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#olpc-au, 2014-08-28

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23:36 meeting Meeting started Thu Aug 28 23:36:35 2014 UTC. The chair is bashintosh. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
23:36 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
23:36 paulcotton I'm going to do another big round of SugarLabs hunting as well for potential "straight to release" activities to bolster our time
23:36 Okay, over to Matthew.
23:36 bashintosh #topic Sugar 0.102 - Discussion about status and requirements
23:37 so we are planning to deploy 0.102 for the coming build xo-system 2
23:37 however I am personally not aware of the current real status of this version of Sugar
23:37 walterbender what is xo-system 2?
23:38 bashintosh walterbender: please read the meeting agenda
23:38 walterbender: https://olpcau.atlassian.net/w[…]eeting+29-08-2014
23:38 #info Due to the important jump forward in terms of overall system architecture, features and user experience, the next OS will be named XO-System 2 instead of 1d!
23:38 walterbender: ^
23:39 gonzalo__ bashintosh, 0.102 runs ok in F20. In fact we have some problems solved
23:39 (like the version of webkit)
23:39 bashintosh gonzalo__: so we have a build with F20 + 102?
23:39 tch__ bashintosh, we also have a f18 + s0.102 image, if we want to test 0.102 specifically
23:39 walterbender bashintosh, putting text in a box makes it easier to ignore :P
23:40 bashintosh walterbender: no comment
23:40 walterbender that is what they put warning on cigarette cartons in boxes
23:40 seriously
23:40 gonzalo__ bashintosh, we run 0.102 on F20, but not in the xo
23:40 bashintosh gonzalo__: got it - was it ever tested on XO-4?
23:41 gonzalo__ bashintosh, are two different issues
23:41 tch__ bashintosh, gonzalo__ we still don't have f20 + s0.102 combo
23:41 gonzalo__ tch__, in a xo
23:41 tch__ yes, not in a xo
23:41 gonzalo__ tch__, but in fact sugar-build run in f20
23:42 tch__ yes, we have been testing f20 + 0.102 since a few months now
23:42 in PC
23:42 gonzalo__ bashintosh, then, to be more clear, the problem is run F20 in a xo, not run sugar 0.102 in f20
23:42 bashintosh what's the best way for us to get 102 on our current testing build?
23:42 aka 10002xx4.zd
23:43 gonzalo__ bashintosh, if you want test 0.102, we can use images based on f18
23:43 tch__ bashintosh, we first need to be able to rebuild f20 in the xo,
23:44 bashintosh tch__: not sure - we can start testing with the current build IF there is a quick way to get 102 there
23:44 has it been deployed on official Fedora repos?
23:45 tch__ bashintosh, let me check,
23:45 bashintosh #chair bashintosh
23:45 meeting Current chairs: bashintosh
23:45 bashintosh tch__: thank you
23:46 walterbender bashintosh, Fedora is building with 102 AFAIK
23:46 bashintosh if possible, Niraj could start testing 102 to get an overall idea of any possible major issue on the F20 built by dnarvaez_
23:47 walterbender: sounds promising!
23:47 tch__ according to http://arm.koji.fedoraproject.[…]fo?packageID=8918 and http://koji.fedoraproject.org/[…]fo?packageID=4562
23:48 0.102 is availble from f21+
23:48 walterbender bashintosh, we have done a fair amount of testing of 102, but not F20 on XO
23:48 bashintosh that would mean that 102 is officially released and not anymore beta testing, correct?
23:48 walterbender I guess
23:49 gonzalo__ has quit IRC
23:49 bashintosh Niraj: we could attempt a force install http://koji.fedoraproject.org/[…]fo?buildID=552581
23:49 tch__: thanks! ^
23:49 tch__ bashintosh, we could rebuild the packages for f20 too,
23:50 bashintosh, actually, gonzalo did that for having 0.102 in f18
23:50 gonzalo__ <gonzalo__!~gonzalo@> has joined #olpc-au
23:50 bashintosh tch__: I suppose we'll have to do that anyway?
23:50 gonzalo__ sorry, lost connection agan
23:50 tch__ bashintosh, yes
23:50 Niraj bashintosh: ok, I will try force install of 102-f21 sugar packages on F20 build
23:51 tch__ bashintosh, yes, we should rebuild it for f20 anyway
23:51 Niraj, worth the try :)
23:51 bashintosh #action Niraj will attempt try force install of 102-f21 sugar packages on F20 build
23:52 tch__: for now can you continue with trying the build? I will finish the VM this morning
23:52 gonzalo__ hmm, will you use the rpms in the sugarlabs images, rght?
23:52 walterbender peterrobinson is the Fedora maintainer of Sugar upstream... he is very cooperative if you have any questions
23:52 tch__ bashintosh, I can try using the current f20 image to re-build on a xo
23:52 bashintosh walterbender: where do I find him?
23:53 walterbender Peter Robinson <pbrobinson@gmail.com>
23:53 bashintosh tch__: yes you can try - after that I see the time better spent of finalising the build env, what do you think?
23:53 walterbender: thx!
23:55 tch__ bashintosh, our priority now is to get to a working f20 :), be it on a xo or the VM
23:57 bashintosh tch__: agree however I am really conscious of the time spent later on to upload builds, building (slow on XO4) and the fact that an XO is not usable for testing and dev. I am happy to wait for F20 build till we have a proper building env ready
23:57 satellit_e FYI http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Fedora_20  I can make a f20 soas export from VB and upload it to sugarlabs.wiki
23:59 tch__ bashintosh, we will have both, once we get it to work, I can easily replicate it anywhere
23:59 satellit_e pbrobinson is usually on #fedora-arm
23:59 bashintosh satellit_e: that would mean A LOT! Thanks satellit!
23:59 satellit_e k will do  i686 or x86_64?
23:59 bashintosh joined..

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