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#olpc-admin, 2009-04-21

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Time Nick Message
16:02 dogi agenda
16:02 hhardy There's no agenda on the VIG page but I had a topic to discuss
16:02 dogi #topic agenda
16:02 hhardy Which is, what future VIG projects
16:02 #topic Agenda
16:03 dogi * future VIG projects
16:03 * pootle update
16:03 * migration to vig.laptop.org
16:04 hhardy is there any report on the state of rt?
16:04 dogi * idea.laptop.org and task for vig
16:04 * rt update
16:04 hhardy that it?
16:04 dogi i think so ..
16:04 hhardy #topic future VIG projects
16:05 Pablo Flores from Plan Ceibal in Uruguay came to see me while he was in Boston
16:06 I was thinking that places to store images of the machines or user content, school servers and places to serve web content are all needed by most if not all large deployments
16:07 I am just wondering aloud if theres a way for VIG to assisst the various country deployments
16:07 of course in UY, that's LATU not Ceibal and I don't see them soliciting volunteer help
16:07 dogi hmmm
16:08 hhardy I'm thinking as the center shrinks more infrastructure needs migrate out to country level
16:08 dogi are u thinking of a main-schoolserver ???
16:08 hhardy or some, at least a working prototype
16:08 as a live system
16:09 dogi interresting ...
16:09 http://rt.laptop.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=19413
16:09 ???
16:09 hhardy I dont have a specific proposal yet, just wanted to think aloud on it
16:10 yes thats part of it
16:11 dogi ok
16:11 hhardy collaboration is 1, storage and retrieval of machine images is 2, web and blog hosting is 3
16:11 they dont necessarily have to be consolidated functions
16:12 dogi i think reubencaron is the person we should involve ... and/or martin
16:12 hhardy I guess I would add better tools for local key management
16:12 unlocking security bricked machines has an impact in UY said Pablo
16:12 yes
16:13 reubencaron: ping
16:13 he's often lurking here
16:14 #action talk to reubencaron and martin about a vig-administered schoolserver
16:14 #topic pootle update
16:15 dogi has a point to add to agenda: recruting new VIGs
16:15 hhardy good one
16:15 #topic agenda: add recruting new VIGs
16:15 #topic pootle update
16:16 reubencaron hhardy: I agree there is a need for what you mention but it is out of the scope of what OLPC and VIG should support
16:16 dogi unmadindu: ping
16:16 reubencaron hhardy: I believe VIG needs to concentrate on administering the necessary IT functions of OLPC
16:17 unmadindu dogi: pong
16:17 hhardy I guess I am thinking as more services more out to the perhifery I'd like to see VIG grow along with that
16:17 unmadindu I have finally started to take over from _bernie the Pootle instance on t.sl.o
16:17 dogi sound great
16:17 +s
16:17 unmadindu I think we are ready to move (and dev.laptop.org is severely strained, so I think we should do it asap)
16:18 dogi ok
16:18 hhardy reubencaron: do you think a schoolserver project would be better as an independent initiative?
16:18 unmadindu dogi: do you think you can redirect dev.laptop.org/translate to translate.sl.o ?
16:18 dogi so i need to change the cnames
16:18 hhardy sorry offtopic atm
16:18 reubencaron dogi: can we switch topics back to this
16:19 unmadindu dogi: fine
16:19 dogi ok
16:19 hhardy #topic VIG schoolserver?
16:20 reubencaron hhardy: It is my understanding that the VIG group was created to a volunteer group that helped maintain the infrastructure needed by OLPC
16:20 hhardy reubencaron: schoolserver better as an independent project?
16:20 reubencaron hhardy: well I do not think what you are talking about is what we define as schoolserver
16:20 hhardy ok
16:21 reubencaron hhardy: I believe what you mean is a centralized repository of what deployments need, correct?
16:22 hhardy VIG was really the result of greg Dekoenigsberg and Kim pushing to move more functions out to the community and me enthusiasically agreeing
16:22 dogi reubencaron, i think now we are doing OLPC and OLPC/Sugarlabs related stuff
16:23 hhardy it has always had a role in administering some core services but the first and foremost role was to channal community support and ideas into OLPC
16:23 reubencaron hhardy: dogi right, but I believe we should be trying to slim down infrastructure i.e. no more VMs and push more out to the community
16:23 hhardy: that is news to me
16:24 hhardy on the VIG page it says: The spirit of OLPC includes one core thing: the community. This includes everyone, from the children and their families to their teachers and everyone who are collaborating towards the success of the project.
16:24 reubencaron hhardy: you don't think the wiki serves much of what you described?
16:25 hhardy not in terms of people actually doing them VIG was for hands on setting up and administering services
16:25 reubencaron hhardy: they contribute to the project through "We are looking for a few good sysadmins to assist with our public-facing infrastructure."
16:25 http://wiki.laptop.org/go/VIG#Infrastructure_gang
16:26 hhardy wiki is fine for a slow kind of talking shop but it doesnt get things done
16:26 reubencaron Make the sysadmin's job easier
16:26 Improve the infrastructure systems through "many hands/many minds"
16:26 Strengthen ties with the community
16:26 hhardy yes I wrote thefirst version of that
16:27 reubencaron hhardy: I know, just focusing you on what I believed the intent of VIG to be, regardless, we are off topic now
16:27 the better question is
16:27 hhardy: you don't think the wiki serves much of what you described?
16:28 hhardy the answer is VIG has never been only about supporting existing infrastructure
16:28 although I personally agree that is a worthy priority
16:28 no I don't
16:29 VIG is a place for sysadmins to actually do things
16:29 wiki is a place to talk about talking about doing things
16:30 dogi feels about wiki the same ...
16:31 reubencaron hhardy: from the comment I am working from:
16:31 collaboration =jabber.laptop.org
16:31 storage and retrieval of machine images=download.laptop.org
16:31 web=laptop.org wiki.laptop.org
16:31 blog hosting=blog.laptop.org
16:31 hhardy download is pretty limited in space it mgiht be nice to give it anther few disks
16:31 reubencaron I think VIG should focus on maintaining those and other core OLPC systems, not recreating the wheel
16:32 hhardy: well there that is an action item ;)
16:32 i meant :)
16:32 hhardy it certainly cant let a teacher save a custom image for a class much less an individual childs work
16:32 #action: more disk for download
16:32 reubencaron hhardy: why should OLPC ever support hosting of a specific deployments custom image?
16:33 hhardy I think it is more interesting to host a prototype of such a service which can be replicated
16:33 the same with a distributed form of key management
16:34 I agree we havent the resources to host entire world for these functions
16:34 reubencaron hhardy: we already have a prototype of what can be replicated, XS
16:34 hhardy I dont want to scare you reubencaron: I understand there are basic services to maintain
16:35 reubencaron hhardy: now I am confused of what you are proposing. let's think about it a bit more a talk next week?
16:35 hhardy My thought is it would be nice for VIG to have a project to work on together
16:35 reubencaron hhardy: thanks
16:35 hhardy so far we have adric over there doing rt, and noah over there doing trac, and unmanindu over here doing pootle
16:36 dogi pootle?
16:36 hhardy no?
16:36 dogi yes
16:36 hhardy yes talk more next week
16:36 reubencaron hhardy: thanks
16:36 dogi sorry
16:36 hhardy whats the next agenda item, scolled off
16:36 *scrolled
16:37 dogi but pootle is the thing i want to go on
16:37 hhardy #agenda pootle
16:37 dogi unmadindu, ping
16:37 unmadindu pong
16:37 hhardy #topic pootle
16:38 unmadindu dogi: so, as I was suggesting, do you think we can coordinate this tomorrow ? The steps are:
16:38 dogi pootle.l.o and translate.l.o cname of translate.sl.o
16:38 unmadindu 1. Announce the transition, and downtime of a few hours (to be safe)
16:38 2. Shutdown dev.laptop.org Pootle and redirect it to
16:38 translate.sugarlabs.org (we have quite a few translators who do not
16:38 read the mailing list regularly, so this should reduce confusion)
16:38 3. Rsync all relevant data
16:38 4. Reindex the data for the new Pootle installation (this takes time,
16:38 and hence the 12 hour window)
16:38 5. Startup Pootle on translate.sugarlabs.org
16:38 6. Pray :-)
16:39 hhardy people would probably like 24 hours notice
16:39 dogi point 2
16:39 unmadindu hhardy: yes - so if I send out a notice today, we can do the transition tomorrow
16:39 dogi redirect to translate.l.o not sl.o
16:40 unmadindu dogi: but we don't have a pootle instance that is useful on translate.l.o :-(
16:40 dogi for the 2 facing service
16:41 translate.l.o will be cname of translate.sl.o
16:41 unmadindu dogi: sounds fine. (note that the 2 facing service is not set up yet) - but it should not be a major issue immediately
16:41 dogi so u can intercept tr.l.o for the other face?
16:42 ok
16:42 unmadindu dogi: I think I can
16:42 dogi then i will ask today for the dns changes
16:42 unmadindu dogi: fine thanks :-)
16:43 dogi: we would need to coordinate on the specific time on which to point d.l.o/translate to t.l.o
16:43 dogi and if they work tomorrow we will go by my plan otherwise redirect directly to tr.sl.o.ok?
16:43 unmadindu dogi: sounds fine
16:44 dogi ok
16:44 unmadindu dogi: will you be around tomorrow at this time ?
16:44 so that I can ping you after d.l.o/translate is taken down, so that it can be redirected ?
16:44 dogi sure ... maybe a little bit earlier ... have a meeting tomorrow ...
16:45 fine
16:45 unmadindu dogi: 12:00 EST ?
16:45 dogi +1
16:45 unmadindu super - thank you very much :-)
16:45 dogi #action change dns for pootle
16:46 no thank u :)
16:47 #topic new VIGs
16:47 hhardy #topic new VIGs
16:47 dogi we need to do 2 things
16:48 first define easy tasks ... maybe using idea.laptop.org
16:49 and then ask support gang to vote for that ideas
16:49 and by that we can ask them to join ..
16:49 hhardy so maybe you will talk on the Sunday call about this?
16:49 dogi bingo
16:49 hhardy it is a good idea to try
16:50 dogi but first we need to define that easy tasks ...
16:50 hhardy #action Dogi to have Adam make time for VIG idea.laptop.org discussion on Sunday
16:51 dogi #action hhardy has to help us ... :P
16:51 hhardy administering the VIG mailing list and administering idea are two things
16:51 dogi ;p;
16:52 lol
16:52 hhardy you want me to write Adam and ask that he make time for you?
16:53 dogi no we need a list of task for which we could ask for help
16:53 hhardy setting up activity hosting used to be something but it seems to have almost doed out since January
16:56 dogi #action fill idea with 10 example ideas
16:58 hhardy #topic rt update
16:58 dogi :)
16:59 there is a new VM set up right now
16:59 first point of 3 is finished ... i m stocked by the 2nd point
17:00 more next week
17:00 hhardy #topic new business
17:01 #endmeeting

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