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#olpc-admin, 2009-08-11

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
15:39 nemo #topic agenda
15:40 * new structure of vig
15:40 dogi * newwiki update
15:41 4* monitoring
15:41 4see u at 16:15
16:13 nemo hi all
16:14 ramoonas hey Stefan
16:15 nemo hi ramoonas
16:15 hi mchua
16:17 anything to add to the agenda
16:17 ramoonas nagios?
16:17 nemo ok
16:18 :)
16:20 looka like everbody is in holiday
16:20 ramoonas i will be too in next few days
16:20 :)
16:20 why are'nt you?
16:23 nemo is returning from cape cod again
16:23 ramoonas had fun?
16:23 :)
16:25 nemo so lets start
16:25 ramoonas i guess it's just us
16:25 :)
16:25 nemo #topic monitoring nagios
16:26 ramoonas try this: http://www.techsupport.lt:10080/
16:26 it is a test setup in my home environment
16:26 user: nagiosadmin
16:26 pass: 123
16:28 nemo ok
16:29 dogi sodala on my computer
16:29 ramoonas sodala?
16:30 dogi 4It works!
16:30 4plain apache site
16:30 ramoonas oh sorry
16:30 dogi 4nol login
16:30 ramoonas http://www.techsupport.lt:10080/nagios3/
16:30 :)
16:30 dogi 4-l
16:32 4http://www.techsupport.lt:1008[…]atus.cgi?host=all
16:32 4looks great
16:32 4hi hhardy
16:32 hhardy hi
16:33 there has been some discussion of having me set up nagios for fsf as it happens
16:33 dogi 4:)
16:33 4tell us
16:33 hhardy well first I need to finish setting up cacti for fsf
16:33 dogi 4 ... that sounds great
16:33 hhardy then nagios
16:34 dogi 4what is cacti :P
16:34 hhardy its a monitor based on mrtg, for traffic monitoring
16:34 shows graphs made with gdlib and rrdtool
16:34 dogi 4http://www.cacti.net/
16:34 4looks great
16:38 ramoonas ping? :)
16:38 hhardy hi
16:38 ramoonas hey
16:39 hhardy dogi?
16:40 dogi: ping
16:41 dogi 4sorry
16:41 4was cunfuesd by sj
16:41 4so what is the plan right now
16:42 ramoonas whom you are addressing?
16:42 dogi 4???
16:42 4to both ...???
16:42 ramoonas arent we suppose to deploy nagios to monitor olpc servers?
16:42 hhardy my plan as far as olpc is still to set up another big sister unless you want nagios instead
16:42 dogi 4we want to have a monitoring system
16:42 ramoonas instead of bigsister?
16:43 dogi 4yes and no
16:43 ramoonas so we will use both?
16:43 hhardy big sister is kind of abandonware so I am ok with nagios if that is what is wanted
16:43 who will maintain nagios, and who will respond to something being down?
16:43 dogi 4bigsister is still there and running we need to find a maintainer ... which is not only hhardy
16:44 hhardy yes
16:44 even more important is to know who should be notified if there is downtime...
16:44 dogi 4and for redundance purpose :P we want a nagios
16:44 hhardy edmcnierney was using a third party monitor last I knew
16:44 dogi 4if nagios is working better then bigsis we will see
16:44 4jupp
16:44 hhardy so nobody was really watching big sister anyway
16:45 ramoonas nagios has some sort of multi-user capability, although i did not look into it. It might be worth setting up though
16:45 dogi 4was watching there ... at least once a week
16:45 hhardy btw I am going on vacation from 10th aug to 24rth... friend has no internet
16:46 so nothing will be done till I get back probably
16:46 ok
16:46 dogi 4:)
16:46 hhardy its still valuable for logging to some degree
16:47 ramoonas dogi?
16:47 dogi 4#action dogi fix kuku first and set then a VM for nagios up
16:47 4ramoonas: ?
16:48 ramoonas no nothing, i am just abit confused on what to do next
16:48 dogi 4is a ubuntu VM fine with u?
16:48 hhardy fine with me
16:48 fsf is using trisquel btw
16:49 dogi 4aha never heard
16:49 hhardy its not really working perfectly for servers yet so debian is the fallback there as far as server apps
16:49 just a point of interest maybe
16:49 dogi 4:)
16:49 ramoonas i used debian as nagios server
16:50 although i think ubuntu and debian handles nagios same way, same default configurations
16:50 dogi 4hopes so ...
16:50 hhardy thinks so
16:51 dogi 4#topic wiki update
16:51 4fgrose is not here today but in boston
16:51 4http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]usetts_Field_Trip
16:52 4#topic dicussion about vig structure
16:54 4in the last meeting fgrose and me started with this topic
16:54 4and since he is not present
16:54 4and this time there is hhardy  and ramoonas
16:55 4we should rediscuss for finding out what we are and what we want
16:55 4http://meeting.laptop.org/olpc[…]0090804_1602.html
16:55 4last topic
16:56 4basically we need to fill this vig page ...
16:56 4http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/index.php/Newby
16:56 ramoonas I am myself newbie i really dont know what to say :)
16:57 hhardy I move we table this till next week
16:58 also I would like to suggest that dogi communicate with edmcnierney and find out what is a better time for this meeting so that he could attend, and if possible cjb as well?
16:58 although I like this time fine myself
16:58 ramoonas +1
16:59 hhardy without at least one paid olpc person we are getting out on a limb installing new services I think
16:59 although the plan for big sister has been much discussed and I think is well known
17:00 ramoonas what is the plan for it?
17:01 hhardy install another bs monitor outside of 1cc where the current one is installed on thinker
17:02 ramoonas i am sorry for dumb questions but what is "lcc" and "thinker"
17:02 ?
17:02 hhardy I think there is a virtual machine set up by dogi at w-91 at mit for this purpose
17:02 1cc is the building where the olpc offices are in cambridge
17:02 1 Cambridge Center is the address
17:02 ramoonas oh
17:02 w-91?
17:02 hhardy All buildings a MIT have codes in fact all rooms do
17:03 W-91 is West building 91
17:03 there is a datacenter there with some olpc machines
17:03 sorry for obscure codes
17:03 ramoonas and what is thinker?
17:04 hhardy thinker.laptop.org is a shuttle box which used to be my desktop machine at 1cc, it is where the current installation of big sister is
17:04 it is now in the server room there
17:04 ramoonas ok ill try to remember
17:04 hhardy I was sysadmin at OLPC from Feb 4 2008 to Jan 9, 2009
17:05 ramoonas why did you quit?"
17:05 hhardy you can always look at these meeting logs
17:05 I didn't about half of the employees were fired including me
17:05 ramoonas oh
17:05 hhardy Due to financial and policy reasons
17:05 ramoonas i am sorry to hear that
17:05 hhardy so was I lol
17:06 dogi: ping
17:06 dogi 4pong
17:06 hhardy are we done?
17:06 dogi 4think so ...
17:06 ramoonas dogi: any tasks for me?
17:07 dogi 4#action everbody help in filling idea in http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/index.php/Newby
17:07 4+y
17:07 hhardy ramoonas you could maybe help with posting links to the minutes and transcript from recent meetings to the wiki?
17:07 hi ed
17:07 ramoonas hhardy, i am sorry, posting what to what?
17:08 hhardy these meeting minutes and transcripts, from VIG meetings, to the VIG wiki pages
17:08 dogi 4ramoonas: will send u a mail with logging info, ok?
17:08 4can u send me a sshkey?
17:08 ramoonas ssh-keygen -t rsa?
17:08 hhardy edmcnierney: what would be a better time for these meeting when you and hopefully cjb could attend?
17:10 I am setting up cacti and nagios for fsf for instance and it was suggested that a sepaprate installation of these could also be useful for OLPC but I would feel more comfortable with setting up new services if you or cjb were actively participating in VIG meetings
17:10 edmcnierney: I am setting up cacti and nagios for fsf for instance and it was suggested that a sepaprate installation of these could also be useful for OLPC but I would feel more comfortable with setting up new services if you or cjb were actively participating in VIG meetings
17:10 dogi 4ramoonas: yes :)
17:10 ramoonas dogi: whats your mail?
17:11 dogi 4dogi @ laptop.org
17:11 hhardy dogi@laptop.org?
17:11 oops thats parsable by spambots bad me
17:11 dogi 4lol
17:11 4#endmeeting
17:11 hhardy and hhardy at etc
17:11 #endmeeting
17:12 hmmm it didnt end
17:12 nemo #endmeeting

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