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#olpc-meeting, 2009-03-06

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Time Nick Message
19:04 mchua (This just gets an automatic transcript so we don't have to worry about copy-pasting/saving it later.)
19:05 MacKenzie sounds good
19:05 Katelyn great
19:05 MacKenzie katelyn, do you think colin is joining us
19:05 or will it just be the three of us?
19:05 mchua There were 4 things I wanted to ask you folks about, but they should be pretty quick, did you have anything you wanted to bring up? (pasting questions in, one sec)
19:06 Katelyn i dont think colin is joining
19:06 yes, we have a few things
19:06 1. server
19:06 2. teaching time during our spring break
19:07 3. schedule for pilot
19:07 mchua oh hey, colinz!
19:07 Katelyn oh great, hey colin1
19:07 MacKenzie Hey!
19:07 mchua colinz: http://meeting.laptop.org/olpc[…]0090306_1904.html for the backlog
19:07 we just started
19:07 colinz ohay mchua
19:07 MacKenzie to continue with Katelyn's list...
19:07 colinz hey Makenzie
19:07 MacKenzie 4. Tech Team and in-house CFS training
19:07 mchua Ok, and when MacKenzie's done adding agenda items I'll put mine up too. :)
19:08 MacKenzie go ahead Mel!
19:08 mchua the first is an overlap - Server deployment: when do you want it? we need a weekend for setup, and a weekday workshop to show teachers how to use it. Ready anytime after 2 weeks from now.
19:09 MacKenzie well, we are launching the pilot the week of the 16th
19:09 Katelyn i think that as soon as possible would be best
19:09 mchua the second might be an overlap - XO deployment: when are XOs going out, and how can Sandra's team start scheduling time to be in classrooms helping teachers work it into their curriculum? what do we need to do and work out to get them started?
19:09 the third: News and communications, how do we find this stuff out in general? Where can people get details on funding, marketing, and evaluation? (We have the beginnings of a portal for more technically-oriented teams.) Do we want to use the olpc_boston mailing list?
19:10 and the last is scheduling a weekly meeting that hopefully can get more attendance than this one. :)
19:10 that's all I had to put up, should we go in order starting with Katelyn's list?
19:10 Katelyn ok great, so first off is the server
19:10 it would be great if you guys could do it around the 16th
19:11 but after also works
19:11 MacKenzie so next weekend
19:11 we could ask peter about installation times that would work
19:11 colinz Would that just be configuring, or actually bringing the thing into CFS and all that Jazz?
19:11 MacKenzie and then we could set up an after school session with teachers to go over how to work with the server
19:11 mchua colinz, bringing it to CFS.
19:12 colinz I believe we just need to get wireless working
19:12 oh, and testing
19:12 mchua colinz - that's scheduled for the next feature release round, so as long as moodle and jabber work we're set and we'll hook it up with wired to start with. ;)
19:13 but basically, it sounds like we're good to go whenever CFS is free.
19:13 Katelyn yes, and you all have the IT contact info, right?
19:13 mchua MacKenzie, getting an installation time from Peter would be great. Yifan has IT contact info but I'm not sure if we need permission from anyone else to set up a time to come in.
19:14 MacKenzie: (if we don't need to get it from Peter, that's ok, just making sure we're not going to have to pick locks to get in... ;)
19:14 Katelyn we'll double check when we meet with him beginning of next week
19:14 mchua awesome, thanks!
19:14 Katelyn but it should be fine
19:14 mchua colinz, spring break was when again?
19:14 colinz Starts next Fri
19:15 Katelyn great
19:15 mchua and MacKenzie, Katelyn - in terms of after school sessions with teachers for server training, do you want to send us some dates that would work for CFS and we'll figure out who can go and send you back when we're coming?
19:15 colinz 14 - 20th
19:15 MacKenzie Mel, yes we will do that. We are meeting with the teachers next week.
19:15 Katelyn that would be great
19:15 MacKenzie Our spring break is the following week
19:16 Katelyn so what we were hoping is that Olin could manage things the week of the 23rd
19:16 mack and i will be traveling
19:16 that wold include being at cfs while the laptop is being used to answer technical questions
19:16 colinz I will also be traveling
19:16 NC Habitat for Humanity build
19:16 mchua I'll be in town both weeks, and can get to campus pretty easily.
19:16 Katelyn during the week of the 23rd?
19:16 mchua What days do you usually go in?
19:16 MacKenzie when do you get back colin?
19:16 colinz Could do long distance technical questions, however
19:17 mchua and there'll be others at Olin who'll be in town even during their spring break.
19:17 MacKenzie Mel--we are hoping to have a few people there daily
19:17 Katelyn ok, what about xavier, yifan, and sandra?
19:17 colinz I'm leaving the 14th and getting back the 22nd
19:17 mchua Don't know their schedule availability, but I'll ask
19:17 colinz will have to ask them, I suspect that at least of them will be here over break
19:17 Katelyn ohhh, you all have a two week spring break, right?
19:18 mchua #ACTION Mack and Katelyn to check with CFS and send options for server installation and training times to olpc_boston@lists.laptop.org
19:18 It's a 1-week spring break, I'm guessing colinz meant he won't be in town from 14-20
19:18 ?
19:18 MacKenzie perfect
19:18 because we're gone the following week
19:18 mchua colinz, do you think you could find out who from Olin will be in town during 14-20?
19:18 Yep.
19:19 Katelyn but also during 23-30th
19:19 MacKenzie katelyn and i will be around that week
19:19 from the 14-20
19:19 colinz tis what I meant, will be building homes in NC
19:19 MacKenzie so that's not as pressing
19:19 Katelyn our big concern is that the pilot will lose momentum while we're gone
19:19 colinz OH, I'm sorry, 23rd, yeah, i'm back then
19:19 Katelyn ok, thats great
19:19 well email the olin team to get a schedule for the week of the 23rd
19:20 mchua ok, that moves us nicely into the third thing we had to talk about
19:20 1. server
19:20 2. teaching time during spring break
19:20 3. schedule for pilot
19:20 colinz Sounds good, would be helpful to have good times on any proposed schedule, people here seem to work better that way
19:20 Katelyn the schedule is going to be finalized beginning of next week
19:21 right now, the teachers still have not told us their preferences
19:21 mchua (does anyone have a time they have to leave at, btw? I'm going to have to take off at 7:45 regardless, but was hoping to keep this to 30min)
19:21 Katelyn so we're pinning them down in a meeting next week
19:21 i think we can wrap up in 10 min
19:21 mchua great :) thanks for doing all this schedule-wrangling... it's a tough and thankless job
19:22 Katelyn 4. tech team and in-house training
19:22 mchua sweet. Sandra's team is basically waiting for timeslots they can come in on
19:22 Katelyn great
19:22 and that includes tech training for a volunteer support team (of students)?
19:22 mchua yes.
19:22 Katelyn excellent
19:22 now we can move on to your list
19:23 mchua ok. you mentioned XOs were going out week of the 16th?
19:23 Katelyn yes
19:23 mchua so I'm going to set a few things...
19:24 (while I type those, is there anything Sandra's team should do at CFS before the XOs go out?)
19:24 MacKenzie yes
19:24 Katelyn so we need to get together before that week to check the xos and load the customization key
19:24 MacKenzie exactly
19:24 and run a simulation of sorts
19:24 mchua #ACTION Katelyn and MacKenzie send olpc_boston@lists.laptop.org date/time options for tech team / in-house CFS training / having volunteers in classrooms / Sandra's team
19:24 MacKenzie to ensure that the laptops are up to speed
19:25 mchua Ok, sounds like a good thing to do on-site. Do you want to send us a date and colinz and I can pull the necessary tech volunteers in?
19:25 Katelyn yes
19:25 mchua #ACTION Katelyn and MacKenzie send olpc@lists.olin.edu what's needed to hold down the fort during spring break while you're away
19:25 Katelyn will do
19:26 mchua #ACTION Katelyn and MacKenzie send olpc_boston@lists.laptop.org date/time options for next week's deployment tech testing party
19:26 colinz I would be assembling Olin volunteers, right, no tech team kids
19:26 mchua (we could probably set up the server then, if it's ready)
19:26 colinz *not
19:26 Katelyn yes, olin volunteers
19:26 mchua colinz: yeah, unless there were some CFS tech team kids that really wanted to get involved and their parents let them stay that evening, I suppose
19:26 they'd be normal volunteers for that event, though, not "student tech team members"
19:26 Katelyn lets leave the kids out for now
19:27 MacKenzie agreed
19:27 Katelyn this will probably happen next friday
19:27 mchua Well, there are also non-Olin technical volunteers with server experience who might come by (and some of our best tech volunteers are between 14-17 years old, actually)
19:27 Katelyn thats fine, i meant leaving the cfs students out for now
19:28 mchua ok
19:28 we're getting close to time, so last two things really quick
19:28 6. agree on channels of communication for the pilot
19:28 6a. agree on weekly chat (or somehow make sure that gets planned)
19:29 Katelyn i think a weekly check in is great
19:29 mchua this has been *really* helpful
19:29 Katelyn next week, we'll see each other on friday
19:29 mchua yep! thank you so much for taking the time to fill us in.
19:29 between now and next friday, should we use the olpc_boston mailing list to stay in touch?
19:29 MacKenzie in the meantime, we'll be in touch with cfs to answer the remaining questions
19:29 Katelyn yes and personal emails for more logistical issues
19:30 MacKenzie sounds good!
19:30 mchua ok - I can't imagine many messages between now and next friday about this that would be unsuitable for the mailing list, but cool
19:30 ok, looking forward to hearing about the scheduling for next week's setup then
19:30 that's all I had
19:31 MacKenzie great--have a nice weekend everyone!
19:31 Katelyn yup, see you friday and we'll be in touch via email at the beginning of next week
19:31 MacKenzie we'll be in touch soon
19:31 mchua (whoa, the soup is done! I think it's dinnertime.)
19:31 Awesome, thanks!
19:31 colinz Great, I think I'm covered, though y'all are really the organizing masterminds
19:31 mchua ending meeting....
19:31 #endmeeting

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