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#olpc-au, 2014-09-02

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23:35 meeting Meeting started Tue Sep  2 23:35:27 2014 UTC. The chair is paulcotton. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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23:35 bashintosh #chair paulcotton
23:35 paulcotton: do that ^
23:35 paulcotton Is does it automatically for the person who starts
23:35 ;)
23:36 bashintosh paulcotton: cool
23:36 paulcotton #topic August Activities Update
23:36 Niraj bashintosh: Yes, I will test that with P80 and base system
23:37 walterbender paulcotton, I asked Lionel (maintainer of GridPaint) to look into the bug -- I detailed the root cause for him
23:37 he is looking at it now
23:37 paulcotton #info It looks like we've reached testing for Dimensions, WordCloud, Domino, and we're approaching that point for Poll - I just need to verify Gonzalo's latest version
23:37 Oh, awesome, thanks walterbender
23:37 walterbender the good news is that is nt a bug in the JS toolkit
23:38 paulcotton That is excellent news.
23:39 Do we have any idea about when a fix might be available for Grid Paint, or is it a  "how long is a piece of string?"
23:39 ...kind of question
23:39 walterbender I think it may be just a day or two
23:40 I'll ask Lionel for an update tomorrow ... late in Paris right now
23:40 paulcotton Fair enough. I think we are (unfortunately) a couple days before release anyway. Our first late month :)
23:40 However, it's been a bit of a difficult one, so I feel it's pretty understandable.
23:42 Niraj: Are you able to test WordCloud, Dimenions, and Domino today?
23:44 Niraj paulcotton: Yeah, I will try to finish all three today, as Domino one round is over and I have fixes to verify. I am currently testing Dimensions and later in afternoon I will finish the WordCloud
23:44 walterbender thanks Niraj
23:44 paulcotton Wonderful
23:45 #action Niraj to finish up testing Dimensions / WordCloud / Domino by morning of 4/9/14
23:45 This round anyway :)
23:45 #action paulcotton to check latest version of Poll for possible testing on 3/9/14
23:46 #topic September Activity Plan
23:46 Although, before I change topic (too late)... was there anything else we needed to know re: August activities?
23:47 walterbender not from me...
23:47 paulcotton Alright, let's kick on then.
23:48 #info Initial plan for September is: Finish Record, create Reflect, Find-a-Word, Hundreds Chart, release banked activity in the hopes of leaving a bit more time for the others
23:49 It's hard to say without Gonzalo being here, but I'm personally feeling that Record is tenuous.
23:49 walterbender Chess?
23:49 Record is going to be an issue
23:49 paulcotton Oh, I completely forgot.
23:49 #info Let's not forget Chess!
23:49 walterbender migrating to Gtk3 is not really an option w/o a major overhaul of the gstreamer code
23:50 when we move to other h'ware it may be worthwhile
23:50 but I question the payback for XO4
23:50 paulcotton Do we have viable alternatives to gstreamer (forgive my ignorance)?
23:51 walterbender not in Sugar
23:51 paulcotton Fair enough.
23:51 So at best we can hope for a layout rearrange / Gtk2 interface re-design?
23:51 walterbender yes
23:51 we can push the gtk2 version pretty far
23:51 but not as far as the gtk3 version
23:51 paulcotton Alright. Would you be comfortable making a guesstimate of time on that in Gonzalo's place?
23:52 We have some workable designs in the Confluence thread, I believe.
23:52 walterbender don't know all the changes that are queued up
23:52 paulcotton Alright, I'll bench that and discuss with Gonzalo via email.
23:53 If we need to focus priority on the other two, then that's fine for now.
23:53 Does the rest sound remotely achievable?
23:53 walterbender the key is to get some designs to start working from
23:54 re Chess, maybe some testing from Niraj early in the month so I can schedule the bug fixes
23:54 paulcotton +1
23:54 Niraj: by the end of this week, potentially?
23:55 Niraj paulcotton: do you mean the chess testing?
23:55 paulcotton Correct!
23:55 Playing Chess, best testing job ever.
23:56 Niraj paulcotton: I will try my best to accommodate chess this week, or might be early next week
23:56 paulcotton Okie dokie
23:57 #action Niraj to test out current version of Chess by EOD Monday 8/9/14
23:57 #action paulcotton to provide initial sketches for find-a-word and hundreds chart by Thursday 4/9/14
23:59 Alright, also, anybody who comes across an activity they think can go straight to release from SugarLabs - feel free to send it my way
23:59 walterbender turtleblocks 3d?
23:59 paulcotton Ooh, yes, that's on my home screen right now.
23:59 walterbender a little rough around the edges, but really fun

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