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#olpc-admin, 2009-05-12

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
16:04 FGrose Hi
16:04 dogi #topic
16:04 #topic agenda
16:04 _bernie dogi: pong
16:05 dogi * backup
16:05 * wiki-devel
16:05 * meeting
16:06 anything i forgot?
16:06 hi _bernie
16:07 #topic backup VM
16:07 _bernie u remember that u ask for backup space
16:08 i have a solution for that
16:09 xxv is help me to set up a VM which will automatically backup stuff
16:09 to a backup robot system
16:10 the system is located on Mit/Dost/W91
16:11 #topic wiki-devel for FGrose
16:11 FGrose http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/9285
16:12 dogi i spoke with ed where is the best place for a devel wiki
16:12 and by that we decided to give u access to vig.laptop.org
16:12 is that fine with u?
16:13 FGrose That was for VIG documentation?
16:13 dogi and for devel and for the new teamwiki
16:14 FGrose OK, but is it in a critical path if documentation is needed when main service is down?
16:15 dogi sure but i think it is possible to have more then one wiki on one machine ...
16:15 cname ...
16:15 FGrose OK, I'll look at the contents before doing anything.
16:15 dogi and the only real critical wiki is wiki.l.o
16:16 +1
16:16 FGrose The ticket I referenced is owned by cjb, is that current?
16:16 dogi what i need from u is a loginname and a sshkey
16:17 moment i look
16:17 FGrose FGrose is login, SSH is at http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/User:FGrose
16:19 dogi i think that the ticket is still actual  but the person fixing it not ...
16:19 cjb is very busy with gen1,5
16:20 FGrose Is wikiserver an XO component or infrastructure component?
16:20 dogi lol
16:20 i dont know
16:20 but it looks like i have to deal with
16:23 FGrose infrastructure component switches owner to krstic
16:24 dogi try to login @ vig.laptop.org
16:26 FGrose "Server refused our key."
16:26 dogi hmm
16:27 FGrose FGrose@vig.laptop.org was what I tried on port 22 with Winscp
16:27 dogi ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAwRMjUYZ4LybVhu9wrjQ​MnyRE3TJse7SL1Y1m2TJpmRpDubqFA/AYdUMyt7APHR5UIJ​2+oty+0z2UO95z76f6Edt6J/lD6AWK893AVYf/cPA/qXEBS​MPKxjIW4SkPrssRTujKstRbpuPuFptUnS8H6DrP+E9/dc6B​rR8p4PlvtBeZTaMbzVEGs3aaqjc1o5Bb3NVt0Cvf9ZNGvqh​bBiR6TncVZ2Kp/jmXe6Gkq/Q/stbPw5hv/ZKvxH5lGdWoO1​jSnGIOftO5qyyfT7h8mEh7XH9ewzip18P6ds4vAUj5BgMHN​xSeZ7Y7Ah+vTRyiyngXX7SGtlZhVQDygBtCRLTY6Q== liveuser@localhost.localdomain
16:28 FGrose looks right
16:28 dogi maybe it is cause i wrote fgrose
16:28 all in lowercase?
16:28 FGrose I'll try that
16:30 good. I'm in.
16:31 dogi FGrose, :) fine
16:31 hi kasn_ger
16:32 dogi: wikidevel cname for vig
16:32 #action dogi: wikidevel cname for vig
16:33 #action FGrose: set up wikidevel.laptop.org for config testing
16:33 ok?
16:33 FGrose work on it yes
16:34 dogi kasn_ger: backlog http://meeting.laptop.org/olpc[…]0090512_1604.html
16:34 :)
16:34 #topic meeting
16:35 ravidgemole, i have set up an account for u on meeting.laptop.org
16:35 loginname is sam
16:36 ravidgemole okay
16:36 dogi and the key is the same as one.mogidi.net
16:36 ravidgemole ...
16:36 don't know if that was a molecular key or not
16:36 dogi sbisbee@molebuntu
16:37 ravidgemole yeah, that was molecular
16:37 i'll create a new key for you
16:37 dogi i have only that one
16:37 ok
16:40 by the way is loginname sam ok with u?
16:40 ravidgemole i usually use sbisbee
16:40 but am indifferent - i'll just edit my ssh config
16:41 dogi mom i will change that
16:43 done
16:44 sbisbee@meeting.laptop.org
16:45 ravidgemole, does it work
16:45 ??
16:47 #link http://lists.laptop.org/listinfo/olpc-sysadmin
16:47 ravidgemole, FGrose please subscribe to this list ... :)
16:48 FGrose dogi: I believe I already am.
16:48 dogi sorry
16:49 jupp u are there
16:51 ravidgemole, i will switch to the next topic but feel free to interrupt me there. ok
16:51 ravidgemole dogi: like a charm, thanks :-)
16:51 and will subscribe
16:51 sorry, am taking a hatchet to servers right now - formatting and finding parts from the graveyard
16:52 dogi #topic ravidgemole look to user meeting and the eggdrop configfiles
16:52 ups
16:52 #topic meeting
16:53 #action ravidgemole look to user meeting and the eggdrop configfiles
16:53 ok?
16:53 ravidgemole sounds good - anything that i'm debugging or just taking care of the stuff?
16:55 dogi i think first step is to get in touch with what is there and give suggestions what u think should be inproved ...
16:55 #topic welcome kasn_ger
16:55 FGrose ravidgemole: users looking for way to #endmeeting when chair forgets to
16:55 dogi hi kasn_ger
16:56 FGrose, lol
16:56 #topic welcome kasn_ger and new business
16:57 hmm
16:57 nothing?
16:57 then ...
16:57 #endmeeting

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