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#olpc-paraguay, 2010-09-26

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Time Nick Message
00:33 [scs] <[scs]!scs@gateway/shell/sugarlabs.org/x-oarfmbnqbvtsvzcq> has joined #olpc-paraguay
16:40 anuragc <anuragc!~anurag@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
16:51 christophd <christophd!christophd@chello084112014205.3.11.tuwien.teleweb.at> has joined #olpc-paraguay
17:32 bernie <bernie!~bernie@gateway/shell/sugarlabs.org/x-klpfvsxpivdsgnlt> has joined #olpc-paraguay
18:39 anuragc bernie can you help me on an issue in jh-build
18:40 christophd tch: hola
18:41 tch christophd: hey !
18:41 christophd tch: been trying to reach scs but the e-mails I send him keep bouncing off
18:41 tch: any clue what's going on there?
18:41 ----- Transcript of session follows -----
18:41 <scs@paraguayeduca.org>... Deferred: Connection timed out with mail.paraguayeduca.org.
18:41 Warning: message still undelivered after 4 hours
18:41 Will keep trying until message is 5 days old
18:41 tch christophd: yeah, the office provider is having problems
18:44 christophd tch: okay... does scs have another e-mail where I can reach him in the meantime?
18:44 rgs__: hola
18:44 rgs__: how's nigeria treating you?
18:44 tch christophd: let me check,
18:45 christophd tch: thx
18:45 tch: and how are things going in asuncion these days? how much do you miss bernie??
18:46 tch christophd: gureito ;)
18:46 christophd tch: hehe
18:47 tch: so basically it's quiet atm without any loud visitors and stuff?
18:48 tch christophd: yeah, that describes it pretty well :)
18:48 christophd: where are you, atm? lol
18:49 bernie anuragc: sure, what's the matter?
18:49 tch: hola
18:50 tch: my last few days in maputo...
18:50 anuragc bernie: in jh-build's neighbourhood view i only see some random adhoc networks and no buddy icons..
18:50 tch bernie: beruni san! haha
18:50 bernie: enjoy ;)
18:51 bernie anuragc: have you tried setting jabber.sugarlabs.org in the network control panel?
18:51 anuragc: (and then restart sugar)
18:53 anuragc bernie: I will try that, But i ran into another problem , few minutes back i changed some user permissions on the root/usr directory and my sugar-emulator , jh-build and package manager stopped working..and even resetting the permission back to original state i cant rectify them
18:53 bernie: is there any command to restore the permissions to default?
18:54 christophd tch: I'm at home, enjoying a quiet and relaxing weekend
18:55 bernie: hola, where you're headed after maputo?
18:55 tch christophd: thats sounds to much normal for you lol
18:55 bernie anuragc: hmm what do you mean by "stopped working"? what was the error message?
18:55 morganya <morganya!~chatzilla@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
18:55 bernie anuragc: permissions for files are usually 644 (rw-r--r--)
18:56 anuragc: permissions of directories are usually 755 (rwxr-xr-x)
18:56 anuragc well in case of sugar-emulator its only a black screen and and jhbuild wont start
18:56 bernie anuragc: but there's no default... when you do "make install", each file gets installed with permissions defined by the makefile.
18:57 anuragc: you changed permissions where? in the install directory?
18:57 anuragc i did it in root/usr
18:57 bernie anuragc: you mean in /usr of your system? ouch
18:58 anuragc yes....:|
18:58 bernie anuragc: what was the exact command you executed?
18:59 anuragc did it using sudo nautilus
18:59 and then went to usr , rgt clk and properties and then permissions
19:00 made every thing to read n write and applied to enclosed directories too and changed user to anurag from root
19:00 i think i went a bit ahead..
19:15 bernie christophd: miami, then boston
19:22 morganya has quit IRC
19:33 anuragc has quit IRC
19:34 christophd bernie: so the paper work went through?!
19:36 morganya <morganya!~chatzilla@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
19:45 bernie christophd: not really... I'm still waiting for the notification. but I already have the plane booked and I don't wanna miss it
19:45 christophd okay
19:46 bernie: hope all goes well!
19:46 bernie christophd: I'm a little worried...
19:46 christophd bernie: understandably
19:46 bernie: what does the FSF say?
19:48 bernie christophd: "when are you coming?"
19:48 christophd: :-)
19:48 christophd bernie: :-)
19:48 bernie christophd: they really don't know... the attorney does everything. and last week I figured out where the attorney takes her info from
19:48 christophd bernie: google?
19:48 bernie: bing?
19:49 bernie: ;-)
19:49 bernie christophd: the uscis has a wonderful web site with status of petitions, even graphs of processing times...
19:50 christophd: https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/pr[…]mesDisplayInit.do
19:50 christophd: I created an account, now they will notify me whenever my petition status changes
19:50 christophd bernie: looks like fun
19:51 bernie christophd: that's fantastic, but it takes them 3.7 months to process a request and this ROYALLY SUCKS
19:52 christophd bernie: and when did your request start?
19:53 bernie christophd: jun 17. I'm on the line
19:54 christophd: before, they claimed they took 60-90 days to process a request. the slip occurred later, it seems
19:54 christophd bernie: well, hopefully it will all work out just fine!
19:56 rgs__ bernie: i am back in Italy!
19:56 bernie: came to Trento for a few days
19:57 christophd: hola.. left Nigeria 2 weeks ago.. now I am in Trento, just arrived from Munich
19:57 bernie rgs__: wow, you're visiting all over the place!
19:57 rgs__ bernie: yeah.. 5 countries in the last 5 days
19:57 christophd rgs__: cool
19:57 bernie rgs__: you should go to TIS in Bolzano, where they have an OLPC programme
19:57 rgs__ bernie: 4 actually..
19:57 christophd rgs__: how was nigeria? how is the schlumberger project going?
19:57 bernie rgs__: haha I spelled "programme", european style
19:57 rgs__ bernie: I'll try
19:58 bernie rgs__: I'm in Mozambique, and it was quite a failure
19:58 rgs__ christophd: it is.. I have to go out to dinner now but I'll elaborate more when I see you in Vienna :) Btw, are you ready for your exam?!?
19:58 christophd bernie: do you have contacts at TIS? would love to learn more about what they're doing but cant really find any info online...
19:58 bernie rgs__: laptops are still in the customs
19:58 rgs__ bernie: crap
19:58 bernie rgs__: but don't tell the press
19:58 rgs__: especially olpcnews!
19:58 christophd bernie: haha
19:58 bernie: nice one
19:58 rgs__ bernie: can you give me a quick update on your FSF thing.. saw something in the backlog but I dont have time for full analysis
19:59 christophd rgs__: not really, been busy hanging out with friends andf just getting into the swing of things... but this week should see the start of some serious studying (I hope).
19:59 bernie rgs__: the visa thing? I've not yet received the notification from the uscis. I have an interview at the us embassy in 2 days. if I don't get notified by then, I'll have to go to the US on a business visa. and then we'll see.
19:59 rgs__ christophd: good luck with that. I've been having fun at the Oktoberfest in the name of those studying hard :)
19:59 christophd rgs__: haha, nice
19:59 rgs__ bernie: ah, seems like something sortable
20:00 christophd rgs__: any idea when you'll be in the Vienna area?
20:00 rgs__ christophd: came driving through Austria to Trento today :p
20:00 christophd: whenever you say 'go' I can land there
20:00 christophd rgs__: okay, shoot me an email when you have a moment and then we can figure out the details
20:00 rgs__ christophd: I am in the neighborhood for the next days or so (ping-ponging between Trento & Munich)
20:00 bernie rgs__: there are risks involved... the attorney says I should not cross the border with a different visa (but she can't explain why not).
20:01 rgs__ christophd: will do
20:01 christophd rgs__: perfect. enjoy your dinner and see you soon!
20:01 rgs__ christophd: but we are still aiming for >= Oct-8th ,right?
20:01 bernie rgs__: enjoy europe dude!
20:01 rgs__: and upgrade gitorious one day!
20:02 rgs__ bernie: I am!Guess what? I saw snow today for the 1st time in my life!
20:02 christophd rgs__: yeah, I think that looks good. still havent been able finish my schedule for october yet but should be any day now....
20:02 rgs__ bernie: the mountains from Munich to Trento, passing by Austria are Amaaaazing!
20:02 bernie rgs__: you should learn to ski!
20:02 rgs__ bernie: can't wait to play with some snow && || climb a mountain top
20:02 bernie rgs__: the alps are really amazing, yeah. I prefer the part of the klein matterhorn (piccolo cervino)
20:03 rgs__ bernie: has dwmw2 invited you skying this year?
20:03 bernie rgs__: october is a little early for skiing... they go in march usually
20:03 rgs__: I can subscribe you to our list
20:03 rgs__: http://lists.infradead.org/mai[…]/listinfo/skigeek
20:03 rgs__ bernie: crazy-skiers@kernel-hackers.org ?
20:04 bernie rgs__: every geek is invited :)
20:04 rgs__ bernie: need, will subscribe!
20:04 ---> walk through Trento + hunt for dinner
20:06 bernie rgs__: don't go to a tourist place
20:06 morganya has quit IRC
20:07 rgs__ bernie: I think that my friend who is studying here can show me something Trentian enough
20:14 morganya <morganya!~chatzilla@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
20:28 christophd has quit IRC
20:44 morganya has quit IRC
21:36 morganya <morganya!~chatzilla@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
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