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#olpc-paraguay, 2010-09-12

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19:22 sugaroid <sugaroid!~sugaroid@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #olpc-paraguay
20:25 bernie [scs]: are we ok with the meetbot doing permanent logging of the channel? (i.e. even when there's no meeting going on)
20:32 reubencaron: we're now hosting it on f12
20:33 reubencaron: it == inventario
20:33 reubencaron bernie: thanks
20:33 i just managed to dl f13
20:33 so hopefully that will work
20:33 bernie reubencaron: it's a rails app, hopefully it works well on any recent distro
20:34 reubencaron: if you want I could rebuild the rpm for f13, but I doubt it will be necessary
20:34 reubencaron bernie: thanks! im working on it now i'll let you know soon
20:37 bernie reubencaron: btw, did you get my less-than-ideal plans for MZ?
20:38 rgs___ reubencaron: hola
20:38 reubencaron bernie: I did and I really appreciate it. I've been giving it a lot of thought today and you are right things are less then ideal but I think given the scenario you are making the best of it
20:38 rgs___ bernie: we are? you updated amnesia to f12?
20:38 reubencaron one question, you're dextrose builds; are the olpc-update friendly?
20:40 your*
20:42 bernie reubencaron: yes.
20:42 reubencaron bernie: okay, good; I assumed that was the case but wanted to be sure
20:44 bernie reubencaron: actually, on the international builds (the "bulk" builds) there's no olpc-update. I can re-enable it in no time
20:44 reubencaron: the reason why it's disabled is that there's no oats server and therefore no server to ping for updates
20:45 reubencaron bernie: ah yes, i see the problem
20:45 bernie reubencaron: olpc-update has a default... can't remember the exact hostname but it was on laptop.org
20:45 reubencaron yes you're right
20:46 bernie: do you think it would make sense to add the update server as a control panel item?
20:47 bernie reubencaron: yes, perhaps
20:47 reubencaron bernie: something to think about
20:47 bernie reubencaron: I've been thinking about separating the jabber server from the schoolserver setting
20:47 reubencaron: if we make it too much configurable people will get confused, though
20:47 rgs___ bernie: the schoolserver setting == backup server?
20:47 bernie rgs___: yes
20:47 reubencaron rgs___: hola
20:48 bernie rgs___: and jabber could be distinct
20:48 rgs___ bernie: actually, we have many services.. and i agree that decoupling them all would cause confusion
20:48 bernie: collaboration, backups, activation, updates
20:48 you name it
20:48 bernie rgs___: for jabber, we could use the SVC records in the dns to point sugar at a different machine
20:48 rgs___ bernie: SVC?
20:49 bernie rgs___: look at the sugarlabs.org domain for an example
20:49 rgs___: jabber (and many other protocols) use these special records to redirect clients to different machines
20:49 rgs___: it's part of the zeroconf zoo of protocols
20:51 rgs___ bernie: but its a txt record right?
20:51 bernie: SVC sounds out of context (at least for me) on DNS context
20:51 looks at sugarlabs.org.zone
20:52 bernie: not sure what i am looking for.. what is the record type and what should it say?
20:53 bernie: you meant SRV?
20:54 reubencaron rgs___: yes i think he mean't SRV
20:54 rgs___ for all the creatures on RMS' beard, what is this:
20:54 _jabber._tcp            SRV     5 0 5269 sunjammer
20:54 people really enjoy abusing DNS
20:54 bernie: ^
20:54 reubencaron: never heard of that record type, what is it for?
20:54 googles for it
20:55 oh, a service record.. never heard of it
20:55 reubencaron rgs___: from what i understand it looks up specific protocols
20:55 rgs___ reubencaron: nice, didn't know ZeroConf relied that heavily on DNS
20:55 reubencaron so if you are connecting to an SIP of XMPP protocol
20:56 rgs___ reubencaron: i thought they just broadcasted messages like crazy.. i thought the whole point was to not depend on infrastructure.. querying dns for services looks like going the opposite way
20:56 bernie: i'd love to hear your views on ZeroConf when you have time and spirit for ranting :)
20:58 reubencaron rgs___: you're right -- i'd be up for hearing that too
21:04 rgs___: do you know where I can set the default language to EN?
21:04 So everytime I open the page I do not have to select EN from the pull down?
21:08 rgs___ reubencaron: good question.. there is a table that holds the default value, let me look at it
21:13 reubencaron: anyways, you'd have to edit inventario/app/controllers​/application_controller.rb
21:13 reubencaron rgs___: I think I found it under List Default Values
21:13 in the gui
21:13 rgs___ reubencaron: oh, cool
21:13 reubencaron yeah (and no i'm not familar with hacking RoR apps)
21:13 rgs___ reubencaron: you are right.. now that i look at the code more closely, there is a lookup to get the default lang
21:14 reubencaron but I'm guessing I soon will be
21:14 rgs___ reubencaron: so did you find a key that corresponds to default lang?
21:22 reubencaron bernie: fyi, i just got it up an running with f13
21:22 rgs___: i found the key "lang"
21:22 and changed it from es to en
21:22 rralcala <rralcala!rralcala@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
21:23 rgs___ rralcala: ping. que grande , llegaste!
21:23 bernie rgs___: yes, SRV not SVC
21:23 rgs___ bernie: remember Roberto, he is here (rralcala)
21:24 bernie rgs___: I've seen the SVC thing used by microsoft for domain controllers
21:24 rralcala Hola
21:24 bernie rralcala: hola!
21:24 rgs___ bernie: any comments on future ways to extend DNS for ZeroConf and other similar schemes?
21:24 bernie rgs___: but in fact it predates microsoft... it was used in kerberos as well
21:24 rgs___ reubencaron: rralcala is Roberto, PyEducaś new CTO
21:25 bernie rgs___: zeroconf already uses dns. it uses multicast dns
21:25 rgs___: zeroconf is actually a very reasonable reinterpretation of existing protocols to decentralize network infrastructure
21:49 satellit_Acer has quit IRC
22:00 rralcala has left #olpc-paraguay
22:01 rralcala <rralcala!rralcala@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
22:04 bernie rralcala: if you send me your ssh key(s) I'll install them asap
22:04 rralcala: (I got the good news :-)
22:17 rralcala has quit IRC
22:20 rralcala <rralcala!rralcala@> has joined #olpc-paraguay
22:20 rralcala Hi Bernie, Ok
22:21 rgs___ rralcala: bernie@sugarlabs.org
22:21 bernie: I have his key, I'll fwd it to you
22:21 rralcala: ^
22:21 bernie: sent.
22:22 bernie: eventually, rralcala might need access to sunjammer et al
22:22 bernie: initially zatoichi, which I'll go ahead and add now
22:23 bernie: i see you've added jsaldivar to zatoichi
22:23 bernie: are they moving limesurvey (encuestas.paraguayeduca.org) to zatoichi?
22:23 bernie: that web app is moved montly.. will they ever settle on if they want it on a national or international server?
22:24 bernie: was adduser the preferred way? I am already creating it..
22:25 bernie rgs___: I have no idea whether they want to move it or not
22:26 rgs___: on ubuntu I mostly use adduser, on fedora useradd
22:26 rgs___: useradd is available on both and works well on both, but syntax is harder to remember
22:26 rralcala: for a sunjammer account, please follow this procedure: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]l_account_request
22:27 rgs___ rralcala: ssh -C rralcala@zatoichi.paraguayeduca.org
22:27 bernie rralcala: sunjammer is our shell account box
22:28 rgs___ bernie: to avoid overwhelming him.. i think a shell account in zatoichi will be good enoguh for now
22:28 bernie rgs___: k
22:29 rgs___ i am off to sleep, talk to you guys tomorrow!
22:31 bernie rgs___: http://translate.flossmanuals.[…]r_es/Introduction
22:31 rralcala rgs___: ssh worked, Thank you
22:32 bernie rgs___: they translated the activities manual in espanol!

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