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#olpc-au, 2014-08-29

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00:01 bashintosh satellit_e: x86_64 if you can, but makes no big difference if we use it virtualized I suppose
00:01 tch__: OK
00:01 next topic?
00:01 satellit_e depends on PC  my yoga pro 2 is only able to use i386 VB
00:03 bashintosh satellit_e: I use qemu-kvm on a few different servers - it's amazingly flexible!
00:03 #topic Proposed new features to include in the system/Sugar (eg. printing)
00:04 satellit_e this MSI windbox does both...
00:04 walterbender bashintosh, how does printing want to be configiured?
00:04 bashintosh moving on, is there any chance to get more features for 102? printing would be huge
00:04 walterbender: via cups
00:05 walterbender is there a standard solution in the schools
00:05 adding the kb shortcut is the easy part
00:05 bashintosh walterbender: it depends, most schools have network printers so it's fairly easy to configure
00:05 walterbender: yes :)
00:05 walterbender OK...
00:06 bashintosh #link https://www.cups.org/
00:06 gonzalo__ bashintosh, we would need define what imply printing, like if there are permissions, queues, and so
00:06 walterbender it really needs to be specific to the use case defined by the schools
00:07 gonzalo__ one reason why printing was never implemented, is because fear of kids sending prints without control
00:07 tch__ bashintosh, we are putting the features for 0.104 in http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.104/Feature_List
00:07 bashintosh, is there a web platform for managing network printers?
00:07 bashintosh gonzalo__: that would all (hopefully) be managed by cups - I think that we would need a way to access CUPS via Sugar (web browser too works) and integrating buttons (or shortcuts) in the activities to print
00:08 walterbender bashintosh, we can install cups
00:08 but we need to configure it
00:08 and that needs info from the schools
00:08 gonzalo__ bashintosh, walterbender, tch__, I would like to have time to include upstream some of our already tested features, like proxy support or the security in the networks
00:08 bashintosh walterbender: we've done it on XO-4 - really easy, you can configure CUPS via web browser
00:09 gonzalo__ that could make our suppot work easier
00:09 bashintosh gonzalo__: I suppose not all kids will be allowed to print - this comes down to school policy really but I see your point
00:09 walterbender bashintosh, I mean in a school, to understand how to get the policy details
00:10 gonzalo__ bashintosh, probably technically we are close, we need check in the school how that coul be used
00:10 bashintosh walterbender: that is managed by the printer itself or their proxy behind the printer - we can start simple and get feedback!
00:11 I have a whole array of schools who would be happy just to do print screen like we've done here at the LAB
00:11 gonzalo__ bashintosh, what if we work in google drive integration in the journal? then the teacher can easily print what he want
00:11 walterbender bashintosh, +1 to getting feedback
00:12 bashintosh #action query schools to understand the level of complexity needed to integrate printing (and printing policies) in Sugar
00:12 tch__ bashintosh, can you document a bit what is being used in schools?
00:13 oh yeah, that :)
00:13 bashintosh tch__: I will put up a new wiki with more details of what we've done here and the schools setup
00:13 tch__ bashintosh, thanks
00:13 bashintosh I am happy that you guys are open to this discussion!
00:14 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.104/Feature_List
00:14 walterbender bashintosh, we had printing via cups enabled in some deployments in the past... but so long ago I don't remember any of the details
00:15 gonzalo__ bashintosh, you can document your experiments too :)
00:16 bashintosh walterbender: with Niraj we've used CUPS (configured via Browse in 3mins) + http://www.nongnu.org/xbindkeys/xbindkeys.html + a py script I wrote to save the screen buffer to file and send it to the printer
00:16 will post details on Confluence
00:16 gonzalo__: ^
00:16 gonzalo__ bashintosh, great
00:17 tch__ bashintosh, that will be very helpful
00:18 bashintosh http://fpaste.org/129484/40927143/ password is olpc
00:18 gonzalo__: tch__ walterbender ^ I have a v1.1 :) on my XO at home that has cleaner code :)
00:19 gonzalo__ nice trick
00:19 bashintosh gonzalo__: dirty.. :) but works
00:19 gonzalo__ probes the point
00:19 bashintosh with xbindkeys http://www.nongnu.org/xbindkeys/xbindkeys.html
00:20 will keep this up in our wiki
00:20 tch__ in terms of features, and in general, I think we should stay conservative , considering the f20 work load so lets use our cards wisely :)
00:20 bashintosh, looks very simple
00:20 :)
00:20 bashintosh tch__: no metaclasses there ;)
00:20 Niraj we can use cups client - server config architecture to manage the printing policies , queues and jobs
00:21 tch__ Niraj, you mean like an activity?
00:22 Niraj, I mean, like one XO offering printing service to other xos?
00:22 bashintosh tch__: eventually!
00:22 walterbender is a fan of moving more into activities and less in special CP sections
00:22 Niraj tch__: Yes, you can have print server runnning on teachers XO and Clients on Student
00:23 tch__ Niraj, that could be nice, if we can't put the server in the school infrastructure
00:24 bashintosh tch__: I think the XS has that as a feature too
00:25 paulcotton It's good to give teachers more "classroom management" power - but it's not a great experience for the teacher if we force them to use an XO to do it.
00:25 They're just not well suited to bigger hands.
00:25 bashintosh paulcotton: +1
00:26 paulcotton: wanna explain what you just told me? :)
00:26 gonzalo__ paulcotton, we can install sugar on normal laptops too
00:26 paulcotton We may want to consider web services for this kind of stuff, so they're accessible on XO and off XO
00:26 gonzalo__: we should talk more about that at some point, I'd love to have a VM running the current build
00:26 Just personally
00:27 gonzalo__ paulcotton, should not be difficult
00:27 paulcotton Anyway, I don't want to derail things, I just feel we should consider options outside of the XO when we talk about the teacher management tools
00:28 Or life becomes finicky for teachers.
00:28 walterbender or we use touch
00:28 bashintosh aka - the possibility to use a web browser to 'connect' to the XO and configure/manage various aspects (such as printing policy?)
00:29 paulcotton Touch would be a big help, definitely.
00:29 bashintosh a 'future' idea but very valuable
00:29 shall we move on?
00:29 gonzalo__ yes :)
00:29 paulcotton +1
00:29 tch__ +1
00:30 bashintosh very well then
00:30 #topic Acceptance/review of the first smoke test QT-71
00:30 have we all seen Niraj's work? ^
00:30 walterbender yes
00:30 tch__ yup
00:30 gonzalo__ yes
00:31 bashintosh comments, suggestions, missing things?
00:31 satellit_e http://sugarizer.org/
00:31 bashintosh satellit_e: eheh yeah it's amazing! I have it on my droid!
00:31 gonzalo__ bashintosh, is cear that is a very rough image, the only objective was boot
00:32 s/cear/clear/
00:33 tch__ the results are better than I expected in terms of HW support
00:33 bashintosh gonzalo__: true, however it basically uses the base system (+kernel) that we are trying to build so it's a very good starting point to understand stability, performance and HW support
00:33 tch__: +1
00:34 gonzalo__ we only need found how reproduce it :)
00:34 bashintosh gonzalo__: ahah yeah!
00:34 #action reproduce f20 build with Sugar 0.102
00:34 :)
00:34 satellit_e has anyone looked at XSCE ?
00:35 bashintosh satellit_e: is the project still alive?
00:35 satellit_e yes CanoeBerry is working on it
00:35 #schoolserver
00:36 https://docs.google.com/docume[…]31un8YLcYslg/edit
00:37 bashintosh I had the very mad idea of integrating XS on the access points we deploy in the schools here in AU. We need more time to explore that path but the project is great
00:37 satellit_e: ^
00:38 tch__ bashintosh, we used openWRT in .py deploymnt
00:38 bashintosh thanks satellit_e !! very handy
00:38 gonzalo__ please don't go out off topic ......
00:38 bashintosh tch__: same here, great OS
00:38 satellit_e http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XS_C[…]on#IRC_Guidelines
00:38 tch__ what was the next topic?
00:38 satellit_e sorry to interrupt
00:38 bashintosh satellit_e: please do anytime ;)
00:39 final topic
00:39 #topic Building the system - OOB, requirements and the environment
00:39 tch__: what's the latest news after I left a few hours ago?
00:39 have you tried building already on XO-4?
00:40 tch__: you were mentioning possible missing patches? Could you explain this to the other folks?
00:41 tch__ bashintosh, nothing much, I will try setting up the building env on a XO-4 tomorrow, using the curent f20
00:41 bashintosh, hopefully it will have a different result from what James mentioned, regarding the repo I found
00:41 bashintosh tch__: mind that he's using kernel 3.11
00:42 AFAIK
00:42 tch__ bashintosh, yeah, I still have some hope with Daniel Narvez using old kernel
00:42 bashintosh, it could be that the packages there are not the same as in the image Niraj tested though,
00:42 gonzalo__ bashintosh, do you know what kernel is using james in the android images?
00:43 bashintosh gonzalo__: nope sorry
00:43 tch__: can we ask Niraj to verify anything on the build to understand more about the packages?
00:44 tch__ bashintosh, would be nice to have a package/version comparison between the repo and the packages installed in the image
00:44 bashintosh tch__: ahah
00:44 tch__: Niraj is working on that exactly!
00:44 tch__ bashintosh, :)
00:45 Niraj tch__: bashintosh : I am on it, you will have that in couple of hours
00:45 tch__ Niraj, ^
00:45 Niraj, great!
00:46 bashintosh #action provide package/version comparison between the repo dnarvaez_ and the packages on the testing build (F20)
00:46 #link http://shell.sugarlabs.org/~dnarvaez/
00:46 Niraj: ^
00:47 tch__ I will try to replicate daniel's OOB env on a xo-4
00:47 bashintosh #link http://shell.sugarlabs.org/~dnarvaez/oob/f20-xo4/
00:47 Niraj: this is the repo used to build F20 ^ - ideally you could also verify that these packages are for sure those included in 10002xx4
00:48 tch__ bashintosh, Niraj : this one too http://shell.sugarlabs.org/~dnarvaez/oob/f20/
00:48 bashintosh Niraj: we are not sure that it is indeed the right repo that was used to build F20
00:48 Niraj bashintosh: I am preparing package comparision report between F18 and F20 build
00:49 bashintosh Niraj: plus if you could verify that the packages match between the repo and 10002xx4
00:49 repo > http://shell.sugarlabs.org/~dnarvaez/oob/f20-xo4/
00:49 tch__ bashintosh, they are used, but since there is a missing repo, there is no guarantee that the repos are complete
00:50 Niraj bashintosh: ok sure, I will include that as well in report
00:51 bashintosh tch__: let's see - maybe we are lucky or alsroot can find something on jita
00:52 tch__ bashintosh, +1, anyway it would be great if James get the newer kernel to work
00:52 any idea of the status of that work?
00:53 bashintosh tch__: yes no success so far :( memory is unstable and get corrupted when using fast paging
00:53 s/get/gets
00:55 tch__: I rebuilt 3.11 with GIC support but hangs after a while on XO-4
00:55 tch__: however the second core runs! :)
00:56 http://infocenter.arm.com/help[…]16b/Cacddhga.html
00:56 gonzalo__ bashintosh, i am courious about the state of advance of the new video driver too
00:57 bashintosh gonzalo__: the low level driver is complete however there's missing integration for X11 and multiple pixel shader
00:57 gonzalo__: looks like a month of work left but hopefully we can start testing something earlier
00:58 anything else?
00:58 gonzalo__ :)
00:58 paulcotton, when is the meeting about journal design?
00:59 bashintosh tuesday AEST gonzalo__
00:59 :)
00:59 gonzalo__ our Monday
00:59 bashintosh gonzalo__: yes sir
01:00 gonzalo__ thanks! :)
01:00 bashintosh anything else for this meeting? paulcotton walterbender gonzalo__ Niraj tch__
01:00 walterbender not from me
01:00 tch__ nothing from my side
01:00 gonzalo__ I wonder if america was the new world, what is australia :)
01:00 bashintosh #endmeeting
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