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#olpc-admin, 2009-08-04

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Time Nick Message
16:02 dogi #topic agenda
16:03 ramoonas so you've fixed a meeting bot :)
16:03 nemo * discuss eds mail to olpc-sysadmins
16:04 3ya ... meeting bot is not usable over mibbit
16:05 ramoonas mibbit?
16:06 nemo 3one of the first links in vig.laptop.org
16:06 FGrose www.mibbit.com a web irc client
16:06 nemo 3thx FGrose
16:07 ramoonas oh
16:07 nemo 3http://lists.laptop.org/piperm[…]-July/000318.html
16:08 3can everybody open this link?
16:08 3* new mysql db server on owl
16:09 3* wikimigration
16:10 ramoonas stupid question: what is OWL?
16:10 nemo 3ramoonas: do u link monitoring services ?
16:11 3owl.laptop.org short owl.l.o shorter owl :P
16:11 ramoonas what do you mean "link" ?
16:11 nemo 3ups like
16:11 ramoonas it gives me "It works" seems like default apache page
16:11 FGrose (ups is german for oops)
16:11 ramoonas i dont know i use munin mostly, zabbix and nagios a bit
16:12 ups is lithuanian for oops :)
16:12 nemo 3cool
16:12 3then bigsister is maintained by henry thinker.l.o/~bigsys
16:13 3but he wants to give his monitoring task to somebody else
16:13 ramoonas what monitoring software do you use?
16:14 nemo 3dogi is using pings and mails .... :P
16:14 3and wgets ...
16:14 3but that is not professional ...
16:15 ramoonas i suppose we could set up some sort of monitoring software, but the choice of software mostly depends on what we are trying to monitor
16:15 nemo 3I always wanted to have something like nagios
16:15 ramoonas munin is very good for my environment but i dont know if it suit olpc
16:15 hmm
16:15 what exactly do we want to monitor?
16:15 nemo 3that why you are the best person to discuss the next point
16:15 3* monitoring
16:16 3+is
16:16 3how wants to go first?
16:16 3FGrose: ?
16:17 FGrose OK, we discussed Ed's letter yet?
16:17 dogi #topic wikimigration
16:18 FGrose http://lists.laptop.org/piperm[…]ugust/000327.html  
16:18 dogi would like to do this as last ... and first do usual
16:18 ramoonas give me a sec, i will reconfigure firewall
16:18 are we still discussing monitoring?
16:19 FGrose http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]ecipe:migratewiki  has draft proposal
16:19 nemo 3ramoonas: that will be the next topic, ok?
16:20 ramoonas ok
16:21 nemo 3i ask cjb if he can give u access to pedal.l.o for the Localsettings file
16:21 3did u get some answer from him?
16:21 FGrose I've installed one extension, http://testwiki.laptop.org/wik[…]Special:Interwiki
16:22 No comments yet, except for Ed, http://lists.laptop.org/piperm[…]ugust/000328.html
16:22 nemo 3hmm
16:22 3#action dogi and FGrose ask cjb for access on pedal
16:22 3ups
16:23 FGrose Is the confidential stuff moved from pedal?
16:23 dogi #action ask cjb for pedal access for fgrose
16:24 nemo 3:) good question next question :P
16:24 3what u needed to do for enable the extension?
16:25 3http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]p/Wiki_extensions is emty
16:25 FGrose http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]tall%20extensions
16:26 nemo 3but all the rest sound good ... or perfect
16:26 3so what is ur next plan?
16:26 3? to connect testwiki to the database on owl?
16:27 FGrose practice with more extensions, and security configurations, until I can study w.l.o configuration
16:27 nemo 3or more extension test?
16:27 3ok :)
16:27 dogi #action fgrose: plan withwikiextensions
16:28 ups
16:28 play
16:28 g1 is not so good for fast typing
16:28 FGrose I will be on field trip for next couple of weeks. are you in Boston?
16:29 nemo 3sure :)
16:29 3will u visit me?
16:29 FGrose http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]usetts_Field_Trip
16:30 nemo 3ahhh thx
16:31 3will read this later ... thx FGrose
16:31 FGrose So I won't be on computer as much, but can visit with you at office.
16:32 nemo 3is leaving for Europe end of august ... i am not often in the office ...
16:33 3but i hope to meet u befor i leave
16:33 ramoonas nemo: what you will be doing in Europe?
16:33 FGrose I'll be in town August 11-16
16:34 nemo 3fine
16:34 3ramoonas: lot of thing i did not in the last 2 years ...
16:34 3+s
16:35 3so sould we switch to the next topic?
16:35 ramoonas which country?
16:35 nemo 3Italy Germany and Austria ...
16:35 ramoonas nice
16:36 nemo 3is proud to be german speaking italian
16:36 3FGrose: anything new about stress testing stuff?
16:37 FGrose No, just saw some more recommendations for the selenium
16:38 nemo 3i heard that sverma wrote the same idea to sugarlabs mailing list
16:38 FGrose That's it
16:38 dogi #idea selenium
16:38 #topic monitoring
16:40 nemo 3ramoonas: tell us something about ur monitoring experience
16:41 ramoonas um
16:41 this is a munin example
16:41 it is mainly a graphing software
16:41 but it is light fast and easy extendable
16:42 i dont know what exactly do you want to monitor
16:42 nemo 3ur actual monitoring service is http://thinker.laptop.org/bigsis/
16:43 ramoonas one moment
16:43 hmm
16:43 i never used bigsister
16:43 but i can look into it
16:43 do you need to extend it in some way? or replace it?
16:44 nemo 3i dont know right now what is better ...
16:44 3for me is more to find out what u like to do more ...
16:45 3if I would do this task i would search for a new monitoring sevice
16:46 3cos i dont like bigsys setup we have right now
16:46 3but want we use too is awstats on http servers
16:47 ramoonas awstats?
16:47 nemo 3is munin able to do evaluations like awstats and all what bigsis does ..
16:48 ramoonas no. It can only draw graphs
16:48 i think nagios should be the way to go
16:48 but i am no expert and nagios is a pretty complex system
16:48 although i like a challenge :)
16:50 nemo 3what do u think about a devel VM were u set up a nagios and we monitor vig and testwiki ...
16:51 ramoonas i can use my own servers for testing nagios. It would be more secure for you and would give me a better flexibility. Once testing is complete we could set it up on vig servers
16:52 nemo 3ok then that is ur action for this week :)
16:53 ramoonas ok, i am writing it down :)
16:53 dogi #action ramoonas nagios research and local testing
16:53 ramoonas the main objective is web server monitoring right?
16:54 nemo 3yupp
16:54 3and ping like ... is the machine here test
16:54 ramoonas ok
16:55 nemo 3since we deal with VMs and that is so flexible ...
16:55 ramoonas by the way, what OS your servers are running?
16:56 nemo 3for me is more improtand to find out which recipe we need for a nagios server and what do we have to install on the clients
16:56 ramoonas ok, will look into it
16:56 nemo 3most of ur VMs are ubuntu and some are fedora
16:56 ramoonas got it
16:57 nemo 3so we need to find out what is to do on both client typs
16:57 3u8.04 u8.10 u9.04 and f11
16:59 3the most importent thing is to write like FGrose everthing u find out into vig.laptop.org so we can help u ...
17:00 dogi #topic ed s mail to vig
17:01 ramoonas nemo sorry, where should i write what i find?
17:01 FGrose ramoonas: a new page here, http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
17:01 nemo 3hi Ian_Daniher
17:02 3thx FGrose :)
17:02 ramoonas Fgrose: wher
17:02 sorry
17:02 nemo 3sorry i published the wrong link
17:02 ramoonas i should create a new page sorry?
17:02 nemo 3http://lists.laptop.org/piperm[…]-July/000324.html
17:03 FGrose Yes ramoonas, a new page, maybe Recipe:nagios
17:03 nemo 3+1
17:05 3 1. OLPC Sysadmin Priorities - Since Chris and I are now the people   primarily responsible for sysadmin duties, I'd like to make sure   everyone understands what our top priorities are.
17:05 ramoonas hm
17:05 i suppose i should register then :)
17:06 nemo 3yupp and to enable ur email there
17:06 3only person with checked email can write on vig ... by the thx FGrose  no spam there anymore
17:07 3+way
17:08 3yes we know there are system which laptop.org cares but nobody of us has root access there
17:09 3and since an admin without a root grant can not really help there
17:09 FGrose Hopefully, they can segregate their confidential material to private servers
17:10 nemo 3my opinion about point one 1.a. is thank u but without right we can not help u directly ...
17:11 3FGrose: i believe in the plan to make this powerfull and complicated machines like pedal and crank
17:12 3into little and simple and stable VMs
17:13 FGrose Yes, that makes segregation easier
17:13 nemo 3where there is no confidential material or only trusted vig have access and can help
17:14 3with that i jump to 1.b.
17:16 3right now we maintain only idea.l.o, meeting.l.o and vig.l.o which maybe have a little relevance for the public ...
17:17 FGrose meeting.l.o is very important for public notes
17:17 nemo 3and all the others are little devel VMs for testing
17:18 3thx FGrose but meeting has only 400 different session per month ...
17:19 3so in cjb and ed and walter language this service is nice but not important
17:20 3the problem i see there is this VM run on sinistra.l.o which is olpc property
17:21 3and i think we should ask if we as vig can use this machine for ur service experiments
17:23 3and only by finding out recipe we really can help olpc
17:23 3ups recipes
17:24 ramoonas sorry to interrupt few questions: what is cjb? ed and walter? recipes?
17:25 nemo 3there are to other pysical machines where we could have access too one is thinker.l.o and the other is teach.l.o
17:25 3sorry ramoonas
17:25 FGrose cjb = Chris Ball, Ed McNierney
17:26 nemo 3and Walter Bender which is giving meetings on #sugar-meeting
17:27 FGrose Recipes = Installation & maintenance guides + Change logs
17:27 nemo 3by the way we should think about help olpc by local services like cl.sugarlabs.org
17:29 FGrose And prepare sysadmins like ramoonas who want to help deployments
17:29 nemo 3so by helping olpc grassroots getting public/organized we help olpc
17:29 3+1 FGrose
17:31 3but back to 1.b.
17:31 ramoonas FGrose: where do those recipes (change logs) go at vig.laptop.org/wiki ?
17:31 sorry for laming a bit, but i cant seem to find them
17:31 FGrose ramoonas: see http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]/Special:AllPages
17:32 nemo 3:)
17:32 ramoonas oh ok
17:32 got it
17:34 nemo 3FGrose: what is u r opinion?
17:35 FGrose pendulums swing too far sometimes.  We can expire old test VMs and continue with current projects that need attention
17:36 nemo 3i think we as vig could take over some other duties to help cjb and ed
17:36 FGrose Take responsibility for test VMs with good documentation and output for olpc
17:38 Perhaps more monitoring analysis will help diagnose and prescribe solutions
17:38 nemo 3+1
17:38 3lets go to the next point
17:39 3 1.c.
17:39 3ya i know that the docs are not in the best shape ... some is my fault :(
17:40 3that s why i will invest the next weeks time to bring vig.l.o in better shape
17:40 3and any help is welcome
17:41 3as you can see spended already some time last week
17:42 3to d.
17:43 3thx ed that is VIgs first fedora VM :)
17:43 3but nobody here has access there
17:44 3that brings me to the next point,
17:44 3which is maybe important for us
17:46 3on which rule base we sould share access to others?
17:47 ramoonas I am sorry i have to go away from computer, but i have my tasks and i will read the rest of the meeting log tomorrow. Bye
17:47 away
17:47 nemo 3my believe is to give user access to all vig members on vig machines
17:47 3ciao ramoonas
17:48 3and root access only to cjb, ed, vig secretary and the VM maintainer
17:48 3FGrose: ok?
17:49 FGrose so how do we review configuration of say vig.laptop.org?
17:50 nemo 3first maybe we have to define who is vig ...
17:51 FGrose I have sudouser rights there...
17:51 nemo 3and then look if ed and cjb have access to this machines
17:51 3sure u are the maintainer there ...
17:52 FGrose Oh, OK.
17:52 nemo 3then only the rest of the vig user is to be to defined ...
17:54 FGrose No cjb or ed accounts on vig.laptop.org
17:54 nemo 3what do u think about all user which appeard in the last 3 months in olpc-admin meetings where vig has the sshkey?
17:54 FGrose bernie is there
17:55 right, OK
17:55 dogi #action give cjb and ed access to every vig vm
17:56 nemo 3#action define vig user
17:56 3point 2
17:59 3i do not really understand the difference ... is serving the olpc-community not an olpc-sysadmin job?
18:00 3or in other word how can we help better then in taking care of olpc community?
18:01 FGrose We just were'nt able to help directly with the big pedal problem, but our plans will help in the longer run
18:01 nemo 3+1 hope so
18:02 3 3.b
18:02 3is already done
18:02 3vig has not to much users but to less
18:02 3:P
18:05 3but i know that on other systems it look different
18:06 3 4.
18:06 3that is an important point
18:07 3i complety agree
18:07 3for a
18:09 3but more interesting are point c and b
18:10 3there i need help FGrose
18:10 FGrose yes?
18:11 nemo 3 4.C.
18:12 3maybe it is better to move this points to the next meeting and write suggestion into a wiki page
18:14 3by improving this page
18:14 3http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/index.php/Newby
18:14 3What is VIG?
18:14 3Rules of VIG?
18:15 FGrose OK, I add some visions
18:15 nemo 3How VIG is structured
18:15 3thx /me will add some too
18:16 dogi #action newby page
18:16 #endmeeting

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