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#olpc-admin, 2009-07-21

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
16:08 dogi 3lets do that later
16:08 3topic agenda
16:08 hhardy #topic agenda
16:08 dogi 3* meeting issues ...
16:09 3* testwiki/vig
16:09 3* bigsister
16:09 ramoonas bigsister?
16:09 dogi 3* ramoonas
16:10 3do we have special things to discuss
16:10 3???
16:10 hhardy you will take over as secretary dogi, if no objection?
16:10 I mean formally not for purpose of this  mtng
16:10 dogi 3sure
16:11 hhardy I propose dogi as the new IG secretary
16:11 *VIG
16:11 all in favor
16:11 aye
16:11 ramoonas aye
16:11 :)
16:11 hhardy +1 dogi
16:11 FGrose go
16:11 hhardy opposed?
16:12 ok grats dogi
16:12 dogi 3thx hhardy ramoonas FGrose :)
16:12 hhardy news item is I am volunteeering 4 days a week at free sw foundation now
16:12 so I am less available for olpc
16:12 ramoonas have fun :)
16:12 hhardy I am there now
16:12 dogi 3ramoonas: http://www.bigsister.ch/
16:13 ramoonas dogi: how does it relay to olpc?
16:13 dogi 3* one/group migration
16:13 hhardy thinker.laptop.org/bigsis
16:13 dogi 3ramoonas: http://thinker.laptop.org/bigsis/
16:14 ramoonas these are servers right?
16:14 dogi 3hi mchua
16:14 mchua hey dogi.
16:15 in a meeting right now, I'll be slow to respond.
16:15 hhardy hey mchua are you in bos?
16:15 dogi 3most ... hhardy ? are there cnames too?
16:15 hhardy danny says hi btw
16:15 dogi 3hi danny
16:16 3so lets go to * meeting
16:16 hhardy cnames for what? bigsister?
16:17 dogi 3no if there are server which cause of cnames are double listed ...
16:17 hhardy dont understand question
16:17 mchua I'm in Raleigh.
16:17 dogi 3hhardy: ups
16:18 3is every line in the table of bigsis a server
16:18 hhardy it coresponds to ip addresses
16:19 those are user defined labels that are displayed
16:19 they are defined in uxmon-net
16:19 dogi 3jupp i remember :)
16:19 hhardy the purplization is probably because there are redundant bs processes running
16:19 looking now
16:20 dogi 3topic meeting
16:20 hhardy #topic meeting
16:21 dogi 3#action dogi fix meeting that everybody can start a meeting again
16:21 3story behind this issue
16:21 hhardy restarted manually
16:22 #action dogi fix meeting
16:22 dogi 3was in washington and ed/cjb/ricchard move meeting from kuku to sinistra
16:23 3... same problem FGrose with testwiki
16:23 hhardy I read that wiki security patches will no longer be applied??
16:24 mchua: I am volunteering 4 days a week at fsf, am there now
16:24 dogi 3other thing i set up a meeting devel VM so that i can develop next generation meeting
16:24 FGrose hhardy: source for that security news...
16:24 hhardy per an email from ed
16:24 dogi 3topic testwiki
16:24 hhardy unless I missed a follow-up
16:25 FGrose http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]/Machine:testwiki  shows that I did the test migration of VIG.laptop.org
16:26 hhardy july 13 to bernie and vig: please let's
16:26 not undertake any system upgrades for a bit until we get things in a
16:26 more maintainable state.
16:27 FGrose Notice http://testwiki.laptop.org/wik[…]dex.php/Main_Page gives a familiar page from vig wiki
16:27 hhardy per edmcnierney
16:27 dogi 3yeah ed is consolidating my work ... so he has a lot to do ...
16:27 3:P
16:28 hhardy he didn't say we wont do tem ever but rather for now we should "discuss" "high-priority updates"
16:28 dogi 3testwiki.laptop.org looks great FGrose :)
16:29 3hhardy: topic testwiki/vig/wiki
16:29 hhardy #topic testwiki/vig/wiki
16:29 dogi 3so FGrose what is the next step?
16:30 FGrose I want to know more about security best practices, http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]php/Wiki_security
16:30 dogi 3should we try to set up a copy of teamwiki and.or wiki.l.o
16:31 3ok that looks interresting too
16:31 FGrose Not yet, until I understand better the security
16:31 dogi 3:)
16:32 3then that is ur action item
16:32 FGrose Please post suggested reference on that page
16:32 hhardy #action FGrose to understand beeter the wiki security
16:32 FGrose OK, I will check for more sources
16:33 dogi 3:)
16:33 ramoonas FGrose: i suppose we could scan wiki server with nessus
16:34 i have it installed in one of my servers
16:34 dogi 3topic ramoonas research
16:34 FGrose Is that a testing tool?
16:34 hhardy #topic ramoonas research
16:34 ramoonas it is a vulnerability scanner which also includes nikto web scanner
16:35 i use it all the time to check my servers for possible weaknesses
16:35 hhardy it is a port scanner similar to but much nicer than nmap nessus.org free and nonfree forks
16:35 ramoonas http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nessus
16:35 sorry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nessus_(software)
16:35 :)
16:35 FGrose OK thanks,
16:35 ramoonas apparantly nessus was also a centaur :)
16:35 hhardy do not do this w/o written ok from edmcnierney I wuld suggest
16:36 the MIT folks will see it and want to know whats up
16:36 dogi 3hmm
16:36 3hhardy: good point
16:36 hhardy afk minute
16:36 FGrose hhardy: MIT have a security wiki?
16:37 dogi 3but if we set up a nessus in a VM in 1CC
16:37 3we shouldn t have problems with MIT
16:37 ramoonas or you can ask them to ignore scans from my ip
16:37 but if you have resources for another vm i think it is twice as good
16:37 :)
16:38 i could help you set it up
16:38 sorry i lag a bit
16:38 hhardy back
16:39 dogi 3or even better vig.laptop.org is a good place to set up a nessus instance ... FGrose what do u think?
16:39 3so u can test testwiki from vig ....
16:39 hhardy #link http://ist.mit.edu/security
16:40 dogi 3thx hhardy
16:40 hhardy yw
16:40 ramoonas dogi: nessus is a server vulnerability scanner. To test only testwiki i recommend nikto
16:40 FGrose Will consider that. It would be convenient, but want to follow up with the link hhardy just listed
16:40 ramoonas it is also less painfull to set up
16:40 hhardy the biggest persistent prob w/ wiki security is defacement I'd say
16:41 nessus isn't going to address that really
16:41 dogi 3good point hhardy
16:41 FGrose Yes.  I'm just starting with basics though.
16:42 dogi 3i did a little research in mediawiki antispam bot
16:42 hhardy also we at olpc do not talk directly to ist we shuld go through will at necsys or we will get yelled at
16:42 so to speak
16:42 and it should go through cjb or ed
16:43 FGrose OK, just looking for documentation now
16:43 dogi 3i think the only way to protect a wiki is with human or robot power
16:43 hhardy dogi -> cjb -> ed -> will -> ist
16:44 generally agree
16:44 dogi 3action dogi asks necsys about nessus policy ...
16:45 3but i want to speak more about ramoonas task from the last week
16:45 3did u read the old meetings
16:46 hhardy me, did not read last week
16:46 dogi 3hhardy: lol :)
16:46 3i was asking ramoonas ...
16:46 hhardy heh oh
16:47 ramoonas dogi: sorry, i just go back from vacation and had a little havoc at my workplace
16:47 dogi 3did u find something u liked we maybe need ...
16:47 3ok
16:47 hhardy ...and let slip the little dogs of war :)
16:47 ramoonas i am leaving for another week this friday so i havent started to look at it thoroughly
16:47 dogi 3what do u think about an wiki antispam bot?
16:48 ramoonas dogi: are you asking me?
16:48 dogi 3yes
16:48 ramoonas sorry i have no experience with wiki's let alone their bots
16:49 dogi 3hmmm
16:50 hhardy (bigsis is mostly depurplized after restart)
16:50 dogi 3hhardy: :)
16:50 hhardy ask sj about antispam robots
16:51 ramoonas dogi: i am just looking at your work, i might be able to participate more after summer brake, or in the middle of next month
16:51 dogi 3sj for example wanted to have a pywikibot which edits the new users personal page automaticaly
16:51 ramoonas sorry though
16:52 dogi 3right now he does that per hand
16:52 3other question ramoonas
16:52 3what is ur expertise?
16:53 3so i can think about what could be needed in vig
16:53 ramoonas i can send you my cv if you want
16:53 dogi 3I = we (VIG)
16:53 ramoonas yes i understand that :)
16:54 dogi 3ok
16:54 ramoonas what is your email?
16:54 dogi 3so we will discuss this point after ur holiday
16:54 3dogi@laptop.org
16:54 ramoonas ok
16:55 hhardy #link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Bots
16:55 dogi 3likes to have a nessus user in VIg
16:55 3ping _bernie
16:56 3topic bigsis
16:56 hhardy #topic #bigsister
16:56 #topic bigsister
16:57 I have an action item to reinitialize the db and install rrdtool on thinker which I have not done yet
16:57 dogi 3i will send you the login info hhardy again
16:57 hhardy ty
16:57 dogi 3is that ok?
16:57 hhardy yes
16:59 can I give one general note?
16:59 dogi 3then ur task is to set up and document the bigsis VM
16:59 3i think we are done ...
16:59 3topic new business
16:59 3or other
16:59 3sure
17:00 hhardy http://linux.slashdot.org/stor[…]-Mistake?from=rss
17:00 apparently we should be using "vanilla linux"
17:00 ramoonas vanilla? never heard of it
17:00 is it good?
17:01 never mind, found it
17:01 dogi 3lol
17:02 3likes sugar anyway :P
17:02 3vanilla or not
17:02 hhardy yes vanilla is excellent, its a type of orchid :)
17:03 dogi 3endmeeting
17:03 hhardy #endmeeting
16:05 dogi 3hui
16:05 ramoonas i think bot does not like you dogi :)
16:06 dogi 3:(
16:06 3:P
16:06 FGrose why didn't it take dogi's  command?
16:06 ramoonas happens from time to time :D
16:06 hhardy you are not flagged as chan admin that might be why?
16:06 dogi 3mom
16:07 3can u end meeting hhardy
16:07 hhardy #endmeeting

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