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#olpc-au, 2014-09-08

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Time Nick Message
23:46 meeting Meeting started Mon Sep  8 23:46:45 2014 UTC. The chair is bashintosh. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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23:46 walterbender we have voice reco now...
23:46 paulcotton lol
23:46 walterbender sound reco?
23:47 bashintosh #topic Team introduction to official JIRA process for One Education Development
23:47 tch__ bashintosh, you guys started it already?
23:47 bashintosh alright folks, now that we can hear each others let's look at what's new on JIRA
23:47 tch__: yup!
23:47 walterbender bashintosh, can you arrange that we (tch, gonzalo and me) get invited to the Thursday 11:30 ET session?
23:48 bashintosh walterbender: I think so
23:48 walterbender thx
23:48 bashintosh #action bashintosh to arrange 11:30 ET for dev team
23:48 Niraj has quit IRC
23:48 walterbender bashintosh, your block diagram looks clean... straightforward
23:48 bashintosh I sent an email with a couple of screenshots you guys can look at
23:49 tch__ bashintosh, I have both open now
23:49 bashintosh but are you all on JIRA eventually?
23:49 paulcotton We were pretty keen to simplify.
23:49 bashintosh so we basically moved everything into one single project
23:49 One Education Development
23:50 we will be using that project as a main bucket for all our development, and divide each sub-area with the use of components which basically are tags to attach to the various tickets
23:50 walterbender looking... 22 issues opened 0 resolved :P
23:51 bashintosh the new workflow as well is simpler and has less messy transictions
23:52 gonzalo_ walterbender, where are you looking?
23:52 tch__ is this one? https://olpcau.atlassian.net/b[…]gin:summary-panel
23:52 walterbender https://olpcau.atlassian.net/b[…]gin:summary-panel
23:53 bashintosh tch__: yes
23:53 tch__: walterbender gonzalo_ from the link tch__ just posted try to go on Administration
23:54 gonzalo_ loading......
23:54 bashintosh then pick Workflow-diagram please - ping when there
23:54 gonzalo_ slowly
23:54 bashintosh we'll quickly talk you through that
23:54 gonzalo_ i don't know why but is very slow here
23:55 paulcotton Hopefully that's not always the case :-\
23:55 bashintosh gonzalo_: you can use the screenshot otherwise :)
23:55 tch__ bashintosh, where in the UI is administration?
23:55 bashintosh tch__: walterbender are you guys there?
23:55 walterbender yes
23:55 bashintosh tch__: https://olpcau.atlassian.net/b[…]gin:summary-panel left column next to Overview
23:56 gonzalo_ still loading
23:57 bashintosh OK so it's very simple as said - the life of a ticket starts with OPEN which in the case of a DEV ticket is assigned to the developer of choice
23:58 so let's say we have a ticket, type=BUG assigned to gonzalo_
23:58 as gonzalo_ starts working on the ticket, the status should move to IN PROGRESS
23:58 walterbender bashintosh, he changes the status?
23:59 bashintosh walterbender: yes
23:59 then, as the work gets done a report is written on the ticket from gonzalo_ , to let QA know what was done, if and how the work was unit tested, and how it should be tested by QA

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