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#olpc-paraguay, 2010-05-09

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16:40 rgs_ tch1: ping
16:40 bernie: lets discuss resources
16:40 bernie #topic resources for class I
16:40 rgs_ bernie: tutorials, references
16:40 bernie: plus, we should build a mailing list, so we dont loose time with that tomorrow
16:40 bernie: URLs for good tutorials?
16:40 bernie rgs_: I'd rather set a schedule of what we wanna talk about and find resources to go with it
16:40 rgs_ tch1: ^
16:40 [scs]_ rgs_: qué tal Profe, qué hacen por el wiki?
16:41 rgs_ [scs]: http://wiki.paraguayeduca.org/[…]Curso_Sugar_FPUNA
16:41 bernie rgs_: for python, I normally improvise code in interactive mode
16:41 rgs_ [scs]_: el curso que empieza manana
16:41 bernie: hmmm
16:41 bernie: not sure that is the best path, having in mind that they are all mature Computer Scientists
16:41 bernie: I want to *assume* they wont have trouble with the language
16:41 bernie rgs_: tch1 and I already have in mind a consistent hands-on introduction from "hello world" all the way to classes
16:41 rgs_ bernie: and focus an *doing* stuff
16:42 bernie rgs_: can be done in 15 minutes
16:42 rgs_ bernie: ah, greaet, is it online
16:42 tch1 rgs_: yeah but it very short,
16:42 rgs_ bernie: ok, you seem to have a clear image of what we want..lead the way!
16:42 [scs]_ la puta, el curso de Jorge
16:43 rgs_ [scs]_: huh?
16:43 bernie rgs_: I think it's good to make them hack along with me interactively
16:43 tch1 [scs]: la reunion se esta relizando saltando en la cama del profesor
16:44 rgs_ bernie: I really have my doubts about about interactivity too soon
16:45 bernie: might get people unfocused
16:45 [scs]_ tch1: mirá para arriba que te están filmando
16:45 bernie rgs_: then tincho's slides
16:45 tch1 rgs_:, bernie: http://wiki.python.org/moin/SpanishLanguage
16:46 rgs_, bernie: http://mundogeek.net/tutorial-python/ this book is good
16:46 bernie tch1, rgs_: the book I mentioned is Dive Into Python. It's free, downloadable and comes with a spanish transaltion.
16:51 schedule:
16:51 15m  - presentation of us and the course
16:51 20m - presentation of the participants
16:52 15m - formal intro to python (slides)
16:54 30m - interactive tutorial of python
16:55 10m - break
16:56 15m - what the hell is sugar? (slides)
16:56 15m - what the hell is sugar? (show it in sugar-emulator)
16:57 15m - install sugar rpm packages on your computers
16:57 15m - git quick intro
16:57 15m - checkout sugar-jhbuild on your computers
16:58 rgs_ bernie: take in account our scarce bandwidth..
16:59 bernie 15m - sugar architecture
17:00 we're at 145 minutes
17:00 we have 180
17:01 I think it would be safer to stop here
17:01 rgs_ bernie: +1
17:01 bernie there will be problems the first day
17:01 rgs_ bernie: true
17:03 bernie def hello():
17:03   return "hello"
17:03 def workd():
17:03   return "world"
17:04 print hello() + " " + world()
17:04 haha
17:04 rgs_ bernie: http://wiki.paraguayeduca.org/[…]#Lunes_10_de_mayo
17:04 tch1: ^
17:10 bernie: where will they push their code?
17:10 tch1: ^
17:10 bernie: how about git.paraguayeduca.org with gitshell?
17:11 bernie rgs_: I vote for gitorious because it's where the rest of the code is
17:11 rgs_: and it's 0 sysadmin work for us
17:12 rgs_ bernie: whats the overhead for creating stuff (new projects) in gitorious?
17:13 hopes we can completely ignore sugar-jhbuild...
17:17 bernie: lets write down the questions that will let us know there skill level
17:18 1) what is a class/function/module
17:18 if you dont know, please leave.
17:18 2) what are events/callbacks/scopes ?
17:18 3) basics of GUI? Widgets/layouts ? Should we go this way?
17:19 tch1: ^
17:19 bernie - what is a GUI toolkit?
17:19 - what is an event-driven framework?
17:19 - widgets
17:19 - layouts
17:19 - signals
17:19 - some common classes (Button, Edit...)
17:19 - sample hello world app with buttons and signals
17:19 I think this requires 2-3 hours to do well
17:19 and requires as prereq: classes, functions...
17:20 rgs_ bernie: but we are assuming they at least know that stuff at the theoretical level
17:26 bernie: http://en.flossmanuals.net/Sug[…]reatingActivities
17:26 tch1: http://en.flossmanuals.net/Sug[…]reatingActivities
17:39 [scs]: Profe.. que le pasa a tu cliente 3G?
17:46 tch1: http://wiki.paraguayeduca.org/[…]Curso_Sugar_FPUNA
17:46 bernie: ^
18:09 tch1: http://inventwithpython.com/
18:10 bernie: ^
18:14 bernie #endmeeting

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