedas paso para mostrarte el informe de los registros
19:49 [scs] jasg: voy por ahí
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