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#olpc-paraguay, 2010-10-01

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06:35 bernie [scs]: fantastic application! lfaraone should approve it now...
06:35 [scs]: if he does not do it promptly, I'll push him a little bit
06:36 [scs]: next step is probably getting her on irc
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12:29 rgs__ [scs]: ping. up and running?
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13:55 FJA carlos:bs ds carlos puedo hacerte una pregunta?
13:56 car|0s FJA, si, adelante
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13:57 car|0s FJA, si no escribis exacto mi nombre, no me notifica y puede q no vea tu mensaje. Ahora vi de casualidad
13:58 FJA car|0s: quiero instalar un moden 3G a mi XO como hago?
13:59 car|0s: el modelo es E176
13:59 car|0s FJA, que proveedor?
13:59 FJA car|0s: personal
14:01 car|0s FJA, le tenes q introducir la info. usuario: personal password: internet. ap: internet
14:01 FJA, y el numero: *99#
14:01 FJA car|0s: ya hice eso pero no me aparece el moden
14:02 V: osea cuando le paretas el cuadradito...
14:02 car|0s FJA, llevale a la gente del cats entonces, te van a instalar unos rpm's
14:02 FJA car|0s: osea cuando le apretas el cuadradito
14:03 car|0s: y yo soy unos de los fernandos jeje disculpame por no identificarme y nando salio ahora.
14:03 car|0s FJA, y no tenes los rpm a mano?
14:04 FJA, que build estas usando?
14:04 FJA car|0s: no como hago para  tener eso?
14:04 car|0s:que es eso?
14:05 car|0s FJA, creo q tenes q usar la xo mas seguido
14:05 FJA, build es la version del software de sugar q tenes instalado
14:05 FJA car|0s: ah yap gracias el  Os179py
14:06 car|0s FJA, si, necesitas los rpm para q te funcione. no se cuales son. bernie se los dejo a fernando
14:07 FJA car|0s: y bueno le voy a pedir a el entonces gracias por todo...
14:07 car|0s FJA, oka
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14:35 aldoa car|0s: ping
14:36 car|0s aldoa, pong
14:36 aldoa car|0s: buenas
14:36 car|0s aldoa, q tal
14:36 aldoa car|0s: porsia acaso no sabes como puedo correr  sugar desde mi laptop
14:37 car|0s aldoa, ubuntu?
14:37 aldoa car|0s: desde ubuntu
14:37 car|0s aldoa, en el centro de software pone sugar
14:38 aldoa car|0s: ya le marque pero no me abilitaç
14:39 car|0s aldoa, sudo apt-get install sugar
14:40 aldoa car|0s: me dice que ya esta instalado
14:41 car|0s aldoa, reinicia tu escritorio
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15:42 bernie car|0s: I can't remember where the 3g rpms are... fgonzales might have them
15:42 car|0s: but he could also use os180py... it's the same of os179py with the 3g stuff included
15:44 car|0s bernie, ok. Its just that we cannot give the new version just yet
15:44 bernie, they do have the rpm
16:04 bernie car|0s: os180py is not the new version
16:05 car|0s: it's the old version with the rpms preinstalled
16:05 car|0s: there's no other difference (that I know of)
16:22 car|0s bernie, i know. it's not me the one that have to understand. its the education team
16:25 bernie car|0s: weren't they given lessons of sanity by you and tch?
16:26 car|0s: maybe they could learn to diff the packages.txt file to ensure i'm telling them the truth?
16:26 car|0s bernie, hahaha
16:26 bernie, u r joking, right?
16:27 bernie car|0s: yes :-)
16:27 car|0s: yes :-(
16:27 car|0s bernie, still in maputo?
16:28 bernie car|0s: perhaps more easily, they could grasp the concept that changing the version number is something we do intentionally to distinguish easily one version from the other, not to confuse users.
16:29 car|0s: in the beginning I started writing nice end-user release notes for each release... in spanish even.
16:29 car|0s bernie, i remenber those
16:30 bernie car|0s: then I realized it was wasted effort because nobody seemed to be reading them.
16:30 car|0s bernie, sad but true
16:31 bernie car|0s: perhaps *now* some of them have achieved enough base computer culture to understand them. 6 months ago they were freshly hired.
16:32 car|0s: anyway, it's not like people will learn these things faster by acting conservative with software updates.
16:32 car|0s bernie, i think it will be still a while longer before that happens
16:33 bernie, people here tend to do things by memory. clic here, then this and that. if u change a single thing, they get lost
16:33 bernie car|0s: yeah... computer education teaches people think logically. but this generation may not be recoverable.
16:34 car|0s: the monkey training thing...
16:34 car|0s bernie, its a cultural thing. the whole education system in py its like that
16:34 bernie car|0s: but this is not a case of wanting to limit change. there's exactly the same amount of change between os179py + 3 rpms and os180py. it's just illogical thinking :-)
16:35 car|0s: I made them 2 days apart
16:35 car|0s bernie, maybe 2 hours apart?
16:35 u were spinning so much builds
16:39 bernie car|0s: haha yeah
16:39 car|0s: I miss that time
16:39 car|0s: now everything is so stable and quiet, the fun is over
16:39 car|0s bernie, did u get ur passport back?
16:39 bernie car|0s: yes. don't ask me how.
16:39 car|0s bernie, selling ur body?
16:41 bernie d'oh
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