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#olpc-admin, 2009-04-28

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
16:00 dogi hi hhardy
16:00 :)
16:00 hhardy dogi: hi
16:01 dogi * welcome new users and introduction round
16:01 * wwwsj: tomasz finc and his task for sj
16:01 hhardy hhardy, VIG Secretary
16:01 dogi ping ravidgemole steffan tomaszf Gue FGrose
16:01 * idea: idea.laptop.org/ideatorrent/ideatorrent/vig
16:01 ** 2 facing service
16:01 ** task for everybody create ideauser and write/comment/vote ideas
16:01 ** speaking about vig/task/ideas
16:01 * proxy2: dogi about moving proxy from weka to owl
16:03 looking into http://meeting.laptop.org/olpc[…]0090421_1601.html
16:04 ravidgemole greetings
16:04 dogi * pootle: unmadindu _bernie and dogi update
16:04 hi ravidgemole
16:04 steffan lo
16:05 dogi anything i forgot?
16:05 * new business
16:05 #topic welcome new users and introduction round
16:06 FGrose Here listening again
16:06 dogi is Stefan Unterhauser and systems administrator at olpc
16:06 next
16:06 hhardy hhardy, VIG Secretary
16:07 ravidgemole Sam Bisbee
16:07 FGrose FGrose, Frederick Grose, Rochester, NY
16:07 unmadindu Sayamindu Dasgupta
16:08 dogi ping tomaszf ?
16:08 ping steffan
16:09 hmm maybe he joins later ..,
16:09 ravidgemole sorry, customer emergency - afk (i'll read logs)
16:10 dogi :)
16:10 hi illadelph
16:10 illadelph hi
16:10 tomaszf Tomasz Finc. dev for Wikimedia
16:11 dogi illadelph, we have meeting and are in the welcome round ...
16:11 illadelph ok
16:11 dogi backlogs for u: http://meeting.laptop.org/olpc[…]0090428_1600.html
16:11 steffan steffan, Steffan Wood, UK
16:12 dogi :) eu
16:12 is from italy
16:13 welcome all
16:13 illadelph ok, I am tbaker/illadelph, Todd Baker, from Lowell, MA
16:14 dogi can u shorth tell us about sj plan for wwwsj
16:14 illadelph, :)
16:14 illadelph um not sure the maning of wwwsj or sj
16:14 meaning
16:15 dogi sj is samuel klein
16:15 he is one of the persons behind wiki.laptop.org
16:16 ping tomaszf
16:17 tomaszf yes?
16:17 dogi for what sj told me he is coping wiki commons there
16:17 tomaszf yup, we'd like to have a nice backup of it offsite.
16:18 dogi :)
16:18 tomaszf anyone willing to help and provide the space would be much appreciated
16:18 currently its coming in at around 3T's
16:19 dogi :) sure
16:20 hhardy and me had last time the task to write 10 task for VIGs to idea
16:20 we did 5 :(
16:22 steffan tomaszf: space might be an option
16:22 hhardy idea.laptop.org
16:22 dogi specially the new member can u look there and propose there how u could help us?
16:23 hhardy and dogi write another 5 vig tasks
16:23 #action hhardy and dogi write another 5 vig tasks
16:23 steffan dogi: at me?
16:24 dogi #action for all vigs create an user on idea.laptop.org
16:24 is somebody interrested already in a task
16:25 knows that ravidgemole was asking a lot about http://idea.laptop.org/drupal5[…]eatorrent/idea/8/
16:26 hhardy The purpose is to generate some new projects to expand the usefulness of VIG to the OLPC community
16:26 FGrose Please provide links in wiki and mailing lists to ideas.  Do ideas have a  permanent URI?
16:26 I see /idea/#
16:27 hhardy ideas can be submitted at http://idea.laptop.org/
16:27 dogi FGrose, yes permanent (static ip)
16:27 hhardy There seem to still be some issues with displaying ideas which are already submitted
16:28 dogi i fixed an error 2 days ago
16:29 hhardy none are in sandbox or development, only popular?
16:30 dogi i moved all ideas from sandbox to normal
16:31 there was never ideas in development
16:31 and since there are not so many ideas there they are all in popular
16:31 :P
16:32 ping steffan
16:32 steffan dogi: http://idea.laptop.org/drupal5[…]eatorrent/idea/7/
16:33 dogi sure
16:34 +1
16:34 hhardy, ?
16:35 hhardy checking
16:36 you are asking if I approve or if I will do it?
16:36 dogi :)
16:36 hhardy steffan volunteers?
16:36 steffan i do
16:37 hhardy +1 works for me
16:37 dogi hhardy, can explain steffan the sage steps?
16:38 FGrose Question: Does w.l.o have an accessible interwiki table for users to view?  Specifically, does it have an interwiki prefix for w.sl.o?
16:38 hhardy sorry I am multiftasking fixing the nvidia/compiz/beryl/emerald snarl on a new ubuntu 8.04 installation
16:39 dogi no vig.laptop.org does this ...
16:39 hhardy, :)
16:40 FGrose, the vig had this problem for 6 months
16:41 #idea enable .htaccess on vig
16:41 hhardy please do it in config file and not on a directory basis
16:42 dogi sure
16:43 hi steffan :)
16:45 steffan dogi: hello!
16:45 dogi :)
16:46 hhardy yay I have jello-y windows once again!
16:46 steffan thanks!
16:46 dogi welcome
16:46 hhardy grats steffan
16:46 steffan thanks!
16:47 hhardy a priority I think is getting the system documentation up to date and also serchable by service: or machine:
16:47 *searchable
16:48 dogi dogi move proxy2 from weka to owl
16:48 hhardy, +1
16:49 hhardy is semantic mediawiki installled there?
16:52 dogi i dont think so ...
16:52 or wrong
16:53 it is installed but not activated
16:53 hhardy that would be a a nice thing to do 1st
16:55 dogi hhardy, can u comment that on idea? http://idea.laptop.org/drupal5[…]eatorrent/idea/7/
16:55 ping illadelph
16:55 ping _bernie
16:56 ping ravidgemole
16:56 ravidgemole on the other terminal dealing with stuff for a customer - what's up?
16:59 dogi still interrested in meeting bot? -- we will do a minimeeting when u have time, ok?
17:00 ravidgemole k
17:00 dogi #endmeeting

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