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#olpc-paraguay, 2010-11-15

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Time Nick Message
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12:15 car|0s <car|0s!~carlos@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
12:23 jasg <jasg!~jorge@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
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13:13 [scs] saluda
13:14 jasg, car|0s reunión interdepartamental mañana martes, a las 14hs., podrían asistir?
13:14 car|0s [scs], ok
13:17 jasg [scs]: si
13:17 [scs] genial
13:28 walterbender_ [scs]: how is the writing going?
13:37 [scs] walterbender_: hi, we should be ready this afternoon, I will then call my contacts in PTI and ask for their input as well, in the meantime we will all get a chance to read the final document, so I imagine we could turn it all in tomorrow
13:55 walterbender_ [scs]: great
15:16 [scs] car|0s: qué ancho de banda le da Personal a Herminia Machado?
15:17 car|0s [scs], 2 mb en teoria
15:17 [scs] ok
15:37 car|0s: cuántos Mb hay en Caacupé en total?
15:38 con Personal?
15:38 car|0s [scs], incluyendo fase ii?
15:40 [scs] car|0s: solo fase 1
15:41 car|0s [scs], en teoria 10 mb. Queres que se verifique eso?
15:52 tch [scs]: dejame bajar anime en masa y te cuento ;)
15:52 jaja
15:53 jasg has quit IRC
16:14 morganya <morganya!~chatzilla@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
20:27 bernie car|0s: so, where is the wiki installed? is it an rpm or local installation?
20:28 car|0s: the easiest installation method for upgrades is (surprisingly) when it's installed from svn.
20:28 car|0s bernie, i think it is on zatoichi. not sure. im leaving for the day..
20:33 bernie car|0s: car|0s ping me tomorrow morning
20:33 car|0s: I'm in GMT+5
20:37 car|0s has quit IRC
20:51 bernie [scs]: do you mind if we move the wiki to sunjammer? we have another 5-6 wikis there so it's easier for us to maintain them all in the same place
20:52 morganya: what anime are you watching tonight? /me envious
20:52 [scs] bernie: GMT+5?? you're in India? Mongolia?
20:52 bernie: I don't mind moving to sunjammer
20:53 bernie: in fact I'd love to have the benefits of housing with other fellow wikis
20:54 morganya bernie: dunno yet. :) it sounds like we'll all bring some and sort it out there ...
21:01 bernie [scs]: GMT-5 :)
21:01 [scs]: ok. we'll also add py.sugarlabs.org and say that it's a Local Lab.
21:01 [scs]: or is this supposed to go to UNA?
21:01 walterbender_: ^^^
21:02 morganya: ask tch for Bokurano, it's pretty cool
21:02 walterbender_ has quit IRC
21:02 bernie morganya: very weird sci-fi with giant robots, but not as weird as Evangerion
21:03 tch bernie, [scs]: how is UNA local lab project going?
21:03 bernie: [scs]: more than words already?
21:03 bernie tch: dunno
21:07 morganya ah yes, you mentioned that -- I have it downloaded :)
21:07 bernie: ^^
21:21 bernie morganya: it's the apogee of anime-style introspection and flashbacks: I've never seen robot battles so slow and uncool.
23:01 morganya has quit IRC
23:34 morganya <morganya!~chatzilla@host-11-181.a11.cmm.com.py> has joined #olpc-paraguay
23:35 morganya car|0s: where are you!?!

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