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#olpc-admin, 2009-06-02

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
16:03 dogi sure JasonWoof
16:03 #topic Agenda
16:04 * backup: new VM for streaming to a robot tape solution
16:04 * pinguin: new www
16:04 * meeting: new structure and meeting.sugarlabs.org
16:04 * vig and wiki (testwiki): migration plan
16:04 * idea: help promote this idea function
16:04 * rt: migration plan
16:05 * bigsister: new VM on w91
16:05 * maps: there new datas on deployments
16:05 ping _bernie CanoeBerry edmcnierney FGrose isforinsects JasonWoof lfaraone_ lilak  mchua ravidgemole ravidgemole unmadindu
16:06 is there anything else we should speak about
16:06 ???
16:06 mchua is in another meeting and not particularly helpful, but pingable in case. no agenda items to add.
16:06 FGrose I'm here
16:07 dogi hi FGrose
16:07 edmcnierney hello, FGrose
16:07 dogi there will be a long wiki strategie discussion ....
16:07 FGrose edmcnierney: hi
16:08 dogi JasonWoof, are u here?
16:08 JasonWoof here. no agenda
16:09 dogi there is that maps thing open ... for u if u want it?
16:09 JasonWoof still? didn't you ask me if I could do that a month ago?
16:09 dogi sure
16:10 is still hoping in u :)
16:10 JasonWoof my health is improving, so I'm starting to have energy, but I've got a backlog of work to catch up on, so no volunteering for me for a couple weeks at least
16:10 dogi ok
16:10 #topic maps: there new datas on deployments
16:11 JasonWoof what's the news?
16:11 dogi #action dogi: update http://laptop.org/en/children/[…]tries/index.shtml datas
16:13 i have a spreadsheet ... i wanted to have the automatically maps construction from that document
16:13 JasonWoof from that URL or from your spreadsheet?
16:13 g1g1 locations are amusing :)
16:14 dogi so that we have monthly/quarteryearly update there
16:14 lol
16:14 i need u for that part :)
16:14 JasonWoof you have locations for individual g1g1 laptops?
16:16 dogi not ad the moment
16:16 unmadindu is half around (jumping between XOs and desktop). ping if needed
16:16 dogi is speaking also with ur legal intern about privacy
16:16 JasonWoof by the end of my last visit, I had scrapers for 2 or 3 formats. if none of those covers this map, it shouldn't be too too hard to extend it
16:17 I forget how much of that was in javascript, and how much on the server side though
16:17 dogi sure :)
16:18 JasonWoof anyawy, if nobody volunteers, ask me again in a couple weeks :)
16:18 dogi but still i think u was one of the fastest persons i saw ...
16:18 sure
16:18 who is next?
16:18 ping ravidgemole
16:18 ping isforinsects
16:19 #topic idea: help promote this idea function
16:20 <dogi_> hi all
16:20 <nand> hello
16:20 <dogi_> i m the person behind idea.laptop.org
16:20 <dogi_> by the way nand good work :)
16:20 <dogi_> i have a little question ...
16:20 <nand> thx :) Please ask...
16:20 <nand> btw, is that an official ideatorrent of OLPC?
16:20 <dogi_> why is e.g. http://idea.laptop.org/drupal5[…]/idea/15/promote/ empty
16:20 <nand> Yeah, I should have desactivated that. If you look at ubuntu Brainstorm, you can see what it can look like
16:20 <nand> and if you are willing to spend some time with SQL and making image, you can do something similar
16:20 <dogi_> sure
16:21 any volunteer?
16:21 #action dogi: fix idea promote function
16:22 that we have something like ..
16:22 #link http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/19982/promote/
16:23 cause right now .../promote is empty
16:23 ping FGrose
16:23 FGrose dogi: here
16:24 dogi #topic wiki vig testwiki migration strategie ...
16:24 isforinsects ello
16:25 dogi isforinsects, can u reexplain ur request
16:25 isforinsects I would like to discuss this mostly over email, and the group  should expect a long one from me this evening.
16:25 My basic idea is as follows:
16:26 the current wiki server is hard to maintain for several reasons
16:26 We would like to migrate the wiki to a new VM, and off of the it's current host.
16:26 dogi which is pedal
16:27 isforinsects We need a new VM, get a stable LAMP server on it, get a functioning MediaWiki on it
16:27 dogi a server doing a lot of other stuff
16:27 isforinsects add our various extensions that we have now, and any new ones we would like to add for anti-spam etc
16:27 triple check that everything is running smoothly
16:27 edmcnierney We should be careful to plan the physical hardware we're going to use to host that, too.
16:28 isforinsects clone the current wiki database to the new server
16:28 edmcnierney Just because VMs are portable doesn't mean we shouldn't try to put them in the right place first time :)
16:28 dogi edmcnierney, sure
16:28 JasonWoof would this new vm have the same version of mediawiki as the current wiki server?
16:28 isforinsects make sure that the migration happened correctly, and that this works
16:28 etc
16:28 then-and-only-then move the domain
16:29 The version of MW that we have was updated fairly recently
16:29 My next email is going to be information gathering on this very subject
16:29 What versions are we running of things
16:29 what is considered most stable
16:29 JasonWoof cool. also, don't forget to tell people that the wiki will be down for a (hopefully very short) time
16:29 isforinsects Yes
16:29 but hopefully there should be no downtime
16:29 we may lock down editing for a while
16:30 but there should be a live mirror available at all times.
16:30 the VM should be a live and active clone of the current wiki before we move the domain
16:30 JasonWoof people got upset when mw was upgraded, and a mistake caused 45 minutes of downtime
16:30 isforinsects That's the plan in brief
16:30 I recall
16:30 JasonWoof they asked to be notified (vig at the very least) of future upgrades that would lock out editing
16:30 isforinsects If anyone who is not on the olpc-sysadmin list who would like to be, please talk to dogi after/during the meeting.
16:31 edmcnierney Is there an answer to the question, "What machine will this be hosted on?" yet?
16:31 isforinsects I will be sending the next email to that list, hopefully ythis evening
16:31 edmcnierney: not yet
16:31 gotta run
16:31 ta ta!
16:31 edmcnierney thanks
16:31 JasonWoof thanks
16:32 FGrose With a new host, a miror, and a test instance, that would be 3 machines
16:32 dogi what isforinsects explained is the vision ...but  testwiki.laptop.org is the prepared domain for that purpose and the next step in that task
16:33 FGrose transition instance then for testing, and then back out the database after the migration?
16:34 dogi my question is only do we want to turn on that on a new Ubuntu 9.04 vm ?
16:34 FGrose Should be same as new primary host for w.l.o
16:34 dogi or shlould we use the old 8.04 vig vm
16:34 FGrose, +1
16:36 http://laptop.org/internalwiki[…]x.php/Machine:sun is a recipe to install wikis
16:36 is for a new VM
16:36 with 9.04
16:37 FGrose No account there for me
16:37 dogi ok fine
16:37 #action dogi set up ubuntu 9.04 for testwiki
16:38 #action FGrose install wiki there ...
16:38 FGrose, do you have access to pedal?
16:38 FGrose I don't thing so.
16:38 think
16:39 dogi cause there is the actual config LocalSettings.php and database of ur wiki ...
16:39 but maybe i shloud handle that
16:40 are the 2 task ok with u?
16:40 FGrose repeat the 2 please.
16:41 dogi http://meeting.laptop.org/olpc[…]0090602_1603.html
16:41 #action dogi: cp http://laptop.org/internalwiki[…]x.php/Machine:sun to vig ...
16:42 FGrose Ok, I and follow that and ideas from isforinsects to be published
16:43 dogi i will give u a clean new base vm and u will install there testwiki ... :)
16:43 cool thx
16:43 FGrose vig remains as is for now?
16:43 dogi yes
16:44 FGrose ok
16:44 dogi is thinking about first to migrate vig to the new testwiki ... as a example migration
16:45 FGrose sure, test the process with small database
16:45 dogi :)
16:45 so who is here and who is next?
16:46 mchua, how fedora
16:46 are u now?
16:47 i have there something u should maybe take care of
16:48 mchua dogi: lemme see the task and I'll see if I can take it
16:48 dogi http://meeting.laptop.org/fedora-olpc/ needs a redesign
16:48 and a fedora dns cname for meeting.laptop.org
16:49 so that this look like http://meeting.sugarlabs.org
16:49 mchua Hm. I'll ask ke4qqq about it, this is something that I can't do myself but he might have a better handle on.
16:50 dogi :)
16:50 ping ravidgemole
16:50 ping adric
16:50 :(
16:50 #topic backup
16:51 xxv and me are working on setting up that service
16:51 this week there is nothing to show
16:51 #topic other
16:51 ping hhardy
16:53 #endmeeting

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