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#olpc-admin, 2009-07-14

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Time Nick Message
16:20 dogi_ #topic agenda
16:21 * vig and wiki: update
16:21 * bigsister
16:21 * wwwsj
16:22 * one/groups production servers
16:22 #topic vig and wiki update
16:22 FGrose http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]/Machine:testwiki
16:23 ramoonas_laptop hello everybody
16:23 FGrose Hi ramoonas_laptop
16:24 dogi_ FGrose: which data migration plan you wanna follow
16:24 FGrose sql
16:25 dogi_ ok the xml sound strange ... but interresting to test but i believe that the sql is the better path to follow
16:25 FGrose but I lack so basic mysql knowledge.  I get the following error:
16:25 dogi_ oo
16:26 ramoonas_laptop Hello Frederick
16:26 sorry i lag a bit
16:26 dogi_ ramoonas: np :)
16:26 hi hhardy
16:27 which error FGrose ?
16:28 FGrose I enter sudo mysql -u wikiuser -p wikidb < all_databases.sql   (on my local VM)
16:28 dogi_ ok
16:29 and then the error message is?
16:29 FGrose and it reports: Access denied for user 'wikiuser'@'localhost' to database 'wikidb'
16:29 dogi_ hmmm
16:30 grant ...
16:30 ramoonas FGrose what are you trying to achieve?
16:30 dogi_ the wikiuser has no rights in ur db
16:30 FGrose We are testing a wiki restoration
16:32 OK. I have  $wgDBadminuser     = $wgDBuser     = 'xxxxxxx';   $wgDBadminpassword = $wgDBpassword = 'xxxxxxx'; but that is for MediaWiki.  I need something yet for mysql I suppose.
16:33 ramoonas FGrose, your mysql user is wikiuser your database is wikidb and your password is also wikidb am i correct?
16:33 dogi_ and if i remember it u have to use the grant command
16:33 FGrose ramoonas: yes, the mediawiki defaults.
16:34 dogi_ believes that FGrose never configured mysql db
16:34 FGrose dogi OK, I'll try some more. and look at mysql db configuration.
16:34 dogi_ so first create wikiuser and then grant right to him
16:34 ramoonas FGrose, perhaps restoring one database at a time might work
16:34 but i dont think you need sudo for that
16:35 dogi_ http://www-css.fnal.gov/dsg/ex[…]e/mysqlAdmin.html
16:35 FGrose I just need more basic time with mysql..  Thanks dogi.
16:35 dogi_ sure :)
16:36 #action FGrose configure testwiki mysql
16:36 FGrose I was happy with mediawiki update to 1.15.1...
16:36 ramoonas so there is a meeting after all? :)
16:37 dogi_ if u are blocked like this feel free to write me a mail
16:37 FGrose ramoonas: this is it.  
16:37 dogi_ #topic welcome ramoonas
16:37 ramoonas :)
16:37 dogi_ hi ramoonas
16:37 ramoonas so
16:37 how can i help?
16:37 hi dogi_
16:37 :)
16:37 dogi_ i m Stefan Unterhauser
16:38 and volunteer systems adminstrator for olpc
16:38 ramoonas I am Ramunas Cereskevicius, fresh support gang member, Frederick here suggested i would drop by to this meeting because i am linux system administror
16:38 dogi_ hui
16:39 sure
16:39 FGrose http://lists.laptop.org/privat[…]-July/005986.html  for those with access
16:40 and also http://lists.laptop.org/privat[…]-July/005988.html
16:41 ramoonas strange, i can't login even though i am registered to the list and receive emails from it :?
16:42 FGrose Those were your introduction posts from you and Adam Holt
16:42 ramoonas i thought so :)
16:42 dogi_ i could log in only with my special rights ...
16:43 :(
16:43 ramoonas: so u are interrested in helping usw
16:43 -w
16:43 ramoonas dogi_: yes
16:44 i think i could
16:44 i have already installed school server on virtualbox to check it out
16:45 do you also run fedora on your infastructure servers?
16:45 dogi_ if u look in http://idea.laptop.org/ideator[…]popular_6_months/
16:45 u can write there a proposal or take an open one ...
16:46 sure but all VMs right now are Ubuntu
16:47 FGrose For laptop.org infrastructure, but XS VMs should be Fedora
16:47 dogi_ #action ramoonas search/write a proposal on idea
16:48 and send dogi@laptop.org a working sshkey (rsa)
16:48 is that ok with u?
16:49 ramoonas dogi_, i can send you generated sshkey, but i dont know what for?
16:50 will you grant me access somewhere?
16:51 dogi_ sure u will have access on vig.laptop.org ... which is the home of the volunteer infrastructure group
16:52 ... and so i don thave to ask the next time
16:53 ramoonas: we will meet next week same room same time
16:53 #topic bigsister
16:53 ramoonas ok. If i will be back from vacation i will be here
16:53 dogi_ ping hhardy
16:54 :) sure
16:54 ramoonas although i got a bit confused
16:54 as i understand you are a head sysadmin here right?
16:54 dogi_ ok explain
16:55 yes
16:56 ramoonas so where do you think i might be able to help you? I mean in what tasks, responsibilities etc.
16:56 ?
16:56 dogi_ i manage the virtual machine for devel environments in vig
16:56 ramoonas vmware?
16:56 dogi_ no kvm libvirt
16:56 ramoonas never tried that one
16:57 dogi_ right now there is one.mogidi.net
16:58 ramoonas so what about my question. I am new here and i dont yet know how do you people work here :)
16:58 ?
16:58 dogi_ #topic one/groups vms for production environment
16:58 ahh
16:58 ok
16:59 FGrose: maybe u help me a little bit
16:59 so first
16:59 we will have weekly meetings
16:59 and on that meetings we decide what to do for the next meeting
17:00 this meetings are public
17:00 #link http://meeting.laptop.org/olpc-admin/
17:01 FGrose The meeting logs show some of the recent projects, http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC[…]rastructure_Group
17:01 dogi_ so maybe u read a little bit in our old meetings ...
17:02 ramoonas ok i will
17:03 FGrose http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page documents some infrastructure
17:03 dogi_ #action dogi will set up vms production VM for one/groups
17:04 #topic wwwsj has a new ip
17:04 had to move wwwsj
17:04 ramoonas ok i will try to read about your work and i will contact you once i am back from vacation
17:04 is that ok?
17:05 dogi_ ok :)
17:05 and maybe u know already were u wanna help us
17:06 http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]php/Machine:wwwsj
17:06 #action dogi update doc and dns for wwwsj
17:06 #other
17:06 ups
17:06 #topic other
17:06 sorry i have to go soon
17:07 is there something we forgot to discuss
17:07 ramoonas dogi_, i dont know yet :) but i will try to find a spot where my skills would be useful
17:07 dogi_ hhardy: _bernie ?
17:07 thx ramoonas
17:08 ramoonas although i should say i heard about OLPC via OLPCorps and i would like to attend next summer
17:08 dogi_ ciao and see u in this channel or at next meeting
17:08 ramoonas ok
17:08 :)
17:08 dogi_ ciao FGrose
17:08 #endmeeting

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