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#olpc-admin, 2009-06-16

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Time Nick Message
16:13 dogi #topic agenda
16:14 today I hope we can do only a short meeting ...
16:14 * testwiki
16:14 * idea
16:14 * squid2
16:15 ping _bernie FGrose mchua ravidgemole
16:15 FGrose dogi: here
16:15 dogi #topic testwiki
16:15 FGrose http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]ecipe:migratewiki
16:16 dogi was u able to login into the VM after I changed IP
16:17 FGrose dogi: yes, with SSH key, sudo password I don't know
16:17 dogi #action dogi sudoers ...
16:18 FGrose http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]/Machine:testwiki
16:18 dogi thx :)
16:18 i changed sudoers
16:19 so now sudo should work without passwd
16:20 ur wiki recipe on ur personal vm looks great ...
16:21 u should do this on testwiki too :)
16:21 FGrose OK, brings in all the available extensions (> 30 MiB) is this what we want?
16:22 dogi yes so if we want to use one of the extension we dont have to download them
16:22 there is only the need to enable them
16:23 FGrose And they match version too then.
16:23 dogi bingo
16:23 and more different mediawiki user are testing the sources ... :P
16:24 FGrose Haven't played with MySql for database transfer yet
16:24 dogi hmmm
16:25 that is maybe the step after installing the wiki
16:25 FGrose OK, then select extensions from Special:Version on w.l.o?
16:26 dogi but it is possible the do this both step at once ... like u want to do ... it is ur decission
16:27 what do u mean with w.l.o
16:27 wiki.l.o
16:29 FGrose Select extensions to install on testwiki from http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Special:Version
16:30 dogi hmmm yes and no ... first select extensions form vig.laptop.org/wiki/Special:Version ....
16:30 FGrose http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]p/Special:Version no extensions
16:31 dogi and when this all worked I save the VM and we clone wiki.laptop.org
16:32 +1 no extensions :)
16:33 FGrose OK, when I have testwiki installed, I will ping you on #olpc-admin
16:33 dogi #action FGrose: install/clone vig.laptop.org to testwiki.laptop.org
16:33 ok?
16:33 FGrose ok, see above.
16:34 dogi sure ping me whenever u have a question
16:34 is here for that
16:38 #topic squid2
16:39 the actual squid2 is a old style VM on weka
16:40 old style means that there is only an internal ip for the vm
16:41 squid2 has 2 GB of ram but like it looks that VM needs more 4 GB
16:42 #action dogi: resize squid2 to 4GB so that wiki.l.o is faster
16:42 #topic welcome hhardy :)
16:42 hhardy thanks :)
16:42 sorry to be late
16:43 dogi backlog: http://meeting.laptop.org/olpc[…]0090616_1613.html
16:44 hhardy ok I am caught up
16:49 dogi for me is it more interesting when if I should set up a VM for you for a bigsister ...
16:49 hhardy, ?
16:50 hhardy sure, is there a current updated list of machines and services which need to be monitored?
16:51 dogi lol
16:52 hhardy otherwise I will set it up and pull over whatever the current old setup is on thinker
16:52 dogi that sounds perfect
16:52 #action dogi: setting up vm for bigsister
16:53 #action hhardy: clone bigsister form thinker to new VM
16:54 ok?
16:55 hhardy ok
16:55 dogi :)
16:55 #endmeeting

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