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#olpc-paraguay, 2010-10-08

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
01:01 morganya has quit IRC
01:02 morganya <morganya!~chatzilla@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
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01:58 morganya_ <morganya_!~chatzilla@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
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03:39 tch test
03:40 am i here?
03:41 [cronos] has quit IRC
03:42 morganya has quit IRC
03:42 tch has quit IRC
04:07 [cronos] <[cronos]!~scs@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
04:10 morganya <morganya!~chatzilla@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
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10:54 javix <javix!~javix@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
10:58 bernie [scs]_: hey there
11:45 jasg <jasg!~jorge@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
12:18 [scs]_ bernie: buen giorno
12:18 bernie: good afternoon for you
12:25 morganya_afk <morganya_afk!~chatzilla@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
12:31 rgs__ [scs]_: ping
12:31 [scs]_ rgs__: pong
12:31 rgs__ [scs]_: podriamos ver acceso de SSH para los schoolservers para Morgan?
12:32 [scs]_: estamos trabajando el tema de analisis de los Journals - y se hace lento al tener que pasar todo por alguien del tech team
12:32 [scs]_ rgs__: seguro, está haciendo los trabajos de estadísticas, vd?
12:32 rgs__ [scs]_: si.
12:32 [scs]_ rgs__: dale
12:32 rgs__ morganya_afk: ^
12:32 [scs]_: con super poderes Profesor
12:33 [scs]_ rgs__: veo ahora
12:33 rgs__ [scs]_: (decile a carlos que seria copy paste de lo que hizo en el site.p del puppetmaster para que rralcala tenga acceso)
12:33 morganya_afk rgs__: gracias :)
12:33 rgs__ [scs]_: gracias totales.
12:46 bernie [scs]_: do you know the ETA for the new laptops?
12:46 [scs]_ bernie: still very imprecisely, november/december
12:47 bernie: I expect to know today
12:47 bernie: perhaps
12:47 [scs]_ is now known as [scs]
13:15 rralcala <rralcala!~rralcala@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
13:15 rralcala quit
13:16 rralcala has quit IRC
13:36 tch <tch!~tch@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
13:36 rralcala <rralcala!~rralcala@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
13:46 rralcala has quit IRC
13:48 car|0s <car|0s!~carlos@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
15:48 bernie has quit IRC
15:56 bernie <bernie!~bernie@gateway/shell/sugarlabs.org/x-gxuqjahiwxsgjsxf> has joined #olpc-paraguay
15:58 jasg has quit IRC
16:16 bernie [scs]: oh, rralcala has quit already? :-)
16:16 rgs__: ^^^
16:24 rgs__ bernie: hahaha
16:39 morganya_ <morganya_!~chatzilla@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
16:42 morganya_afk has quit IRC
16:42 morganya_ is now known as morganya_afk
16:55 tch bernie, rgs__: lol...
16:56 rgs__ &
17:14 morganya_afk is now known as morganya
18:06 jasg <jasg!~jorge@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
18:35 tch has left #olpc-paraguay
20:27 morganya car|0s: had a chance to upload/replicate the key?
20:27 car|0s morganya, not sure
20:27 morganya, its puppet.. it will run eventually
20:27 morganya car|0s: ok :)
20:28 car|0s: once a day kind of eventually?
20:28 (since I don't have a lot of time left ...)
20:28 car|0s morganya, yep
20:28 morganya, ill check from home tonight
20:29 morganya car|0s: thanks :)
20:29 rgs__: ping
20:33 jasg has quit IRC
20:40 rgs__ morganya: pong (caught with beers and pizza with new comers to BCN and old friends, can we have this meeting tomorrow during your morning?)
20:40 car|0s has quit IRC
20:41 morganya rgs__: I'll be in Caacupé, but we'll catch up soon
21:16 morganya has quit IRC
21:21 rgs__ bernie: lets feed your IPv6 advocacy itch
21:21 http://ipv6.he.net/statistics/
21:27 tch <tch!~tch@> has joined #olpc-paraguay

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