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#olpc-admin, 2009-08-18

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Time Nick Message
16:13 dogi nono
16:13 my old mac
16:13 FGrose #topic introductions
16:14 We have wwdillingham here today...
16:14 dogi hi wwdillingham
16:14 FGrose wwdillingham: tell us a little about yourself
16:15 wwdillingham Hello all, I was part of the math4 / sugar / olpc class at rit and am now volunteering with sugar in a coop capacity
16:15 coop = rit lingo for intern
16:15 I have been working on a project called teacher reporting
16:15 dogi cool :)
16:15 wwdillingham but would like to transition more to the system administration component
16:15 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Teacher_Reporting
16:16 FGrose wwdillingham: that is your academic major?
16:16 wwdillingham So i am happy to be here, and hope i can be helpful
16:16 I am a networking and system administration major at rit
16:17 thats all about me :)
16:18 FGrose Wes also has gotten a menu of possible work from bernie.
16:18 wwdillingham I am looking to learn and to tie up loose ends
16:18 FGrose Great!
16:18 wwdillingham yes, apparently there is a lot to be done with sunjammer
16:19 FGrose Put out the fire in Bernie's hair:)
16:19 wwdillingham and, i have a particular interest in assisting with the bittorrent distribution of sugar
16:19 and would like to take this opportunity to learn site-reliability techniques
16:19 FGrose OK, another topic dogi?
16:20 dogi i was not able to create the vm for ramoonas
16:21 FGrose ramoonas was preparing nagios for monitoring
16:21 dogi sorry
16:21 FGrose ramoonas has some experience with that and we will learn from his setup for us
16:22 dogi will do that as soon as possible
16:22 FGrose #topic VIG changes
16:23 dogi at least i can say that from a XO is not possible to start virt-manager
16:23 ... successfully
16:24 FGrose wwdillingham is a student sysadmin, FGrose is also just beginning to learn the field, so we are a recipe factory with leadership from dogi, bernie, hhardy
16:25 dogi * the weekly-idea topic
16:25 FGrose FGrose is focusing on wiki interoperations and administration
16:26 wwdillingham I wish, I could chime in here, dogi, I am unfamiliar with virt-manager at this moment
16:26 FGrose we will also review weekly ideas at http://idea.laptop.org/drupal5/ for sysadmin opportunities
16:28 We also want to prepare good recipes for ourselves and others needing to administer things
16:28 dogi|xo http://idea.laptop.org/ideator[…]popular_6_months/
16:28 wwdillingham dogi, can you elaborate on your virt-manager issues so i can look into this
16:28 dogi|xo there is already a special categorie
16:29 thx ok
16:29 FGrose #link http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page is where we document recipes and such.
16:30 dogi|xo #action ...
16:30 FGrose #action when ever any of us have new suggestions/solutions or idea post at idea.laptop.org
16:30 dogi|xo :)
16:31 FGrose #action keep documenting current projects, machines at vig.laptop.org
16:31 wwdillingham for me the,  Meeting Minutes and Logs, section appears to be full of broken links
16:32 dogi|xo hmmm
16:32 FGrose In future we will invite new RIT students to lurk in this meeting and try out things of interest
16:32 dogi|xo there u need access to meeting.l.o
16:32 can u send me ur sshkey
16:32 FGrose wwdillingham: use the links on http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC[…]rastructure_Group
16:33 dogi|xo dogi at laptop.org
16:33 wwdillingham http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/User:Wwdillingham
16:33 FGrose #action FGrose purge redundant notes, logs from VIG
16:33 wwdillingham for ssh pub key
16:33 dogi|xo wwdillingham: ok
16:34 login is wwdillingham?
16:34 wwdillingham dogi, yes
16:34 dogi|xo ok
16:34 ping _bernie
16:35 hmm
16:36 FGrose: wwdillingham and dogi should have already actions enough for the week ...
16:37 is there something else we? should take care
16:37 ?
16:37 FGrose #action find bernie to join in irc next weeks
16:37 dogi|xo :)
16:38 FGrose wwdillingham: can you share the note bernie sent you?
16:38 dogi|xo he wrote an email that right now he is in holiday
16:39 wwdillingham Bernie says: Some things that come to mind:
16:39 * activities.sugarlabs.org will need a new home soon
16:39 * we need a new bug tracker for soas
16:40 * our trac instance needs is a trainwreck and needs to be
16:40  upgraded and de-spammed or maybe thrown away
16:40 * need to setup ldap with sunjammer on our secondary machines
16:40 * need to send logs to systems-logs@sugarlabs.org
16:40 * there are open infrastructure tickets in trac
16:41 end of Bernie's thoughts on open issues
16:41 dogi|xo hmmm
16:41 FGrose wwdillingham: thanks.
16:41 dogi|xo the activities new home sound really interesting
16:42 wwdillingham agreed, there has been some discussion of sunjammer having extraordinarily large and unexplained cpu usage recently
16:42 dogi|xo do we know how big the traffic is there
16:43 wwdillingham I do not have an account there yet
16:43 http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org/server-status
16:44 Dave Farning tells me traffic load is doubling every two weeks though.
16:44 dogi|xo hmmm cause that is there the biggest problem
16:45 FGrose #link http://lists.sugarlabs.org/listinfo/systems join this for Sugar Labs systems
16:45 wwdillingham http://activities.sugarlabs.org/en-US/sugar/
16:45 says 250,000
16:45 activites downloaded, but i am unsure of what the timeline is there
16:46 dogi|xo fortunatly activities normally are realy little
16:46 the biggest activity is that offline wikipedia thing
16:46 with ca. 100mb
16:47 FGrose looking  http://sunjammer.sugarlabs.org/server-status  it seems that higher cpu usage is depending in how big is the download.
16:47 dogi|xo hmm
16:47 FGrose That's a quote from Rafael Enrique Ortiz Guerrero
16:47 (dirakx)
16:48 OK other topics?
16:49 dogi|xo yes we need a backup person for vig secretary ...
16:49 and/or a new tilte
16:50 ups title
16:50 FGrose #action email dogi, bernie, for help on systems projects
16:51 and hhardy.  They will send pointers in documentation
16:51 dogi|xo FGrose: would u like to the vig secretary backup
16:51 +be
16:51 FGrose if dogi is missing one of us steps in (me too)
16:52 dogi|xo +1
16:53 that is more for olpc ... they wanted to have 2 persons to deal with
16:53 so that we could ask  for more
16:53 ... rights
16:54 FGrose My name is good and Wes will soon overtake things!
16:54 dogi|xo :)
16:54 wwdillingham Yes I will.
16:55 dogi|xo then i will write that dogi and rit are in charge of vig :)
16:55 wwdillingham I am happy to work with you on this FGrose
16:55 / take over when I understand job duties
16:55 dogi|xo +1
16:56 so i think thats was it for today ...
16:57 wwdillingham: can u bernie ideas into idea.laptop.org
16:58 wwdillingham can i post his ideas there?
16:58 dogi|xo sure :)
16:58 FGrose #action wwdillingham VIG wiki page  and idea entries
16:58 We are open about resources like that
16:58 wwdillingham i can do this
16:59 FGrose count down ..5
16:59 4
16:59 dogi|xo 3
16:59 FGrose 2
16:59 dogi|xo 1
16:59 FGrose 0
16:59 dogi|xo :P
16:59 FGrose #endmeeting

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