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#olpc-paraguay, 2010-11-17

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00:36 bernie rgs__: yes it is...
00:36 rgs__: alsroot inflicted lighttpd on me for jita, the vm that does gitorious
00:37 rgs__: the thinking that these lightweight web servers can improve applications such as gitorious is really bogus
00:37 rgs__: the system aleady spends 0.02% of time executing apache... so who cares if it becomes 0.0.1%?
00:38 rgs__: and the difference isn't so big too... the fast ones are just 30-35% faster than apache in some benchmarks with small static files and... guess what? they're getting slower!
00:38 rgs__: as bugs are fixed and features are added, they're becoming bloated like apache :-)))
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14:58 rgs__ [scs]: ping
14:59 [scs]: deberiamos hacer algo (mas) con http://www.kaakupe.org/ aparte de proveer Webmail gratuito
14:59 [scs]: tipo poner un drupal o un wordpress para que la gente de la comunidad narre el proyecto ahi
15:18 car|0s rgs__, la gente ya esta narrando el proyecto.. habria q poner un portal con los links a todos los blogs
15:21 rgs__ car|0s: tal vez se pueda usar kaakupe.{net,org,com} para eso
15:54 [scs] rgs__: genial, podríamos pedirle a sugarlabs su blog aggregator
15:54 rgs__: y hacemos tipo planet.sl.org
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16:17 [scs] -> Concepción
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17:41 car|0s rgs__, ping
17:41 tch, ping
17:51 tch car|0s: que hay carlao!
17:51 car|0s tch, como andamos?
17:51 tch tranquilo, programando ;)
17:52 car|0s tch, podes darme mas activaciones en yaas? necesito 176
17:52 tch, y robert esta afk
17:52 tch ya no tengo el psw
17:52 pass
17:52 car|0s en mothership es?
17:52 o en cual?
17:52 tch del admin del sistema
17:53 car|0s no hay hack way?
17:53 tch jaja, nop
17:53 car|0s y bueno.. a esperar a robert..
17:53 gracias letinche
18:01 tch car|0s: que tal el monitoreo probaste ya?
18:01 car|0s tch, ya funca
18:01 tch ;);)
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