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#olpc-admin, 2009-05-19

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
16:05 dogi #Agenda
16:06 #topic Agenda
16:06 hhardy hi
16:06 FGrose see http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC[…]_for_next_meeting
16:06 deep hi All
16:07 hhardy I am at a friend's in Michigan so I am more or less just lurking today
16:07 dogi * backup: new VM for streaming to a robot tape solution
16:07 * pinguin: new www
16:07 * meeting: http://idea.laptop.org/drupal5[…]eatorrent/idea/8/
16:07 * vig: http://idea.laptop.org/drupal5[…]eatorrent/idea/7/
16:07 * idea: idea.sugarlabs.org???
16:09 _bernie hey!
16:09 dogi hi _bernie
16:10 _bernie they're kicking us from this internet cafe
16:10 dogi :)
16:10 _bernie it's 10PM here in paris
16:10 I'm afraid I'll have to drop off
16:10 hhardy hi _bernie
16:10 dogi #topic  idea: idea.sugarlabs.org
16:10 hhardy say hi to adam and all
16:10 _bernie hhardy: hey!
16:10 dogi hhardy, +1
16:10 _bernie adam went around with a friend
16:11 I'll see him tonight
16:11 dogi _bernie, I wanted to ask u for idea.sl.o cname for idea VM
16:12 FGrose deep: Welcome!
16:12 dogi and for that give u or an other person of sugarlab access to that VM ...
16:12 deep :)
16:12 dogi for devel 2 facingservice ??
16:13 _bernie, what u think about that?
16:13 hi deep
16:14 deep hi
16:15 dogi by the way i asked for static ip for testwiki.laptop.org ... FGrose
16:16 will u go on with the meeting? FGrose
16:17 http://idea.laptop.org/drupal5[…]eatorrent/idea/7/
16:17 FGrose http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/index.php/Wikidevel
16:17 dogi #topic vigwiki and testwiki
16:18 FGrose The link is holds some of my planning
16:18 dogi #link http://idea.laptop.org/drupal5[…]eatorrent/idea/7/
16:18 #link http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/index.php/Wikidevel
16:19 :)
16:20 FGrose Would welcome comments in either location.
16:20 Also noticed some spam at link# http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
16:20 dogi bingo
16:21 what is ur suggestion to protect this wiki
16:22 wants to have there only user with loginid the ability to write ...
16:22 FGrose http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]emplate:User_mail is another
16:23 Haven't got sysop rights or learned how to assign them yet
16:23 dogi hmm 1 month since vig is published under this domain and now the wikispam bot found us
16:24 ups
16:24 my fault ... :(
16:25 mom
16:26 but what do u think about http://idea.laptop.org/drupal5[…]eatorrent/idea/7/
16:26 can u fix this?
16:27 FGrose Not yet, but will investigate
16:28 agree with logged users only, and I can find the configuration necessary
16:28 dogi :)
16:30 fine i do the redirect u the spam/login
16:30 FGrose Do I have sufficient rights to set myself as sysop?
16:31 dogi #action dogi redirect and FGrose spam/login
16:32 is searching for that already ... after finding the Nemo account pw :P
16:34 http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]Special:ListUsers
16:35 FGrose What did you switch?
16:37 dogi that is a special page only sysops have ...
16:37 FGrose Special:UserRights
16:37 OK.
16:38 dogi ping ravidgemole
16:38 ping hhardy
16:39 ping unmadindu
16:39 ping isforinsects
16:39 is thinker bigsis working hhardy
16:40 hhardy I will check
16:40 http://thinker.laptop.org/bigsis/
16:40 #link http://thinker.laptop.org/bigsis/
16:40 yes
16:41 it needs to be updated withanything that has changed since january
16:41 dogi cool then i will turn the bigsis vm for W91 ok
16:41 wwwhardy.laptop.org
16:41 hhardy www dot hhardy?
16:42 or wwwhhardy
16:42 dogi no
16:42 wwwhardy
16:42 hhardy ok
16:42 dogi hi lfaraone
16:42 lfaraone Sorry to come in late. Meeting still going on, dogi?
16:43 dogi sure
16:43 hhardy hi
16:43 lfaraone Hey hhardy.
16:43 dogi lfaraone, backlog http://meeting.laptop.org/olpc[…]0090519_1605.html
16:44 #action hhardy and dogi wwwhardy.laptop.org
16:45 lfaraone, we are searching for a co-maintianer for bigsister on thinker and on wwwhardy
16:46 lfaraone dogi: I see. I can't really meet either role right now.
16:46 dogi lol
16:48 but look or create ur own pos in idea at http://idea.laptop.org/drupal5/ideatorrent/vig/
16:49 ping xxv
16:51 lfaraone dogi: another important thing (not sure if this was brought up?): who's keeping charge of teach? It's still running a *prerelease* version of Ubuntu Hardy Heron, and Canonical has already released hardy+2.
16:52 dogi: wrt that, we can either keep using HH (updated, of course) for another 3 or so years until the next LTS in 2010(?).
16:53 hhardy I suggest staying with 8.04
16:53 dogi #topic meeting
16:53 http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]p/Machine:meeting
16:53 hhardy 8.10 broke enough that I fell back to 8.04 on both thinker and at home
16:53 lfaraone hhardy: I agree, at least for the next year or so.
16:53 s/teach/crank/
16:54 dogi #action <ravidgemole> For the structure idea, once we know what structure we want to put all the logs into, then I will code the bot to place its log files into the appropriate places in the structure. Once that's launched, I'll migrate all the old logs into the new structure.
16:54 lfaraone hhardy: I misspoke, teach == fedora, I was getting it confused with crank/dev.
16:54 dogi lfaraone, what is all dependent from teach
16:55 or who
16:55 see at least 3 person having irc clients running there
16:56 lfaraone dogi: I'm talking about crank, our main development server.
16:56 dogi: teach is safe until at least early july in terms of updates.
16:57 dogi: however, I'm concerned that crank isn't getting any updates at all. (since lsb_release still reads a devel version)
16:57 dogi but something is missing
16:57 #action lfaraone http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]php/Machine:teach
16:59 and for the crank thing can we phone or u write me a email? ... i m a little bit unprepared for such discussion
16:59 is that ok? lfaraone?
17:00 lfaraone dogi: sure.
17:00 dogi thx :)
17:01 #topic new business
17:01 ping deep
17:04 ping m_stone
17:05 #endmeeting

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