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#olpc-admin, 2009-05-05

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
16:07 dogi #topic Agenda
16:08 * google maps hacker
16:08 * vig.laptop.org
16:08 * proxy.laptop.org
16:09 * idea.laptop.org
16:09 * meeting.laptop.org
16:09 translate.laptop.org
16:09 ups
16:10 * translate.l.o
16:13 hmmm
16:17 other?
16:22 #topic google maps hacker
16:25 #topic vig.laptop.org
16:26 hi sandrat
16:26 sandrat ok.. you have started .. just caught up with the notice. apologize
16:26 deutsch or englisch
16:26 dogi sure np
16:27 sandrat 12can't see me entries
16:27 dogi deutsch waere besser ...
16:27 sandrat 12deutsche OK
16:27 dogi o italiano :P
16:27 sandrat 12jetzt kann ich meine entritt sehen
16:28 dogi also sandrat was treibt dich zu uns
16:28 sandrat 12bene
16:28 ravidgemole just so long as it's not that crazy high german dialect
16:28 dogi die meisten volunteers sind eh nicht hier
16:28 hi ravidgemole
16:28 ravidgemole hey
16:28 sandrat 12zo... hh .. und meine arbeit mit OSes alle
16:29 dogi maybe we but the agenda in the trash
16:29 ravidgemole I'm going to be in/out - dealing with sales calls and hacking on couchdb.
16:29 dogi #topic ravidgemole
16:29 ravidgemole lol
16:30 dogi u are good in php?
16:30 sandrat 12"couchdb" ist?
16:30 12not me
16:30 12php - nein
16:31 dogi :) sorry was asking ravidgemole
16:31 ravidgemole yeah, it's in my top three languages :-)
16:31 php, shell scripting, and java (more or less in that order)
16:32 the rest i've just hacked around on, nothing "professional"
16:32 dogi then i should give u access to meeting VM
16:32 ravidgemole what is this thing that you speak of and how much of my time are you trying to suck up? :-)
16:34 dogi for the first question i would give u access to the VM if that is ok so u can see it by ur own
16:35 ravidgemole what does it do and what would i be doing with it?
16:35 dogi a few hours maybe ... that in the end all depends on u ...
16:36 meeting.laptop.org is doing right now only loging for meeting bot
16:37 easy and simple (html)
16:38 as u can see in http://meeting.laptop.org/
16:40 by the way
16:41 tcl is the other language which maybe is to learn
16:41 ravidgemole i played with tcl now and again, eggdrop a long time ago
16:42 dogi but what i want to have there is an easy form where person invites the bot to new channels
16:42 cool
16:43 so u fit exact to that profile i was search there for ... :)
16:43 ravidgemole :-P
16:43 any reason you don't want to just use the irc invite function?
16:44 dogi hmm
16:44 good idea never tried
16:45 #action dogi: give ravidgemole access to meeting
16:45 is that ok with u?
16:46 ravidgemole sure - i still don't know what i'll be doing :-)
16:49 dogi needs somebody he trust that monitors/maintain and improve systems like in ur case meeting
16:50 the word improve will be define by this weekly meetings
16:50 ravidgemole is there any existing monitoring system?
16:50 dogi bigsister lol
16:50 yes and no
16:51 there is a system for all important machines
16:51 ravidgemole lol that is an awesome name, never heard of it
16:52 dogi u have to speak with hhardy right now he is the maintainer for that
16:54 FGrose dogi: interwiki tables: Last week you said vig had a problem for 6 months in that area. Is there a record available, or should I search the meeting logs?
16:55 dogi hui
16:55 let me think
16:56 no not that i remember
16:57 #topic FGrose
16:57 FGrose OK,
16:57 dogi maybe u tell us more
16:58 FGrose I'd like to interwiki with w.sl.o.  it has a prefix for w.l.o (olpc:)
16:59 I wonder also about transcluding between the two.
17:00 DFarning made me wiki coordinator, and bernie set up wiki-devel.sugarlabs.org for testing.
17:01 dogi :)
17:01 FGrose I'm just learning some ropes
17:01 dogi nice to see that bernie goes the same ways like me .....
17:03 FGrose Do you have thoughts on interwiki transclusion?
17:04 dogi so if i would give u a virtual machine with an installed wiki u could prototyply build there what we should do on ur wiki?
17:06 FGrose I have that apparently at wiki-devel.sl.o; so I would test with another instance at vm_test. l.o ?
17:06 dogi i m asking that because we (sj and dogi) have a long term plan to move wiki away from pedal to a VM ...
17:07 yes like vm_test.l.o
17:08 do i have ur ssh key?
17:08 and ur email?
17:09 FGrose http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/User:FGrose    fgrose@gmail.com or fgrose@sugarlabs.org
17:10 dogi #action dogi: VM for http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/User:FGrose    fgrose@gmail.com or fgrose@sugarlabs.org and wiki
17:13 ups wiki.laptop.org is doing strange things ... like it was feeling u already :P
17:13 sorry
17:13 #endmeeting

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