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#olpc-admin, 2009-07-28

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Time Nick Message
16:03 hhardy yes I will at least try to get it set up and working there but we need a person to actively maintain that one
16:04 and I can't promise when it will be done
16:04 dogi #topic agenda
16:04 * meeting: fixing and migration plans
16:05 * bigsister: new VM the 2nd or more
16:05 * wiki/testwiki: security research
16:06 adric? to
16:06 adric Hmm ?
16:06 dogi delete key does not respond sorry for all the mistyping
16:07 adric do u want a new devel rt?
16:07 adric is trying to get an f11-xo1 build server up.
16:07 sighs.
16:07 dogi cool
16:07 adric I can try and help guide someone else to push the RT upgrade on henry's old plan, but I don't have any more time for it myself right now.
16:08 dogi * f11-xo1 build server
16:08 ok
16:08 * new rt vm
16:08 who wants to be first?
16:08 anything i forgot?
16:09 * documentation on vig (or internalwiki)
16:09 hhardy I'll take bigsister question if nobody else wants to start
16:09 dogi sure
16:09 #topic bigsister
16:10 hhardy Bottom line is I don't think a quality volunteer sysadmin effort is sustainable without a full time paid sysadmin
16:10 Plus I am concentrating on 1 personal health issues
16:10 2 find a job
16:10 3 volunteer sysadmin stuff at fsf
16:11 dogi #action dogi set up next bigsis vm on treehouse
16:11 4?
16:11 hhardy so going forward my role will be answering questions and offering advice, and a degree of  facilitating contacts between the community and the core team
16:11 I don't forsee taking an active role in any sysadmin stuff unless it is an absolute emergency and chuck or ed asks for my help directly
16:12 so I'll help set up new bigsister vm but then it needs to be handed off to someone to take day to day responsibility for maintaining it
16:12 dogi +1 :)
16:13 hhardy likewise I'll continue to maintain the legacy bigsister on thinker but dont anticipate setting up much or any new stuff there
16:13 dogi #top
16:13 hhardy It is very unfortunate that Ed is not coming to these meetings
16:13 suggest we find a time when he can attend
16:14 any questions/comments?
16:14 dogi #action hhardy set up bigsis
16:15 hhardy and as I said I cant guarentee when the new vm will be done it isnt on the top of my list of priorities at this point
16:15 adric Ed just mailed the list with his aologies and a plea for server and vm documentation.
16:15 hhardy I saw that
16:15 I am not going to comment further
16:16 dogi thank you anyway and feel always welcome here ::)
16:16 hhardy thank you and I do Chuck has also made that clear
16:16 its a matter of time and money and priorities
16:17 dogi who is next?
16:17 FGrose I'll go
16:17 dogi suere
16:17 -e
16:17 #topic wiki security research
16:18 FGrose http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]php/Wiki_security has meager information that I've found.  Will keep looking and testing those items on testwiki
16:18 Then will begin to test installing extensions on testwiki
16:20 dogi ok that sounds great
16:21 #action FGrose extension test ontestwiki
16:21 and security tests
16:21 adric Sounds fun :)
16:21 dogi question: when do we want to copy wiki.l.o?
16:22 and want do we need to prepare for that?
16:22 FGrose after testing security and extension installations at minimum.  Timing???
16:22 dogi and how does that interfer with ed s plan of a mysql database server
16:23 hdspace?
16:23 FGrose Ed acts first, assuming he understands space requirements
16:24 dogi i like to have an active copy of this wiki ...
16:24 FGrose w.l.o?
16:24 dogi but ja let s discuss that next time/week?
16:25 i have a copy of www.l.o already ... pinguin.laptop.org which is running on owl
16:25 FGrose OK, will prepare more plans in http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]ecipe:migratewiki
16:25 dogi cool thx FGrose
16:26 which extentions to you plan to test?
16:27 FGrose those on w.l.o... any suggestions on where to start?
16:27 dogi hmm
16:28 i would start by asking sj@laptop.org or testing first the easy ones
16:29 FGrose OK. Also need to know about the backup procedure.
16:29 dogi the proplem there is more that most extension works fine in a non user environment'
16:29 but then uner streess they crash or are really slow
16:30 +d -e
16:30 sverma do we have anything to stress test the environment?
16:30 FGrose I'll try to include these issues in the migratewiki plan and get sj's comments and others
16:31 dogi sverma: erik@laptop.org had some scripts creating a lot of traffic ... that worked for html
16:31 but for wiki ...
16:32 FGrose sverma: I'm not aware about tools for that, but will look around and ask in plans
16:33 dogi a t least we could test the reading skills/abilities about wiki with some extensions
16:33 so who is next?
16:33 #topic meeting fix and migrationplans
16:34 sverma-postcrash sorry, X crashed on my laptop
16:35 dogi like i tought it was only a mibbit.com problem with meeting
16:35 in other words thats why today i m using irssi :)
16:36 meeting was offline since friday :(
16:36 which i fixed today ...
16:36 sverma-postcrash so, can we use something like selenium to stress test new builds?
16:37 dogi selenium?
16:37 sverma-postcrash http://seleniumhq.org/
16:37 dogi FGrose: ?
16:37 FGrose looking
16:38 dogi too :)
16:38 sverma-postcrash we use it to stress test Moodle on campus
16:38 basically any web app i suppose
16:39 dogi thx sverma-postcrash
16:39 sverma-postcrash we also use JMeter, but I don't know much about it personally...
16:40 http://jakarta.apache.org/jmeter/
16:40 FGrose I think we have to have a specific problem before we design a test.  Otherwise, we use well-tested Mediawiki extensions
16:41 dogi +1 FGrose
16:41 sverma-postcrash +1
16:41 I was thinking of problematic or iffy extensions
16:41 dogi the map extension for example
16:41 FGrose Right.  we could uninstall suspected ones...
16:42 which map? imagemap?
16:42 Ok googlemaps, I remember
16:42 dogi but u rememberd me there was a problem with imagemap too
16:43 ... this was fixed by cjb@laptop,org
16:43 FGrose not familiar with the imagemap problem.
16:44 dogi but i think we will find out by doing ...
16:44 #action dogi migrate meeting to treehouse
16:44 #topic treehouse
16:45 FGrose I don't have access to the w.l.o server now, so could you copy LocalSettings.php to my vig home?
16:45 dogi #actiion
16:45 Action grrr
16:45 adric selenium (etc) would allow us to script and automate web usage tasks for testing. it's a cool package.
16:45 dogi #action dogi give FGrose access to pedal
16:46 so back treehouse
16:47 is a server where _bernie walter and me have access
16:47 and where i will set up most of the devel VM
16:47 it has 64Gb of ram
16:47 2 quadcore cpu from amd
16:48 and 3 tb of harddrive
16:49 and the plan is to have there asterisk (_bernoie)
16:49 bigsis (hhardy)
16:49 meeting (dogi)
16:50 which are all little devel VM
16:50 adric: rt? do u want a VM there too?
16:52 hmm
16:52 who wants to be next?
16:52 ping _bernie
16:53 adric: ?
16:54 i wanted to hear something about ur F11forXO1 build machine ...
16:56 i know only that the vm is running on sinistra
16:56 dogi@sinistra:~$ virsh list
16:56 Connecting to uri: qemu:///system
16:56 Id Name                 State
16:56 ----------------------------------
16:56  1 backup               running
16:56  2 meeting              running
16:56  3 projectdb            running
16:57  4 maps                 running
16:57  5 onedb                running
16:57  6 olpcorps             running
16:57  7 base904              running
16:57  8 idea                 running
16:57  9 rt2                  running
16:57 10 vig                  running
16:57 11 one                  running
16:57 16 f11-on-xo-1          running
16:57 hi deep
16:57 deep dogi, hi
16:57 dogi #topic welcome deep
16:58 backlog http://meeting.laptop.org/olpc[…]0090728_1603.html
16:59 i m Stefan Unterhauser volunteer sysadmin and who are you? :P
17:00 deep dogi, are you asking form me :)
17:00 dogi yupp
17:01 do I know u already ... face to face?
17:01 deep dogi, I am Deependra Ariyadewa and  support  guy
17:02 dogi :)
17:02 deep dogi, I am from Sri Lanka OLPC volunteer group
17:03 dogi i think i never asked u befor ...
17:03 deep it is ok
17:03 dogi will join
17:03 ups
17:03 will you join our group?
17:04 deep I like to ..
17:04 dogi or is there something we can do for you?
17:05 sure u are welcome
17:05 deep dogi, I am from University of Colombo Sri Lanka. We handle the OLPC sri lanka deployment technical part
17:06 we got 10 OLPCs and we have a small OLPC interest group ..
17:06 dogi i think the best is u read some of our meetings and then tell me what u want to do ...
17:07 or send me ur CV and then i can tell u where we could use ur skills
17:07 deep I am a RHCE and CISSP
17:07 dogi CISSP?
17:08 deep and work as the assistant network manager in University of colombo school of computing
17:09 dogi it looks like u are perfect for us ...
17:09 deep http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C[…]rity_Professional
17:09 adric sorry was, other meetings, work. F11 xo1 build server to be is currently trying to finish its first build, as per the wiki instructions
17:10 dogi hi adric
17:10 FGrose deep: please add to http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]php/Wiki_security
17:10 dogi #topic f11onXO1 build server
17:11 can u post the wiki link there adric ?
17:11 deep ok
17:12 adric Yes, of course, sorry. Near here: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Talk[…]O-1#Work_starting
17:12 dogi deep: for example we search a person which set up an antiwikispambot and /or pywikibot
17:13 #endmeeting
14:21 meeting does not work with mibbit.com
14:21 #endmeeting

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