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#olpc-admin, 2009-06-09

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
16:07 dogi #topic Agenda
16:08 * meeting: new face for olpc-admin
16:08 * idea: new favicon and promote picture
16:08 * vig and wiki (testwiki): migration plan
16:08 * rt: migration plan
16:08 * maps: there new datas on deployments
16:08 * bigsister: new VM on w91
16:09 anything to add
16:09 #topic meeting: new face for olpc-admin
16:10 ravidgemole> So, I won't be able to make the meeting. Basically my status is that I've been too busy to do any of the stuff on my olpc todo list.
16:10 <ravidgemole> I'll check logs/minutes for more todos
16:10 <dogi> sure :)
16:10 <dogi> look at what i did with meeting.sugarlabs.org ...
16:10 <dogi> and try to do the same for meeting.laptop.org/olpc-admin/
16:10 <ravidgemole> kool
16:10 <dogi> i played only a little bit around with header and footer
16:10 <dogi> and then i changed the sorting from indexing
16:10 <dogi> so that last is on top
16:10 <dogi> ravidgemole, do u think that is doable until next meeting next week?
16:10 <ravidgemole> Sorry, I have no idea - my work schedule is filling up fast this week (gooooooood thing)
16:10 <ravidgemole> If I get some time then I'll do it.
16:10 <dogi> sure :)
16:10 <dogi> ciao
16:10 #topic idea: new favicon and promote picture
16:14 kuku.laptop.org/birnen-icon.png
16:15 #link http://kuku.laptop.org/birne150x40.png
16:15 #link http://kuku.laptop.org/birne300x80.png
16:16 this are the new logos and banners for idea.laptop.org
16:17 adric, FGrose who is next?
16:17 FGrose test wiki ok
16:17 adric hmm? *multitasks*
16:17 dogi #topic testwiki
16:17 here there is more to find out
16:18 first
16:19 this is the actual ip of the new ubuntu 9.04 VM
16:19 FGrose, try to login
16:20 #action dogi: idea fix promote function
16:20 #action dogi: idea: update favicon
16:22 FGrose I have a session on  WinSCP now.
16:23 What brand of VM is this?
16:25 dogi ubuntu 9.04
16:26 right now it is only a normal one
16:26 FGrose I meant host virtualizer like VirtualBox, VMware, QEMU, ...
16:27 dogi qemu kvm
16:28 FGrose OK, thanks.  I can experiment also with a local instance, for my training...
16:28 dogi #link http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]p/Recipe:easywiki
16:29 FGrose Do you want 1.13 or latest stable 1.14 or MediaWiki?
16:29 (of)
16:30 dogi http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]p/Recipe:easywiki
16:30 FGrose That means you want that exactly?
16:31 dogi no that is the recipe i use for install a wiki
16:32 but what would u suggest to use and why
16:33 FGrose I'll study that recipe, and propose any adjustments on list.
16:33 dogi is it possible to have 1.14 out of the svn?
16:34 FGrose That's probably a good reason to use the 1.13 for now.
16:34 dogi +1
16:35 FGrose http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Download_from_SVN shows 1.14.tar.gz
16:35 dogi #action dogi move testwiki.laptop.org to
16:36 so that u can use testwiki.l.o instead of 18........
16:37 #action FGrose install testwiki by recipe
16:37 ok?
16:37 FGrose OK.  Did you see the partition question?
16:38 partitions for system and data...
16:39 dogi mom which kind of data do u mean
16:39 the upload stuff
16:39 or the database?
16:39 FGrose yes or both? just wondering
16:40 dogi thinks dat for the database the 4gb vm is big enough ...
16:41 FGrose OK, isolation would be the advantage, but more configuration work would be involved.
16:41 dogi and for the upload stuff we should create a folder which later on we move to a other partition
16:42 FGrose OK sounds like a plan.
16:42 dogi :)
16:42 and if there is the point we reach database space problems
16:42 _bernie I'm here
16:43 dogi then is time to create a special db vm
16:43 hi _bernie
16:43 FGrose or second partition on the VM disc or substitute disc
16:44 dogi bingo
16:44 for me is more interresting if u have already looked into db migration stuff??
16:44 +it
16:45 FGrose No, but will.  What do you mean by +it?
16:46 dogi remember we want to migrate the content (db and medias) of the vig.laptop.org and write down a nice recipe
16:46 FGrose Right, that was trial one..
16:46 dogi yes
16:48 #topic FGrose prepare migration recipe http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]ecipe:migratewiki
16:48 ups
16:48 #action FGrose prepare migration recipe http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]ecipe:migratewiki
16:48 CanoeBerry adric: can you give RT a serious kick right now -- it's been frozen for 20 min :(
16:49 dogi #topic
16:49 adric CanoeBerry: I'll try
16:49 CanoeBerry "500 Internal server error"
16:49 dogi #topic rt emergency
16:49 CanoeBerry "The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request."
16:50 dogi is running ...
16:50 #endmeeting

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