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#olpc-admin, 2009-06-30

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Time Nick Message
16:06 dogi_ #topic agenda
16:06 * _bernie asterisk
16:07 * hhardy bigsister
16:07 * FGrose wiki
16:07 ravidgemole: meeting
16:07 unmadindu: pootle
16:08 * molecular: one/groups
16:09 something to add?
16:09 hhardy: ?
16:10 hhardy bigsister
16:10 I have a task to look over bs and help set up the new instance on virtual machine
16:10 _bernie hhardy: I'm coming to boston in august
16:10 hhardy I have looked over the existing bs instance on thinker
16:10 _bernie excellent
16:11 dogi_ #topic bigsister
16:11 cool hhardy
16:11 :) _bernie
16:11 hhardy hmmm it was fine earlier but now is all purples
16:11 it will need some further investigation evidently
16:12 basically two things should be done
16:12 dogi_ ?
16:12 hhardy install rrdtool and reinitialize the database
16:13 I will restart it in the meantime
16:13 dogi_ #action hhardy thinker install rrdtool and reinitialize the database
16:13 hhardy and are my credentials on bigsister.l.o?
16:13 dogi_ #action dogi create bigsister2 VM
16:13 credentials?
16:13 sshkey?
16:13 hhardy ok when that is done I will set up bs there
16:14 public key and sudo permission
16:14 dogi_ sure :)
16:14 hhardy that all I have to report
16:14 dogi_ thx hhardy
16:15 hhardy yw
16:16 dogi_ #topic asterisk
16:17 bernie: can u repeat here?
16:18 and what is the difference between qcow2 and img?
16:19 ok
16:19 i will try
16:20 bernie asked me to give him a sandbox/VM to experiment with asterisk
16:20 and that he already has a qcow2 file
16:21 for me it more interesting if that image is made for amd64
16:21 hi sandrat
16:22 sandrat: did u find http://idea.laptop.org/ideator[…]s_in_preparation/
16:23 sandrat: is helping me to manage idea.laptop.org
16:24 #topic wiki/testwiki
16:24 FGrose did a great job with testwiki
16:25 but has no time for being in the meeting today
16:26 #link http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]/Machine:testwiki
16:27 hhardy http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]/Machine:testwiki
16:27 oops lol
16:27 wants to use exim4 as mta
16:28 _bernie dogi_: sorry, I was distracted
16:28 dogi_ is normally using postfix
16:28 _bernie dogi_ the asterisk image is already running on bender, our VM box hosted at Develer
16:28 hhardy is this a debian install?
16:28 _bernie dogi_: but it has not enough bandwidth
16:29 dogi_ so I'd be happy to move it elsewhere
16:29 dogi_ ok understand
16:31 #action _bernie send dogi a mail with instruction for download the qcow2 file
16:31 ok?
16:32 #action dogi: treehouse access for bernie
16:32 sandrat sorry dogi I did find it.    It looks beautiful.  I'm going to Africa tomorrow.  Will try and get on during the trip if I can.  thx for asking
16:33 dogi_ :) good luck ... where in africa are u going?
16:34 sandrat going to kenya.  Found a couple of summer projects. Will try and visit at least one
16:35 dogi_ #topic one/groups
16:35 sandrat i'll try the wiki install if you still need it
16:36 14can't see my own text.  weisse?
16:36 14besser
16:36 dogi_ danke und viel spass bei den elefanten
16:37 thx sandrat
16:37 #link one.mogidi.net
16:38 thx to sj and molecular we now have a AGPL community page
16:39 right now we need there feedback which should be send to one@laptop.org
16:39 ping unmadindu
16:39 unmadindu pong
16:40 dogi_ can u tell us what was now decided with translate.laptop.org
16:40 #topic pootle
16:41 hi unmadindu
16:41 unmadindu dogi_: it is not up yet, so we are redirecting straight to translate.sl.o from d.l.o/translate
16:41 one pending issue was https://translate.sl.o was not working - that was fixed today thanks mainly to _bernie
16:41 dogi_ ohh :)
16:42 thx unmadindu and thx _bernie
16:42 #topic new business
16:42 unmadindu yw :)
16:44 sandrat 14dogi : hope to visit at least one olpcafrica project in kenya. visiting other potential projects:O
16:46 dogi_ :P
16:46 #endmeeting

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