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#olpc-paraguay, 2010-11-18

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00:23 meeting * Traducción ha iniciado para la None
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11:36 morganya bernie: you may be interested in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hackety_Hack and http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=60OVlfAUPJg
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14:59 bernie morganya: I just watched they youtube video of canal ceibal on the theorem of pythagoras. it's terrible!
15:00 morganya: the teacher speaks slowly and asks questions such as "these two sides of the triangle are ca...?"
15:01 morganya: by the end of the class, she hasan't managed to explain the theorem of pythagoras. only draw 6 squares below the triangle for no apparent reason.
15:01 morganya bernie: oh no! :( It *could* be done so well ...
15:02 bernie: the problem seems to be inspiration all around. The teachers need to be inspired, the students need to be inspired ... but how do you create that?
15:19 bernie morganya: the classes of canal ceibal are in general all very boring... with children writing continuously on their notebooks while teacher is spelling the name of activities on the whiteboard and stuff like that.
15:24 morganya bernie: too bad :( maybe they should take a lesson from Khan Academy (there are misses there, too, but in general the excitement is high)
15:42 bernie morganya: I'm reading the hackety hack article. I couldn't agree more: programming isn't as readily available as it was in the Commodore 64 days, and that something should be done about it to help beginners tinker with their computers.
15:43 morganya: last sunday I met Nick in a pub, a MIT researcher who took a sabbatical to write a book on C64 one-liners.
15:44 morganya: he's shown me this: 10PRINTCHR$(INT(169+RND(1)-0.5));:GOTO10
15:44 morganya bernie: cool! I don't know any C64, but maybe I'll learn one of these days ... ;)
15:44 bernie morganya: (he's got Frodo, the c64 emulator created on the amiga, running on his android phone)
15:45 morganya bernie: haha ... runnable on almost anything!
15:47 bernie morganya: the program was slightly different... probably 179.5 + RND(1)
15:48 morganya: the idea is to print two adjacent characters in te PETSCII table
15:49 morganya: since PETSCII is full of graphical symbols, it works well for creating random patterns that make sense
15:49 morganya: the idea of this guy was to key the program while he was giving a talk and keep modifying it as he was talking
15:50 morganya: a lot of people in the audience said they felt the urge to jump on the podium and modify the program themselves
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16:09 morganya bernie: always a good sign that your product is engaging ... though hopefully it's as engaging for 10-somethings as 30-somethings (who grew up with it and didn't have flashy games and YouTube as alternatives!)
16:18 bernie morganya: that's a dilemma we haven't solved yet: how to make programming attractive to the new generation. visual environments suck and real programming isn't visual enough
16:19 morganya: I have seen teens hack mods for quake and then write their owns... that's probably a compromise between coolness and real coding that they'd buy into.
16:20 morganya bernie: yeah ... and one can learn patience because the rewards can be great, but it can be hard to grab attention. But yeah, you're right -- things like Quake mods, or web programming, are great first steps ... I wonder what the middle ground usually is (between Quake mods and more complex stuff)
16:24 bernie morganya: modify quake itself?
16:26 morganya bernie: I wonder ...
16:27 bernie morganya: bah, once kids use a linux system, from time to time they're encouraged to build stuff from sources, apply patches... sometimes fix compile issues... and this is also a great way to dive into programming
16:28 morganya bernie: well, for some kids :)
16:28 bernie: but I don't think it reaches many -- it's a steep learning curve
16:28 bernie morganya: although, it's a top-down way: they start by making small changes to huge codebases without really understanding the basic concepts of programming
16:29 morganya: I've seen sysadmins and web designers do that... over time they develop an intuitive understanding of code
16:29 morganya: perhaps they can study CS later on...
16:41 morganya bernie: yeah, it's how many of the coders in our generation I know started out (though they're mostly guys ...)
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17:40 aldo_ car|0s: buenas
17:40 car|0s aldo_, q tal?
17:41 aldo_ car|0s: todo bien, te acordas del sistema sugar
17:41 car|0s: para que arranque desde un pendrive
17:42 car|0s aldo_, no probe todavia
17:42 aldo_ car|0s: como podemos acer
17:43 car|0s aldo_, no recuerdo, tengo q buscar en mis notas
17:43 aldo_, tengo algo de tiempo y veo eso.
17:43 aldo_ car|0s: ok
17:43 car|0s: para poder levantar las xo muertas aca
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