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#olpc-au, 2014-09-03

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00:00 paulcotton #info Turtleblocks 3D (post testing) to be kept as a sub for September, definite release by October
00:01 I had a little play with it last week, it's pretty clever.
00:01 Made me think a bit harder than usual ;)
00:02 Niraj: You're getting a lot of stuff at the moment, but hopefully we can run Turtleblocks 3D through a testing session next week.
00:03 #topic Division of Labor
00:03 Was the proposed division of labor from the plan acceptable? (Walter: Reflect, Chess - Gonzalo: Record, Find a Word, Hundreds Chart)
00:04 Niraj and I are pretty much across all of them, I think Dan will be involved in everything except maybe Chess as the current graphics were reasonably good from memory
00:05 walterbender that works
00:05 paulcotton #info Original plan for division of work agreed upon, great news.
00:06 #topic What if something goes wrong?
00:06 Just thought we might quickly discuss what to do if we start running out of time.
00:06 walterbender what if?
00:06 paulcotton We're generally pretty good at communicating despite the delay
00:07 So I'm not too concerned about that, though I suppose it's worth noting that earlier = better - but again, I think everyone is doing this.
00:07 In the main, I think we need to involve Niraj more frequently
00:08 And we need to find and define substitute activities that we can swap in at the drop of a hat, or switch focus to, etc.
00:08 Which is largely on me - but hey, if you guys have stuff (Turtleblocks 3D, Gonzalo pulling Domino out of a hat last month)
00:08 That's awesome.
00:09 walterbender I think we maybe need to ave a bit more skew in the schedule, where design is a few weeks ahead of development
00:09 paulcotton Agreed, we're a bit out of kilter
00:09 I need to be producing product requirements further in advance
00:10 walterbender paulcotton, that'll help a lot... but it takes time to get there
00:11 paulcotton As in it takes time to get up to speed and we're still on that journey, or something else?
00:11 walterbender that...
00:12 paulcotton Gotcha. Agreed, but I'm going to try and push myself a bit in that regard and see if it helps mitigate "Oh no, we have to drop this for now" issues in the future
00:13 And curious as to whether you guys have any ideas about mitigation/etc as well
00:15 walterbender not sure what you are asking
00:15 paulcotton Ah, no worries, I'll try and explain a bit further
00:16 gonzalo_ <gonzalo_!~gonzalo@> has joined #olpc-au
00:17 paulcotton Every now and again we're going to hit hefty roadblocks, that mean we either take a big delay on an activity or need to switch focus to something else for the rest of the month to try and hit the monthly goal. If you guys have anything in mind that would ease that in anyway, let me know, and I'll try to stay on top of it.
00:17 For the moment, I'm thinking having a bigger rolling roster of designs and product requirements earlier will help.
00:17 walterbender yes
00:17 paulcotton And having Niraj involved more frequently for point testing will also help.
00:17 walterbender and we have a large catalog
00:18 paulcotton We sure do
00:18 Hi gonzalo_ :D
00:18 walterbender some very cool games, e.g. Sokoban, Implode, ...
00:18 paulcotton I was looking at Sokoban the other day, it looks pretty solid.
00:19 walterbender yes... just needs some design help.. a bit busy for our style guide
00:19 paulcotton +1
00:19 I think I'm going to move us on to Reflect for the last 10 minutes though (unless we roll past that)
00:20 walterbender OK
00:20 paulcotton #topic Reflect Activity (and possible satellites)
00:21 #info initial sketches are here https://olpcau.atlassian.net/w[…]splay/OEA/Reflect
00:21 How scary are they?
00:21 walterbender not scare... just a bit difficult to decipher
00:21 paulcotton In terms of features / feasibility / etc?
00:21 Ah, really? Let's figure that out now, or I can come back with more clarity this afternoon. They're largely intended to kick this conversation off.
00:23 walterbender https://olpcau.atlassian.net/w[…]9294010253&api=v2
00:23 is that suppose to be a journal view (in essence)?
00:24 paulcotton Do you mean Journal as in the current Sugar Journal - or do you mean it like a workbook?
00:24 walterbender I mean the content is all the journal content? displayed as a workbook?
00:24 paulcotton Ah, I see, no.
00:25 Intended as Reflect "entry" content.
00:25 You could link Journal content to a Reflect entry.
00:26 Enabling a Reflect entry to A) Not have any journal content linked or B) Have multiple pieces of Journal activity linked to one entry
00:26 walterbender so each of those little boxes is a reflection on (possibly) multiple journal entries
00:27 paulcotton Yep, could be one, could be many, could be none.
00:27 The idea behind reflecting on many, is that it's part of a larger project.
00:27 walterbender OK
00:27 so I get that view
00:27 paulcotton "I made a cartoon today - I took photos with Reflect, I put them in Fototoon" - it's one reflection
00:28 *Record
00:28 walterbender but then how to author them...
00:28 I suppose that is https://olpcau.atlassian.net/w[…]9294010246&api=v2
00:28 paulcotton Potentially something like this https://olpcau.atlassian.net/w[…]9294010260&api=v2
00:29 Ah, the one you linked is intended to be the zoomed in on a single entry view
00:30 walterbender OK, I'll work on coding up a sketch of this over the next few days
00:31 paulcotton Despite being rough, does that sketch and the accompanying text (above it on the page) cover off everything we think we might need? Does it potentially try to do too much?
00:31 walterbender I thnk create and view are the main objectives
00:31 paulcotton Yes
00:32 walterbender we can deal with search and sort later
00:32 paulcotton Yep, true. Back-up and teacher commentary are on there as well, but first we need something for them to comment on and back-up.
00:33 walterbender comments will be useful
00:33 backup can be the normal backup in the short term
00:34 paulcotton Depending on how quickly we move through this, we might be in a V1 this month, V2 now with back-up and "teacher management from another device" next month.
00:34 walterbender might be realistic
00:34 paulcotton I say we plan for v1, hope for v2.
00:35 walterbender let's see how quickly I can make some sketches in Python
00:35 gonzalo_ walterbender, paulcotton, we already have backup implemented
00:35 paulcotton I haven't discussed it with Rangan, but we potentially have access to a paid external web dev to help out with v2 if necessary.
00:35 Mainly the teacher management / content viewing via a web service.
00:36 gonzalo_: then maybe we'll get back-up this month :)
00:36 See how we go.
00:36 walterbender OK
00:37 paulcotton Aside from needing a bit of clarity here and there - no big issues spring to mind so far from the initial ideas/etc?
00:37 walterbender no
00:37 paulcotton Wonderful
00:37 walterbender just a lot of iterative work
00:38 paulcotton #action paulcotton to draw up some better Reflect layouts Illustrator
00:38 gonzalo_ walterbender, paulcotton, and in a way where we can have different backends, right now, only a local storage backend is implemented, but could have a "server backend" or dropbox backend and so
00:38 walterbender yes...
00:38 local for v1
00:39 paulcotton #action walterbender to sketch out initial views (browse and create) for Reflect in Python
00:39 gonzalo_ paulcotton, in the proposal, the objective is not too different than portfolio, right?
00:39 paulcotton gonzalo_: you know, not too different. It's more of a browsing experience than a presentation one, but it's doing a similar job.
00:40 walterbender gonzalo_, I plan to write something from scratch
00:40 paulcotton more of a browsing / archiving experience
00:40 walterbender portfolio is not my best effort in terms of coding
00:42 paulcotton #info Plan for v1 of Reflect in September to have browsing / creating entries and local back-up, web based teacher commentary and back-up features if there is time - potentially make this v2 for October
00:42 gonzalo_ paulcotton, walterbender, maybe Reflection could be more as the stories generated in some social networks, based in the content of the journal, but with a way to let the user write about what he/she did
00:43 paulcotton gonzalo_: you mean displayed as a feed? Or socially shared between a class?
00:44 gonzalo_ paulcotton, i mean constructed based in what the kid did
00:45 paulcotton Ah, so you see Journal content like a feed, and then comment on it in order to reflect?
00:45 Kind of?
00:45 gonzalo_ yes
00:45 paulcotton Hmm.
00:46 walterbender would be fun...
00:46 paulcotton has gears turning
00:46 It does sound more fun.
00:46 walterbender cscott made some sketches like that 3-4 years ago
00:46 paulcotton And you could select multiple items in the feed to group into a "project"
00:47 Or you could hit a "new entry" button to create one without needing Journal activity
00:47 gonzalo_ paulcotton, maybe, but I see Portfolio as the project tool
00:47 yes, new entry is a must
00:50 paulcotton Potentially, grouping in Reflect would mark things for import to Portfolio.
00:50 Or there'd be a button.
00:50 gonzalo_ but may be like "I did...", "I learned..." ,
00:50 "I worked on..."
00:50 paulcotton This sounds an awful lot like an interface replacement for the current Journal
00:51 gonzalo_ paulcotton, walterbender, i was thinking we can improve the use of tags on the journal, and in these activities too
00:51 paulcotton Tag improvement is definitely part of the plan.
00:51 walterbender wants to rename tags hashtags
00:51 gonzalo_ paulcotton, i would like to work on that
00:52 walterbender, yes, probably add a # is a good idea
00:53 paulcotton We can do that
00:53 gonzalo_: alright, if you're working on that then we might lighten your load elsewhere
00:54 We need to think about how it will change though, as it affects Reflect, possibly Portfolio, and of course the Journal
00:54 walterbender gonzalo_, let's chat more in the AM
00:55 paulcotton If we went down the "social feed" route - is it too similar to the way the Journal operates? Would it be worth considering it as a significant Journal overhaul?
00:55 It's getting late for you guys and we've gone over time. Do we need to leave off the last bit for email / near future?
00:58 gonzalo_ paulcotton, i have a few minutes more, i have sent versions with fixes of Domino and Poll
00:58 please test :)
00:58 paulcotton Excellent :D
00:59 #action paulcotton draw up alternative "social feed" Reflect layout by EOD 4/9/14
01:00 tch__ good ideas :)
01:00 gonzalo_ paulcotton, walterbender, i need finish now, will read later, see you!
01:01 walterbender OK
01:01 paulcotton Okie dokie
01:01 walterbender ttyl
01:02 paulcotton Alright, looks like I have a lot of thinking and drawing to do.
01:03 That's probably enough for this morning / tonight. We covered a lot.
01:03 Anything burning that needs to happen before I hit the end meeting button?
01:04 walterbender nope
01:04 paulcotton Alrighty then!
01:04 #endmeeting
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